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PART OF THE SECRET SAUCE OF A STANDING GROUP RIDE is always riding the same course.  We never detour, never wait and always start on time.

But, not today.

Our detour wasn't to escape the wind, we'd have slept in if we wanted to escape it... and let the record show, a wholelotta the gang slept in... those that were up for the challenge know that sometimes it's hellawindy in a race and a good thing to practice...

... and the rest of us, me especially, were there to say farewell to one of our ride's OGs, Backpack Kevin.

Most of the current generation don't even know him. 
Don't know he was one of the truly elite local MTB racers in the 90's. 
Don't know he used to join us on his work commute, with a loaded back pack and ride us off his wheel. 
Don't know his kindness and always happy outlook.

Jim brought a cake, I brought a TMWC tshirt, the rest of the guys brought their love...

... and that's what I cherish about this little social ride, the love.

If you want to share the spirit of this ride, check out this year's kit

If you have a ride of your own and want to appropriate this design, we're down for that too...

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173 Push Ups
6.5 hrs

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THERE'S NO WAY I COULD WATCH THE SUPERBOWL without chips 'n Surfergirl's guac.  And things would have been ok if I'd stopped there.  Even better if I hadn't prepped my gord with giant apple fritter to get things started.  But I Suiperbowled myself all dawgawn day... topping it off with bowls of ChicBoomPop with every KC touchdown, such was the state of my handtomoutheyesonscreen coordination.

How much did I pack on?

The better question is how quick can I pack it off?

Before I get to that... I checked in with Littlepants on her progress with the Whole30 diet.

How's that working?

I quit.

Really, why?

I read a book that dieting isn't a healthy relationship to food.

So now what?

Now I listen to my body.

No help from my college kid.

So... let me be completely honest - I'm always honest with ya, just feels extra honest to say that - the only reason I know that poundage and more is coming off is because I just looked at the calendar...

... and in 7 weeks, it's on!

... 7 weeks is all it takes.

... 7 dedicated weeks

... focused on beating my nemesis!

Now, before ya go say... But, Diesel you said PRs were better than KOMs!... 

... I hear ya, and that's true, but for me, and possibly for you, it's a lot more juicy packing my own can of whoopass to beat a guy I know I have almost no chance of beating...

... in fact, it would be a complete miracle if I was within a mile, a mountain bike mile - which is a lot longer than a gravel mile and hellalonger than a road mile - of this cat, such is his godgiventalent and monklikededication...

... so I began this morning, with decent ride on my MTB... because it's time to go all in training the position... and I followed up tonight with pull ups till failure, which I'm doing between paragraphs here... and I'll keep doing it until that deadly day when I shall spring on said unsuspectingnemesis my viciousnastyhomemade can of whoopass..

... sure I could listen to my body like a sweet college kid,
or I can look at the calendar like the ragingdiesel I plan to be...

- here ends another episode of Crazytalk with TheOldDiesel

In honor of such crazytalk, I'm gonna be wearing this tshirt all the time

You know the drill, for a mere twenty bones you too can rock crazytalk


50 pull ups
7.75 hrs restless, tossnturn, atetoomuch sleep

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A FEW CARS AHEAD A LONE RIDER WAIT FOR THE GREEN.  USACyclng redwhiteandblue jersey, USACycling black shorts.

Is it a real racer?

Can't tell, looks like an oldish bike and wheels.

Sure looks lean.

Might be a real one.

The rider shot out Supermanlike, leaving now doubt.  We eased by a lane over, too far to yell... 

... Hey Andrew!

Yep, 98% sure that was Andrew Vollmer.  Known him since he was a stringbean under a giant helmet racing NICA.

I'd heard he and his friend Kevin Vermaerke were in town training.  Closing in on 20, they're both working hard to make it.

Fitting that this week I'd finally gotten around to starting PhilTheThrill Gaimon's book, Pro Cycling On $10 A Day.

If you've ever wondered what kind of life these young pros are living, I highly recommend the book.  Phil is a great story teller... sharing tidbits of truth and wisdom mixed with background info on many riders you may have heard of.

