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THE VAN NEEDED NEW TIRES, so of course I'm gonna take it to Holley's Tire Service... because the owner is a bike rider.  I walk in and Ron announces to the few patrons...

Pedal Industries, a fine establishment... though I'm not to sure about Todd!

Howdy Ron.

I've been sending all my friends down there, tell 'em we gotta support these guys... we finally have a nice shop and a good mechanic again.

Yes you have, and I truly appreciate that.

Todd, we're gonna resurrect the old group and I want you to do our kits.  Our last kits were terrible, from Pearl Izumi.

Wow, I'm surprised to hear that.

Yeah, maybe the guys went low end.

Exactly why we don't offer a low end option.

The kits you did for the mountain bike team... I still have mine and they are great.  The colors are still really bright.

Well we're ready when you are.

How can I help you today?

Van needs new rubber.

Go with the Firestone's.  They're great and made in America... just like your kits.

Now, you see what he did there?  He wasn't buttering me up... he was looking out for me because...

... friends don't let friends ride on junk.

When I road the gravel bike back to pick up the van Ron was gone.  Sergio handed me the keys and looked in the eyes...

You bring that back every 5000 miles and we'll rotate the tires so they last a long time.  Stop in whenever you need the air topped off.

Whenever possible I always go with the bike rider that offers what I need.  I know they are going to look after me and get me product that endures.

Heck, that's how I got into this business.  I was making apparel for large corporations and then started helping my friends in the bike business with their branded apparel.

Anyway, it's a good little town we have here... for a surf town, we have a lot of really good riders... because the surf is fickle and the bike is always ready...

... we have road rides nearly every day of the week and the town is surrounded by wildness in which the retired firemen have cut in all kinds of fun, challenging single track trails.

Which is where the stamp logo comes from...

... a little something about our tshirts.  These aren't your itchy, boxy cheap giveaways.


These shirts are made from a special cotton that gets softer and softer the more you wear it.  

We use special inks that you can't even feel.  

And, yes... we help a lot of teams and companies get these t's with their logos on them, too.

I shouldn't even offer a special price on these.  At $20, they're a steal.  That's twenty bucks total, including shipping.

This code is good on all t's for exactly 1 day.

The code is:  HOLLEY


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APPARENTLY IT'S AN AMERICAN THING, to cheer the underdog, the little guy, the unknown.  Maybe because we are all little guys, misfits in one way or another.  At least for me it can feel that way much of the time. 

But, we stick at it... whatever it is.

Perhaps that's why we're drawn to cycling, to racing and riding bikes.  It's unlike other sports.  I can quit surfing for months, paddle out and still have a blast.  Same with ping pong.  But bike riding... take off months and it's like we're pedaling through molasses. 

At the same time, if we keep working at it... keep plugging away, steadily, our bodies change.  We build new capillaries, lose weight, gain muscle... and have an affinity for pain others can't comprehend.

We know we're underdogs, with secret super powers in the making.

Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.

- Jacob Riis

All this is making me thirsty... and I'm wondering if you're in need of some new bottles?  Not just any bottles, but the best bottles.

A 2 pack, delivered to your door for less than $20 when you use promo code: UNDERDOG


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AT SOME POINT ON MOST RIDES someone says or does something that gets me thinking.  And, that happened today.  But, for the life of me i can't remember what it was.

Was it...

damn, my legs hurt?
how did you time meeting us?...

... actually yeah, that was it. 

Someone at the regroup asked how I knew how to ride the gravel options through town and wind up right on the road just as the group was hitting the final climb.

Well?.... How did we get there?

The short answer is... Bro, 'been doing the same loop with these cats for 17 years.

But, the long answer... that's the juicy stuff.

First, we didn't time it perfectly.  We rode our legs off and got there about 8 minutes early, then pedaled in circles for a bit.

Second, we woulda been there perfectly except we've only done the gravel option a handful of times and it had been about a year since the last go... and well, I played it conservative.