... I tried to write that paragraph above for about 10 minutes... let me try one more time... it's a helluva entertaining book for bike racing nuts like myself.

Which brings me back to young Andrew, training alone... Phil asks the question in his book, What is it about bike racing and loner weirdos?... my answer, maybe that's part of the superpower all racers have... being okay enough with ourselves to enjoy being alone?

Maybe we enjoy the peace?


I know I enjoy the peace I find logging solo, soulful miles... if you're the same you might enjoy them more clad in this jersey or it's wild child fraternal twin.

Just for this week, we'll say buy the Peace or Wild Child Jersey, get the socks free use promo code: WILDPEACE


8.5 hrs sleep

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SOMEWHERE ALONG THE TRAIL MY SOULBROTHER PETE AND I misappropriated a line from The Man From Snow River.  There's a scene where the young buckaroo cowboy shows up the villains, and the allknowing wise old man says...

'Im n 'is 'orse are mountainbred.

Any time we raced, any time we rode on the edge of oblivion, we'd pump up with our best 'strailyun accents

'Im n 'is bike are mountainbred.

But, it was true. 

We were mountainbred.

It was all we rode.  

At the time, I didn't even own a road bike.  And it showed.

Everything was second nature.... jumping, skidding, turning, no-braking, ridiculous speed... it was easy, flowy and relaxed...

... and the climbing, oh lordy, the climbing was effortless.

But that was then, and today was... painful. 

The first mile or 2 of our 9mile3000foot time trial climb was discouraging. The position felt off.  The power, limited.  It was just a grind.  Not fun.  It had been too long.  

... what am I thinking proclaiming that this is going to be a mountain bike year?...

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the top... as Chris and I climbed and chatted about "life"...

... I started to feel better, I settled in, found my groove, and got a glimpse of that mountainbredness.

... the last 2 miles were exquisitely awful, perfectly terrible... a sensational sensation, confirming this very real fact...

... there is betterness with specialization, maybe not greatness, but clearly to get a lot better it takes a lot more focus.

The great Eddy Merckx encouraged piles of miles, to that I add -> on the bike you'll be racing... only then will it all become second nature, only then will I once again be mountainbred.


One thing I've always loved from my original MTB days is a superlite fullfinger glove... you know the kind you can wear even on a hot day, the kind that are so thin you forget your wearing a glove at all...

I know we shouldcould and onedaymight increase the price on these by 50%, but until then you can get 'em delivered for less than 20 bones.

Crazy, I know. 


6.5 hrs sleep

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I COULD BARELY HOLD MY PHONE.  My arm was quivering.  My chest was too.

What was wrong?

Should I be concerned?

... no.

I was holding the phone at just the right angle to activate the muscles I'd thrashed an hour earlier doing push ups to failure.

160 of 'em, in this order:


... all because Jeff Kabush said you'll never win a mountain bike race if you can't do 50 push ups in a row.

I'm getting closer, because Jeff inspired me...

You know what else is inspsiring?

Riding on a well organized team... if you're on a team, and you need a new canopy or just a new top... the pro canopy special is going, reply to this and we'll get cracking.


160 pushups
7.25 hrs sleep
no time to ride : (

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How do you do it, perform so well?

I get a lot of rest, plenty exercise, and purposefully relax my brain.


And that's how I can be at my peak at for the few truly important hours of work...

Ah... peak performance, not constant performance.

Yes... exactly!

Makes sense.

Can't always be hammering on the bike.  Everyday can't be all out.  Not all rides, should be races.

One thing I do on my non-peak days to improve my speed  is give my drivetrain a some love with these 2 products:  Wend to clean, Smoove to lube.

Takes just a couple of minutes, and makes a world of difference.  You'll easily gain 300 watts/kilo... well, maybe not that much... but when you hear that chain spin, you'll be confident in your ability to be a silent assassin.

If you're ready to kill it on the next ride, click here...

... they won't ship free, for a mere 30 bones, forever...

... and remember, Peak performance, not constant performance.


46 pull ups
7.25 hrs sleep

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EVERY 20 YEARS OR SO I'M REMINDED of my first real commitment to flying through the air on two wheels.

There a I was, an immortal 9yearold in the back yard.  Tossed the shovel, ready to test my foot-high jump. 

Got up to speed,
Got airborne,
Yanked hard on the bars.
Too hard. 
Smacked my mouth.
Busted my lip and my new front tooth.

My uncle, the dentist, glued on a replacement for what I'd cracked off.  It looked terrible, but I didn't care.

At 14, the parents upgraded me.  New dentist shaved what remained and slid over a poorly matched cap.  I didn't care.

Couple of decades later a better matched cap, which finally gave out a few months ago.

Got my new, cap this week.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd not knocked that chunk of tooth off...
or if I'd not crashed my BMX bike, ripping the skin to my knee cap...
or if I hadn't spent my afternoons delivering 50 lbs of magazines by bike...

If hadn't had those hardships and traumas, would I have appreciated all the highs those two-wheelers delivered...

... would I still be hooked?

It's hard to know, just like it's hard to know why people join the PEDALposse...

... maybe you ought to check it out?


8 hrs sleep

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JUST OVER 16 YEARS AGO HALF OF OUR NATIONAL FOREST BURNED DOWN.  The result was a doubling overnight of the mountain lion population in livable habitat. 

Lions roamed the local golf course, peering at playing children.

I continued to do long rides alone in the local mountains.  Sure I'd see a big cat or two, but always from behind... they are generally very shy.

One November afternoon, I was racing the sun back to civilization.  While dismounting to wiggle through a fence line, I noticed a coyote up ahead.  Thought nothing of it.  It was about 1/4 mile ahead on the only fire road leading home.

Coming around a bend I could see it loping down the trail and around another turn.

Still didn't bother me.

At the bottom of a little climb I thought I might have seen it.


Wierd, 'must not know I'm here.

Getting near the top, I passed the first single track and though it was a fun one I wanted to go another half mile to the better, faster trail.

I hit the brakes.

The "coyote" turned sideways, perpendicular to me. 

Fifteen feet away, it seemed to cover the width of the road.  Small head on end, big paws underneath, powerful haunches poised to pounce, and the longlonglong tail.

Eyeballs to eyeballs...

... LION.

In a split second I did everything they tell ya not to do.

Turned my bike around,
back to that single track,
up short, steep hill in the big ring,
skidding at the top to make the turn
flying over every rock and rut to safety.

Then I took a breath and thanked God.

A few months later I had an even more bizarre and tragic encounter.  I'll tell ya that another day...

... rest assured I went back to that corner and hit that short hill many, many times and never, ever had the need to brake at the top to make the turn.

Maybe if I'd been wearing these camo socks he wouldn't have seen me...

Of course, that's plain sillytalk... but this promo code isn't SOCKSTODAY.  Use it while supplies last.


200 push ups
7 hrs sleep

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I'M PROBABLY MANGLING THIS QUOTE, but I like the idea enough that I just gotta share it.  And it starts with shares.  Specifically, Warren Buffet's advice against thumb-sucking when it comes to buying shares.  It goes like this...

If you are fully capable of doing X, do it... don't be a thumb-sucker!

Which I take to mean... if I've got good health, and I don't maximize it in this incredible moment in human history, in this free country... well, I'd be a thumb-sucker.

I reckon that's why I like to have at least one A race a year.  Something to really focus on for 6-8 weeks prior, and also keep me motivated to have great overall health the balance of the year.

... as time flies by, I want to fly with it - fast as I can,
so I rise with the sun,
every day,
and say,
Let's go.

Sometimes that means driving to a beautiful climb, and when I do that I bust out the world famous changing poncho

There's no better way to change in public... and there's no better time than right now to order with this promo code:  CHANGEINSTYLE


38 pull ups
8 hrs sleep

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MOST RACES HAVE A RACE BIBLE.  Most racers skim it, figuring beentheredonethat.  Traveling home today I was reminded of the one time it really paid to read the race bible - it was only a paragraph or two.