Third, we're gonna hit a bigger climb next week and have to really, really, really hustle to finish in time.

Because that's what you do when you are a rider and wear stretchy pants.  You put yourself in unreasonable positions and see if you've got what it takes to...

... meet the group
... make it happen
... exceed expectations
... do hard shiz...

... it's doing hard shiz that brings out the best of us.

That there isn't the prettiest quote over, but it is what I wanted to convey.

On that note... 

... when you're ripping down the side of a mountain on a rough road or trail, doing all you can to make it to the meet up on time or beat your nearest competitor the very last thing you want to have happen is to have your water bottle launched out of the cage.

Now, if that has happened to you then you know what I'm talking about.

You're tempted to leave the bottle behind but you know dern well you're gonna need those calories and electrolytes. 

So you stop.

Lose all your momentum. 

Hike back up... kinda like the walk of shame... as fellow racers scream by.

All because you have a cheap, crummy cage.

What we have here below is not cheap and not crummy.

It's EXtremely strong, veryvery lght, and expensive.

But, nowhere near as expensive as flushing all your effort of registering and training and traveling and racing ahead and then losing because your cage is for losers.

That right there is pure beauty.  Think of it as the ring on your betrothed and don't go cheap. 

It's hella expensive to lose a bottle in a race. 

We have 2 in stock, we can get more... but the promo code is only good now.

Promo code:  STRETCHY

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I'M PROBABLY DOING THIS GRAVEL THING ALL WRONG.  We don't have endless country roads all graded and perfect with a little gravel on top for weather.  And, I like it that way...

... I like big ruts and I cannot lie...

Just to mixedsurface it up tomorrow I'll be starting the TMWC with the group and exiting stage right at the first dirt path we cross.

Then we'll cut across town on pavement - where we might see the guys again - before diving down to the dry creek bed, which hopefully will have a few wet crossings.

Followed by a touch of pavement before we climb up dusty dirt road with ruts through the wildness area.

Then zip through a neighborhood before poaching more dirt.

At that point, we'll really be back on the route and if all goes as planned we will slot right in with the rest o' the gang.

That's def not a gravel ride, but it's the freedom one gets on a gravel bike... which just might be why they're all the rage.

Speaking of all the rage, we got a bunch of new colors in our gloves... and I'm thinking the Orange is just perfect for Fall colors.

If you have not tried our gloves before, well you might be missing out.  They are superlight weight.

The top is BreezyMesh.

The palm is real leather.

The thumb is terrycloth.

The fingers have reactive thread for your smart phones.

And... they're $24.99 and qualify for FREE SHIPPING... or less if you're part of the PEDALposse - >

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from my lunch ride, on my gravel bike






RIDE LONG ENOUGH AND YOU'RE GONNA GET A FEW SCRAPES ALONG THE WAY.  A little skin lost here, a good gash there.  Hopefully, it's very rare.  I've had a few and one offshoot is I'm an expert in healing abrasions...

... and I put that experience to good use this morning, and I reckon you'd do the same.

My mom, who is visiting for a bit, stubbed her big toe on a sharp edge and peeled the skin right off the bottom it.  Blood all over the place.

I knew just what to do... the same thing I'd do if I left a little skin behind.

Soak it.

Flush it with Betadine.

Pour on some Hydrogen Peroxide.

Add a good layer of Neosporin.

Wrap with a proper bandaid.

I'll do this daily until it heals from the inside out.

It was kinda nice to put all my self-taught medical skills to work, paying back to the woman who patched me up plenty of times...

... in fact, this doesn't come close to the doctoring she's done on me.

You're probably wondering how am I going to turn this tale into a sale?

Well, due to the simple fact she's a certified lover of the red, white and blue it's pretty easy.

She loves this kit, too.

Plus she's always been the most irritatingly organized person I know.  So, in honor of her bravery this morning and her red, white and blueness and organizedness...

... when you order this kit and use this promo code: PATRIOT

You'll get a Classic Patriotic RaceDay™ Bag.