I wondered if I could find the old crit course.  It had only been a hundred or so years since I'd raced it. 

It was in Goleta off a road with a funny name.

Glenn Annie Road... That must be it.


Found it easy.

The site of my favorite road victory.  

All because I understood the format and my breakaway companion did not.

Win And Out

What that meant was the first person across the line won, then everybody else did another lap racing for 2nd, and so on down 5 places.

The three of us drove up, Surfergirl with new baby Trev came to watch.  I was pretty sure this was going to be one of my last serious races, and I really wanted to win so I'd have the points to upgrade to Cat 2.

We met up with Andy and Lisa and baby Jasmine... and I'm pretty sure Andy did his own upgrading in a different race.

Fun times.

Back to the winning... these were the days of 100 strong fields and lots and lots spectators.  LeMond was winning TdFs, 7-11 pro team was the American powerhouse, and bike racing on the road was the big thing.

Enough drama for ya?...

Table set.

So there we were, flying around this loop with a number of bends and only one 90 degree turn.  A .7 mile loop - I measured it today. 

It was easy to get out of site if you could get away. 

It was also easy to get shuffled to the back, and the train was so long it nearly stretched the entire straightaway.

There were lots of preems (prizes for first racer on a random lap) to keep the pace high.

I was watching the lap counter, prepping to be in the right spot for the first sprint... the one for 1st.

With 2 laps to go, they gave out a $50 preem and this kid just goes for it... and I roll the dice.

I bank on the field not chasing because they'll want to save it for the sprint, and I put all my money on the other kid wanting the fifty bones.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I've ever ridden faster or smarter in my life... we worked really hard together and as we came around the bend to sprint for the money...

... I faked like I had nothing left and let him pull long and hard for his prize...

... he was gassed, done...

... I looked back, could see I had about 10 seconds and pinned it...

... to this day I remember looking at my Polar (a brand long gone)...

... 207 beats a minute... I felt nothing, no pain, I wasn't even breathing... it was amazing... 

... my favorite win, ever, all because I took the time to read the bible...

Now, before you get all preachy on my and say Diesel you should always read the Bible... just know I haven't raced without a thorough reading in a long time.

Which is easy, because I love reading and learning and sharing...

One of the places where we share what we learn is at the PEDALposse, and if you're into that sorta thing ya oughta check it out:

A few more pics - Andy hasn't changed... and come to think of it, my hair is back to that style just dyed grayish

lots of easy bends... it was such a great course.  fast and safe.



164ish (guess)
no work out
8.2 hrs sleep

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WHEN YOU LOOK DOWN AND YOUR COMPUTER INDICATES 170 bpm, and you're feeling no pain... it can mean a couple of things:

If you're barely moving, you're probably sick... go home, straight to bed, take your helmet off.

If you're really ripping, you're probably on a good day... try and keep your emotions in check, especially if it's early in the race.  Things can, and probably will, change.


... before we get to that, let me just cut to the chase.

There is one race around here that is tailormade for me... just enough climbing to hurt the pure sprinters, a longfalseflatdecent to discourage the pure climbers, and a 2 minute power climb to the finish. 

The last 3 years, it's be an A race for me and I've had magical days, but this year's plan is for MTB and I almost skipped it.

I'm glad I didn't.

A slew of really good racers aged up, and we had a good-sized group of 40 or so.  There was lots of probing and attacking.  I covered a few, until I started to feel some cramping coming on.

About 20 of us came into the final 2 minute climb, and I managed to get my self into perfect position on the wheel of last years' winner who was on the wheel of the best climber around. 1-2-3.

We ripped up the bottom, shed everybody and hit the flat before the final rise.  It's all big ring, and fast.

At this point my cramps hit hard and my legs seized up. 

150 meters to go.

1st and 2nd were gone.

Ya know the feeling when there's nothing in the legs and you're just begging them to turn over.  Pleading.  On hands and knees... and they just don't want to go

I looked back... the guys were coming hard... I looked down... the legs were cramping hard... I looked back... they're closer... I looked up... the line was farther away... I sputtered across the line.