But, you've got to use the code by midnight 9/28/2020.

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no ride




TBH, WE WERE GOING TOO FAST TO SNAP A DECENT PIC THIS MORNING... and, well, I'm kinda embarrassed.  Every now and again I'll do a ride invite, post it here and there, say all are welcome, then put in a little disclaimer like this...

While this is being touted as casual... it wont' be. No waiting, no lollygagging. Well over 5k of vert. Plan on 3.5-4hrs. Be prepared to find you're own way home.

For some reason, I was expecting 10-15 guys to show up and ride with us.



Was it something I said?


Now why would I go and say a think like Be prepared to find you're own way home?

Was it selfish?


Was it mean?


Was it honest?


Was it freeing?

Also, yep.

We got after it early and hard.  And even though the Wahoo was in the back pocket I was prittydarnsure we were flying.  Before long, 4 became 3.

I knew this was going to happen even though we'd done a pinky swear to takeiteasy.  Which is why I had the disclaimer.

Now the very best thing about a disclaimer like that is..

nobody's gonna get rut hurt when they get dropped and left fer dead
nobody's gonna come ready to slay and be bummed waiting all day

Still... it woulda been fun to start out with more boys and girls, get strewn across the mountains and share a Coke after.

Is there anything more American than that?

Maybe this...

It was designed by the everawesome Shelby a while back, and I like to rock it often.  I have a hunch I'm not alone...

... so, if ya order before end of day on Monday the 28th, and you use...

promo code:  PATRIOTIC

... then we're gonna throw in something special with your kit order and deliver the kits by the end of October.

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I LIKE TO READ THE CYCLING NEWS AS MUCH AS THE NEXT ADDICT, and when I saw Geraint Thomas blaming his fourth place finish on not having his Garmin on his bike... well, it got me thinking.

Is that so?

I mean, we just watched a kid blow the competition away in a time trial last weekend who said he wasn't getting any data from his team during the last 20 minutes because the crowd noise was too loud.

Isn't it possible G rode out of his mind because he didn't have his digital boss?

Then there's little ol' me... I've been snagging some pretty good PRs and bigboy cups on my new bikes with my Wahoo stuffed in my back pocket... 'cuz I been too busy to procure a proper mount.

Could it be we kneel and heal too much?

I know for the last couple of years I've tossed the Wahoo in the back pocket for most of my races.  Going on feel and using my noggin and spirit as my guides.  It's gone pretty dern well.

What if it's overwhelming us to look down and see the HR is soaring over 180 and the watts screaming beyond 400?

Truth is... sometimes it just makes it all hurt that much more.  In the middle of all the wheezing and slobbering we look down see eyepopping data and just wanna quit.   

Maybe G was free to fly?

We'll never know, but I do know this kit makes me happy because it reminds me of all the freedoms we enjoy in this wonderful country.

It was designed by the everawesome Shelby a while back, and I like to rock it often.  I have a hunch I'm not alone...

... so, if ya order before end of day on Monday the 28th, and you use...

promo code:  PATRIOTIC

... then we're gonna throw in something special with your kit order.

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THERE IS ONE THING I LIKE ABOUT THE SMALL RING...  TBH, I generally work my @$$ off every day.  Up early getting my studies in, work all day, get in a ride of some sort, write this blog, hit the hay.

If it weren't for the small ring, I'm not sure I'd have any friends at all...

... because that's when I talk with my friends the most.

Could be anything.

Tonight I chatted with Mark about the Tour, Will about trying to ride easy then winding up in the break, Eric about Saturday's ride plans, Matt about his wife spending thousands at the shop, young Jack about how to ride in the group...

... and that's just what I can remember.

None of it's important, yet I think I'd die with out those conversations and friendships.

God bless the small ring.

Now back to that behind of mine...

... Craig came in today to try on some bibs before placing his team order.  Like all first timers he had a lot of questions.  Which I answered quite simply with...