So yeah, the 170 no pain... I no idea I'd be on a fine day..

Once the delirium was gone, I pulled up Strava... had to know, were we fast?

The data show we hit the bottom just as hard as last year, 1:14... but this year I had nothing for the sprint.

The difference, the prep.

But, the only reason I got up that first section so darn fast and was still able to hang on for a podium...

... I believe...

... in my heart of hearts...

... was PR Lotion... I really do believe that.

Have you tried it yet?

If not, please do... it's a game changer.  We ship it for free, and just for the next few days, you can use this code AMPSAVE10.  Trust me on this.

Go get some.


164 (guess)
no work out
8 hrs sleep

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I'VE BEEN THINKING HOW RACING IS A SNAPSHOT OF LIFE.  Probably because tomorrow is the first race of the year and I'll be on this emotional rollercoaster....

I'm so happy to be here.
I feel great.
There's my friends.
That cat looks dangerous.
Ugh, they're going so fast.
Damn, this hurts.
What was I thinking?
I could quit right now.
Phew, I survived that.
Big hill ahead!
Ouch, ouch, ouch.
I wanna quit.
Nice downhill.
Wow, near miss there

Yes, a tailwind.
I hope this never ends...


Maybe that's why I like racing so much... it's one reincarnation after another, each with a chance of doing a little better...

...kinda like chasing PRs, which inmybiased opinion is way cooler than a KOM.

If you're into superduper soft t-shirts, designed to fit athletes who know the PR code, well you might want to use promo code PRsRULE and t-shirt delivered to you for $18.

That's right... get this incredible warrior t-shirt delivered for $18 with promo code PRsRULE... code expires 1/28/2020.


no work out
7 hrs sleep

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QUICKIES... we do custom bags for a team called Getting It In Cyclists.  I like that, because sometimes I'm squeezed for time but I still get the ride in.

Like today.

I knew I had a bunch a stuff to do, and I knew I wanted to loosen up the legs before the first race of the year on Saturday.

Laid out my stuff last night.
Feet never touched the floor, right into the socks.
Slipped on the clothes, slipped out the door.
Back in 90 min.
Outta the shower before Freddie could cry the final line...

'Cause we are the champions

... and champions figure out a way to get it in.

Speaking of getting in... a lot of my pals got into Leadville via the lottery this week.  Which reminded me I need to finish my book...

How To Win The Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race

The book covers the many secrets I've squirreled away after 6 successful BigBeltBuckle finishes.

It's the kind of read the Posse will get just for being part of the Posse.


100 pushups
8 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.

OPP (other people's power) Pt. 2


OPP (other people's power) Pt. 2

THE COROLLARY TO YESTERDAY'S MESSAGE, using OPP (Other People's Power) to coast across the finish line first, is UFP.   

Attention wheelsuckers...

Racing using OPP takes great patience because early on we're all high as kites on adrenaline, caffeine, and a whopping emotional load of manifeelgreat.  

It's an art to hold back your inner Kraken.

For this reason, you must calm yourself and do all you can to look like idontgotit.

Got that?

That's racing... and just one idea on how to win.  It is not wheelsucking.  I mean it is, but it's purposeful.

Now the corollary, UFP and where to get it.

UFP is Up Front Power...

... and you get it by getting your buns to the front of the group...

... often.
... until it burns.
... and you wanna quit.

... then, you'll have UFP, which is what you're going to need to lead across the finish line when it truly counts.

Train up front, 
Race smart.

If you're into racing smart, ya really ought to check this out


164.8 lbs 
7 hours sleep
no ride

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WE ALL KNOW THE POWER OF O.P.M., other people's money.  Some of us know about Other People's Power.  Fewer know how to harness its magic. 

On Saturday, I'll be racing.  Most likely a road race, though the call of the dirt is strong....

My mobile mechanic stopped by last week.  It had been a while.  Before he got started, I could see this catatethebird smile... he couldn't contain himself...

I took you advice.

Uh... which advice?

About LoToJa?

Yeah, which part?