 ... Try 'em on...

Which always leads to the next question...

... Why do these feel so nice?...

Which I always answer with...

... We work real hard on our fit and our pad placement, and we import the best Italian fabrics... but you're going to love 'em even more once you ride in 'em...

Which brings me back to the small ring...

... when you're just riding along with your pals and talking about nothing, ain't it great to have on a great fitting pair of bibs?

I know our bib pics aren't typical, and I know we could do better telling our story online, and we would if we weren't spending every free moment making the best product we know how to make.

But, just look at the joy in this pic to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

And if you're buns are in need of something more awesome get yourself some new bibs.

Use promo code:  SAVE10.

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THE FIRST TIME I WAS DROPPED WAS THE WORST.  It was like my soul had been ripped out.  I wasn't out of breath, I was out of life.  How would I ever get over the...

... heartache of being dropped by the lovely and beautiful Tracy, receiver of my first real kiss?

The second scarring drop was by the great Matt Ohran.

I was much more mature at this point, a college man.  He was a young high school punk.

I was on my first road bike.  He was on his third or fourth.

I was taller.  He was...

... a helluvalot stronger and just road away from me up Provo canyon.

Funny thing is, getting dropped still stinketh.  Still hurts...

... and that's what makes it so damn enjoyable.

Because it's soulsucking and humbling and occasionally even enraging it motivates the crud outta me.  Makes me want to be a better athlete.  Eat better.  Rest better.  I'd say love better, too... but this is a family show.

So, what does getting dropped mean?

It means I suck, and I can and will do better.

One thing that's good to have in your jersey pocket, in the event of being dropped miles from home is a few bucks.

It's made outta innertube, which is surprisingly grippy on jersey fabric... meaning there is no way this is going to fall out of your jersey.

Less than $20, ships FREE. 

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OKAY, I FINALLY GET IT.  I can see how one could easily purchase a top o' the line gravel bike and be set.  I know I'm not exactly breaking new ground here... but I am for myself.  And after today, I'm darn tempted to do it.

 It was a pretty good test.

I rolled to our local group ride on my new gravel bike, with Pirelli 40s on it and 50lbs of pressure.  This is a very nice bike, but it's 2 tiers down from the flagship bike.  So, it could be lighter... a lot lighter if I had a second set of lightweight road wheels.

Anyway, I hung on pretty good except on the steepest, longest climb.

This is same set up that with 32lbs of pressure allows me to ride all the dirt roads and really enjoy good chunk of the single track.

It's definitely a Jackofalltrades bike, and a true master of fun.

Will I really cut the quiver down to 1 bike?


But, it's a real option... and would make life pretty simple.

Speaking of keeping it simple, some people join the PEDALposse for that very reason.:

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


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IS THERE A GOOFIER WORD, HARDER TO SPELL FOR A 'MERICANS THAN DERAILLEUR?  How the heck has that word survived so long in its funked up french form?  No matter. 'Cept that when I went to spell it today it reminded me of derailled rookie RaceDays.

Friends... there are things rookies do that ya just can't 'xplain.  And we try and ignore 'em and pretend we never did 'em.

But we did.

Fer sher.

The one that just kills me is watching RookieRacer put in all that time training, spend all that coin on a nice rig, getting the team race clothes, traveling to the big race and it all goes kapoof because they didn't tend to prepping their bike.

"Suddenly" their bike...

won't shift
won't stop
has a flat
has a wobbly wheel
grips spin on the bars
saddle falls off

... oh, it's endless, and it could all be avoided with a simple RaceTune.

Of course many rookies know this but wait until the day before their race do the RaceTune only to find out...

the mechanic is too busy
the parts are out of stock
the work was done but no time to test it and find out it's still not fixed

... so sad, and avoidable.

Here's how to do it proper.

Get your RaceTune ten days before, including any new parts.  That way you have time to test the mechanic's work, test the new parts, test the set up.  Leave yourself time.

The day before the big race is when you'll do a little detail work.  Make your bike pretty.  Do the final lubing.  

What's a RaceTune include?

Bike wash
Overall wear inspection - Brakes, tires, cables, etc
Drive train detail and lube - ultrasonic chain clean, pulleys and cassette degrease
Check bottom bracket
|Tubeless tire inspection/refill
Wheel truing
Brake and derailleur adjustments
Safety check – bolt tightening

In other words, your bike is going to be ready to slay the day!

What's it cost?

We charge $99.99, unless you're part of the PEDALposse.

Check it out

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THE LAST TWO DAYS OF LAST WEEK WERE REMARKABLE.  I've tried to pin down the difference, and I think it's this.  I rode my bike to work.  It's a short ride, no more than 15 minutes.  But, I think it made all the difference.

Can't really explain it.

Or put into words.

All I can tell you is, it's wonderful to go for a quick spin before you dig in.

Even if you're working from home.

I'm not talking about a training ride.

I'm talking about a fun ride.

Maybe a little curb jumping.  Some skidding.  That kinda thing.

What does that have to do with racing?

Well... you know... happy workers are productive workers and productive workers have more time for racing...

... more proof that every day really is RaceDay™.

Use promo code: RIDETOWORK..

... and save $10 on this hat... use before Wednesday.

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rest day





THE FIRST TIME MATT BROGHT HIS GIRL ON ONE OF OUR RIDES, I was glad we weren't in a hurry.  We went over to Laguna.  Somehow the trail I suggested as kinda technical had turned a lot gnarlier than I remembered.  Like all you could do was just skid and hope for the best or walk.  

She walked.

A lot.

But, as they say, that was then and today was now.

6 months later.

Start with her leading us up the first climb.  Well, I've gotten used to that.  She's significantly faster now... with plenty of crowns to prove it.

Then, I suggest we try out a new trail. Matt said he rode it a long time ago and it's kinda steep.  I'm stoked because I want to test out my new dropper post on my new bike.

The trail turns out to have a number of very steep drops with ruts down the middle that you either have to skid and hope or walk.

Guess who rode it like a boss?

Yeah, the girl... mom of 3, 4 if you include Matt.

A lot of people have taken up bike riding in the last 6 months, and they're a lot better through dedication and practice and keeping it fun.  Most of it because someone in their life took the time to show them how to ride.

But, you ask... How does one ride sillysteep drops with ruts?

Well, it's really quite simple.

Relax, let the bike roll and stay focused on the ridable parts of the trail. 

The body follows the head, the eyes lead the way.

Look were you want to go...

... and ride your bike often.

It's always good advice.

And, I know if you're anything like me you're encouraging your family and friends to get out and ride.  Get control of their health.  Have a ton of dawgawn fun.

Less than $20, free shipping.

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I TEND TO GET SENTIMENTAL ABOUT MY BICYCLES... they are like mistresses... after epic adventures, training miles, and the occasional win of some sort... awww, so hard to let go.

Take Sparky.

Purchased nigh 18 months ago for the single purpose of PRing Leadville.


Very, very light.
Kicka$$ handling to fly down the mountains.
Complete lock out for the long steady and sometimes paved climbs.

I wasn't taking any chances and after doing my research the Scott Spark was the top choice.

How light?
22ish lbs.

How good is the handling?

On the Powerline downhill I recorded the 2nd fastest time ever in my age group, and fastest time of 2019 in my age group.
On the Columbine downhill I recorded the 3rd fastest time ever in my age group on, fastest time of Leadville 2019 in my age group.

How important was that full lock out?

PR'd these climbs:

St. Kevins
Sugarloaf Outbound
... and 47 seconds of my PR on Powerline (over 40 minutes long) 

But I expected all that because I'd had a very similar result at the Tahoe 100 where I got the V.

So... when it came time to put Sparky up for sale today it wasn't easy.  Such a fast, fast bike helped me accomplish my big goal of last year.