(I've given this kid so much advice... mainly because he listens.)

About not working.

Oh yeah... the old, Only lead across the finish line trick... and?

I won.

You won!


This advice works exceptionally well at LoToJa - a 200 mile race across 3 states to Jackson Hole WY.  It works because:

1.  There are a lot of people who are all geeked up and can't control themselves, and they are more than willing lead for miles and miles.
2.  See #1.

There's just no reason to get in their way. 

You'd be a fool to steal their glory.

Let 'em have it...

... and for heck's sake, be the last one to lead (ie:  win the darn thing!)

It's not the only way to win a race, but it's definitely a handy skill to have should the situation present itself.  Just takes a fair amount of patience and fakery.

... I wonder if I'll be able to use it Saturday...

One thing I can use Saturday is my Wild Child Socks

If you're feeling wild, you might want to ship them to yourself for free with promo code: THEOLDDIESELFREESHIPPING... just do me a favor and only get the socks, well, unless you want something else to ship for free...


31 pull ups
6.75 hrs sleep

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I JUST FINISHED THIS VERY USEFUL BOOK, it was agitating and illuminating right up to the end... when it went against everything I know about behavior.  I'm not a doctor, but I to play one at PEDALindustries from time to time.

Book:  Willpower is a super power.

Diesel:  Willpower is useless, environment is the super power.

... we're heading into late January and most people have already been derailed from the New Year's resolutions... 

Maybe if they had a few structures in place to support their goals they'd have a chance.

For example, and this is just me, if my goal is to be fast on my bike here are a few things that matter:

If there's ice-cream within 100 yards, I'm eating it.  Therefore, no ice-cream in the house.

By now most of you know I'm not a dosomeintervals guy, I'm a ridewithpeoplewhoarefaster guy... that's why I do our Tuesday morning "social" ride, because they beat the heck out of me every week... a beating I could never self-administer.

I rest every Sunday, and I've been doing it for decades... consequently, training is not on my calendar and none of my pals even try to invite me.

Willpower is useless.
No one can babysit a cup cake without eventually devouring it.
Toss the cupcakes.

I'm guessing that's partly why y'all read the daily Diesel, because it reinforces your cycling environment.  

One question I have is, are you ready to up your environment?  If you are, click here...


100 pushups
9.25 hrs sleep

Ride with us: click for info.

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What's up?

You on a ride?


You're so lucky.

No, I'm not.

Of course, that's false and true.  I'm incredibly fortunate.  Unbelievably.

He knows that.

I know that.

What was my coder doing calling me at 8am... all excited?

His time saving code was working beautifully.

I haven't yet finished Dan Kennedy's No BS Time Management, but the biggest take away so far... put a clock on every wall, don't let time slip by.

Which is profound to me.  

Every single ride my bike computer is showing me my moving time...

... and that's all I care about.  20 miles with a headwind take a lot longer than 20 with no wind.

When I look at my weekly stats I'm looking at hours not miles.... most weeks I'm going for 10 hrs, but this week I wanted to get a little more in before I taper back next week prepping for Saturday's race.

When I plan my week, I carve out blocks of time... and riding is always blocked out. 

Healthy Diesel =  Lucky Diesel.

Back to that time saving code...  we've automated much of the process to add personalization to RaceDay Bags.  You can check it out on our stock designs here:

We'll be rolling out to all the team bags this week.  If we haven't gotten to your team yet and you're ready to order please email

Speaking or rolling out... be seen with 330 degrees of retinasearing illumination.

These lights sell out all the time, but we have a few left - I'm sure they'll be gone within a few hours of launching this.

... if you click the link you can see how much I car about your safety.


Rest day
8 hrs sleep

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THERE'S A NICE BIKE LANE, with a road next to it. 

This is a perfect morning for a long ride.

That rider is going to chat me up, and it'll be good.

Samples of my default filter... and not just with a helmet atop my dome.  It's my reality, and it's nearly always correct... like today, nearly.

Up early, in the van, and hitting Swami's Long... a true leg ripper.