Yes, I trained hard.  Yes, I dropped 10lbs.  Yes, I did everything I could think of to get that PR...

... Yes, Sparky is fast and looking for a new home. 

Along with these upgrades:

Power2Max powermeter
Roval CLX MTB wheels - ceramic bearings.
Carbon power saddle

Just replaced brake pads and grips

Size Large.

Price $4500.

More photos here:

I didn't ride it much after Leadville... here's the Strava Link:

PEDALposse, hit me up for special pricing.

Oh, and that PR? Yeah, 8:15.

Still thinking about it?... here are the PRs:

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


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YOU KNOW WHY BIKE RACERS DON'T MIND GETTING OLDER?  It's not that they generally look younger than their peers.  Nor that they feel great.  No, it's something only a bike racer understands...

... every 5 years we age up.

The first time a racer ages into the masters group and thinks Well, this will be easy...

... it's a big slap in the helmet, as the youngish master racers are so fast they generally kick the snot out the new kids aging in.

And after figuring out these cats are pretty fast, and finding one's way, well ya start to get the hang of things.  Maybe get a couple of wins,  Have some success.  And as one gets to the upper end of the 5 year group and starts to slow a tad, well...

... Golly, I'm gonna be aging up next year! We say with a grin.  I'll be sticking it to those old guys in no time.

And so the racer rides through life getting a reset every 5 years.  It's a heckuva nice thing when ya think about it.

Anyway, this guy pops in who I figure is about my age.  And we're chatting.  He's seen our kits around town and saw the sign and wanted to get a kit.  I'm thrilled, of course - we barely opened.  I ask him how old he is, thinking maybe we'll do some riding and racing together.

I'm gonna be 75.

75! I'm floored.

Yeah.  And next year I'll be aging up.  Can't wait to go to Nationals... plus, Worlds is going to be at Carson.

Well, how'd you do last year?

Pretty good, 2nd.

That's amazing.

Yeah, but nobody knew who I was.  They paired me with a guy and I wound up lapping him twice in a 2k race.  

I bet that through you off.

Yes it did.  The first time I came up on him on the second lap and thought I messed up the start.  Lost the race by .9 seconds.

Dang, that had to cost you several seconds.


Well, who are you?

Oh, I was National Champion in '72.

I looked him up, Tom Sneddon was one of the first racers to compete in Europe in the early 70's.  On the ride tonight, one of the guys that knows Tom said he even beat the great Eddy Merckx once upon a time.

**Update below from Tom**

I have a feeling they'll all know Tom next year.

Would you like to know which kit Tom purchased?

All gray... for people who smoke the competion.

I gave the locals discount... and I'll give it to the rest of ya's if ya order by end of day Sunday.  The code is LOCALS

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


162.8 lbs
8 hours sleep

** I appreciate the mention however I will never say I “beat” Eddy Merckx. That implies it was just the two of us .
I did have the honor of racing against Eddy for four years in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Switzerland and in those four years finished races ahead of him four times .
I never won a race during my years as a professional (I think my highest road placing was 13th but am very proud of having measured myself against the best riders in the world between 1972 and 1977. I rode in three world championships representing the USA.
In 1975 I documented mileage of 32000+ between March 1 and Oct 15.
Unfortunately recognition is not given to many riders who came before the world got smaller with tv coverage and the internet but I’d like to recognize Tim Mountford especially because I rode with him in my earlier amateur days and he signed with Raleigh of Holland showing me a pro career was a possibility.
Ray Matthews, John VandeVelde ( Christian’s dad) Jackie Symes, Skip Cutting, Harold Halsey and Bill Kund were all contemporaries of mine who were US pros and then Jonathan Boyer , the first American to ride in the TDF ( I have a letter somewhere in my files of him requesting training advice from me ) and Mike Neel all before Lemond , though you’ll never hear it from him .
Again thank you 
See you on the road .




THERE ARE 3 SKILLS ALL SUCCESSFUL RACERS MASTER, but one is by far the most important.

There's planning...