Made a new friend riding along the coast.  Brad.  He's stationed on Pendleton, and sporting a very expensive Trek Madone.  Must be a higher up, I figure.  Yep.  Which means when he says The base has some sweet gravel roads I'll take you on, it will happen. 

Things were going to plan.

It was a nice morning, chilly.  But, sunny.  And I was comfy and aero with the KOM jacket.

I knew it would be a longish ride, 80 or so miles.  And it would be fast.  And... I was counting on it being hard, with a very high potential of me getting left behind at some point.

Not multiple points.

That wasn't the reality I was looking for.

But there I was, dangling off the back as we roared into Elfin Forest... the back of the second group, ugh.

Not a good sign, as two more giant challenges lay waiting.

The big boys went left, to go "Long".  Yes, yes, definitely signed up for this.

Lake Wolford's 2 mile climb should take me 10 minutes... not over 11, with me riding solo. Ugh X 2.

The final regroup at the store introduced me to Dave.  He moved down from Toronto because his wife couldn't do another winter.  30 lbs later, he's a player on this ride, even though it was his first time.

I warned him... Dave, the next section is twisty, punchy, and very pretty.  Pay attention.  I warned myself too... Get it together Diesel, 30 miles to go... with a headwind the last 6.  Buckle down!

Somehow, it was almost easy.

Made it no problem, putting in my fair share of pulls.

Perhaps we took it easy?

Not so, data shows we were flying.

Did that pep talk change my reality?

... something to think about.

Something else to think about would be, should I ride with a taillight at all times?

Answer, YES!

Which one?

Well, this is the one I love... 330 degrees of retinasearing power.

They're sold out all the time, but I got my hands on 10 for y'all..

...and if you click the link you can see how badly I want you to be seen.


23 pull ups
6.5 hrs sleep (no bueno)

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We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




THERE'S ONLY ONE THING I LOVE MORE THAN PERFECT RIDING WEATHER, and that's rotten riding weather.  Because I know the rest of the world is warm and snuggly, while I'm out.

Obsession makes it so easy.

There's no decision. 

Time is set aside.

Gear up.


No motivation needed.

Yes, I heard the rain as I slept.  Yes, the roads were wet.  Yes, it was extra cold and dark. Hell yes, I geared up and got out... for the most part I had the roads and paths to myself.  

Totally worth it.

Speaking of worth it, if you're into the kind of things we're into then...

... check it out:


85 push ups
7.3 hrs sleep

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TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.





I'VE BEEN SLACKING LATELY... not goingtofailure-ing nearly enough.

At my home gym today, I just kinda wallowed along.  Did the exercises until I was slightly uncomfortable.... couple of these, and a few of those.

I thought about my daily 20 pull up/60 push up thing and it occurred to me it was time to change it up.

Time to gotofailure.

For hecksake, the racing season starts next Saturday and I haven't ridden hard for months.

Sooooooo, whatdoesitallmean?

It means, Tuesdays and Saturdays are back on! 

No more hiding in the back.  

Get to the front.


Why not everyday?

Not productive.

What about my pull ups/push ups everyday?

Pull ups till failure Monday.  Push ups till failure Tuesday.  Leg stuff Wednesday.  Pull ups till failure or surf Thursday.  Push ups till failure Friday.  If I can still walk after an epic ride, more leg stuff Saturday.  Sundays?  Rest.

What is failure?  Well, it sure isn't one set and done.  It means going till failure, resting and doing 40% of my previous set, till I can't do more.

On the bike failure?  Riding up front like a boss.  Attacking often.  Getting dropped and chasing back on.

You know what Tom Watson, founder of IBM, said?  

You want more success, fail more often.

One failure you don't ever want to have is showing up at the race or ride without all you gear, which is exactly why I created the RaceDay Bag.

This text from my buddy Scott cracked me up... straight from his team meeting.

I actually tested and created the PRO RaceDay bag for his triathlon team... but, he's been focused on kids for a few years and hadn't seen it. 

And, I've been focused on creating something new.  So, if you're into new things...

... check this out:


7 hrs sleep
no ride today

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TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.