... starts with registering for the race and ends with crossing the finish line.  

There's avoiding mistakes...

... the more you race the more you develop your PEDALsense and consequently avoid mistakes.

But, the most important by far to keep moving...

... no matter how bad it hurts, no matter how bad things get, no matter what...

... keep moving!

Keep pedaling.  Keep eating.  Keep drinking.

I remember a really tough road race I did outside of Bakersfield.  It was just a vicious course.  Legendary.  It was my first time racing it.  I was dropped fairly early.  There was no way I was going to finish anywhere near the top 10.  I was already 40 guys down.

But, I kept pedaling and eating and drinking.

This isn't some comeback story at all.

It's a story of picking off one racer after another until I passed a former California State Champion, a guy who'd beat me like a drum for years.  Yes, he was having a bad day.

Did I podium?  No.

I wound up 18th or 12th or something, but it didn't matter.  I beat the champ, once.  That shiz gives ya confidence.  Ya can't buy that, but you can use it a lot in the future.

So many quit when it gets hard.

But not us.

Not me.

Not you.

That's ain't our way.  Ever.

We keep pedaling.  Always.  In everything we do.

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


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AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO AS GIVEN A LITTLE MORE AT THE TOP OF A CLIMB THIS WEEK?  I can't even say it's subconscious.  Like this morning, I pulled on one of my yellow jerseys...

... next thing I know I'm kicking hard up the last 100 meters of my local climb...

... imaginary fans screaming Allez, Allez, Allez!, Imaginary foes in awe, have no answers, Imaginary announcers can't contain themselves...

... Well Bob, The Ol' Diesel is living up to his name today.  Look at the determination, the metronomelike churning of his old pistons flattening the hopes of the youth...

... Phil, nobody saw this coming, the domination of the silverhaired beast!

I couldn't wait to upload, even though the Wahoo wasn't recording bpm.  I'd taken the gravel rig over to two of my local climbs and I was just sure I'd laid down fast times.  

I mean, I better.

New, lighter, faster, better bike on dirt climbs I typically hit on my MTB or my previous gravel bike named HVY MTL.

2 PRs.

You know what that is right?  It's proof advertising works.  I've been advertising to my mind great climbing feats for nearly 3 weeks now.  It's bound to rub off.  

It's also proof gravel bikes on dirt roads climb faster than mountain bikes.

Finally, it's proof I've dropped about 3 lbs in the last 5 weeks.

It matters.

Does wearing the yellow jersey matter?  Maybe if it's the lightest jersey on the market, made with fine Italian fabrics right here in CA.

Check out how thin that fine mesh front is... it's weird too.  Super cool on hot, hot days yet surprisingly comfy when there's a chill in the air.  Maybe weird is the wrong word... magical would be better.

That's me modeling with my lopsided - buster off an 1" of my collarbone once - shoulders.

Anyway, you get the idea... our Speed jerseys are tres bien.

The matching bibs are smashing as well.

Me again.  The bibs come in Regular and Tall.  In this pic I'm in the Regular cut.  I prefer that cut in the summers for the purely vain reason of better tan lines.  

Anyway, if ya like that kit... we call it Dia de los Muertos and if you order it now you can have it before Halloween.

Just don't tell anyone I told ya to use this promo code: Allez

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IT TAKES A WHILE TO GET A FEEL FOR BIKEY THINGS.  How tight to turn a screw, How much tire pressure, How much drink mix, How much food...

... today I needed to twist my cleats a smidge.

The reason for such smidginess was to align them properly for yours Diesely.  I stand and walk like a duck, so heels in for me.  But, not too much... just a smidge.

Tomorrow, I will not be putting on a glob of PR Lotion.  The reason being that I'm still rehabbing my calf which I messed up by not slamming new cleats all the way back when I went from Speedplay to Durace.  I'm traditionally a slam'emback guy, and somehow missed this... rookie move, I know.

I'm gonna take it easy until I'm the smidging and slamming is muy comfy.

I guess I might put on a glob PR Lotion, because I'm sure the set up on other bike, the BMC-URS, is perfecto... yeah, I'm putting on a glob fo' sho'...

... and I'm not the only one, stage winners are too!  Did you see this one?

You can read the details below or just take my word for it.

Buy 2 PR Lotions, get 1 Chamois Butt'r free when you use this promo code: GLOB

By Nigel Mitchell, Cycling World Tour Nutritionist, Clinical and Olympic Dietitian

The basics of sports science are pretty much understood and there isn’t much that has come out in the last few years that has been a genuinely new concept.  What has changed is technologies have gotten better and our understanding of how to maximize concepts has improved. I believe sodium bicarbonate and PR Lotion is a perfect example. It’s not a new concept, but the route of delivery has changed now from oral to transdermal. 

When I first started in nutrition and was working in cycling back in the 1990s, we explored the use of sodium bicarbonate with some positive effects. But the risk of a negative reaction outweighed the potential benefits. So sports performance professionals stopped talking about it and using it. Now that a technology exists that can sidestep the negative side effects, it’s worth exploring because the science behind sodium bicarbonate supplementation is there. 

When you get to the professional level, most athletes have maximized their physiological performance and the opportunity for improvement is fractions of a percent. Therefore, podium finishes are the result of more than talent. They are the culmination of years of consistent training and fine-tuning recovery strategies needed to support it. Any tool that can improve one of those areas is important. 

Evaluation Process

I was first introduced to PR Lotion by Simon Clarke; he’s a very accomplished pro cyclist and a believer in oral sodium bicarbonate. He told me PR Lotion worked for him and that I should take a look into it, so I reached out to my external support network. It turns out that one of the researchers I contacted was already working on a project focused on PR Lotion and had positive things to say. 

In my own evaluation of any new product, there are 2 areas I always consider:

What is the scientific theory behind it? 
Oral sodium bicarbonate is well researched but the drawback has always been the GI distress. PR Lotion is an interesting alternative. By getting sodium bicarbonate into the body through the skin, PR Lotion makes a proven supplement available for use on a regular basis.  

What is the risk? 
When it comes to risk, I focus on the potential adverse health effects and how a product fits in with anti-doping policies. Amp Human has done the legwork to become certified Informed Choice and Informed Sport so that covers the regulatory and they are cleared by the FDA, so product safety is there. 

Knowing PR Lotion is a product that has solid theory and really low risk, I was comfortable bringing in our team doctor, Dr. Kevin Sprause. He has a great sports science understanding and I really value his insights and knowledge. We may not have been 100% sure about what to expect, but we had to explore what this could potentially do for our athletes. To be elite, to be cutting edge, you can’t always wait for the definitive science. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.


When introducing new products to my athletes, I’m always honest. The conversation is around the product, the potential benefits, the theory behind it, and the feedback I’ve gotten. Then ultimately it’s their choice. Athletes are usually willing to try something when there's no BS around it. 

When we started using PR Lotion at EF Pro Cycling, we began with a training session. When the sessions went well or the rider didn’t perceive any effect,  we then tested it out in a time trial training session. After those 2 sessions, we collected feedback that varied from “I’m not sure it did anything” to “I really like that stuff.” The key here is that there were ZERO negative side effects. No GI distress like with oral sodium bicarbonate. I wasn’t looking for massive changes immediately; sodium bicarbonate can be such a subtle thing and can have a bigger impact over time vs. immediate use, but no side effects confirmed there was now a safe and effective way to integrate bicarb as a performance aid to the team. After those trials, we saw significant enough improvements that we made PR Lotion part of the core routine to make sure it's available to those athletes that want to use it.

When it comes to routine, on race day, we work backward from the start time, pre-race meal, some recon work and look at applying PR Lotion 90 min before the start. Depending on the athlete, it gives them enough time to dress and start their warm-up 20-30 min before the race. In a training situation, we have the athletes apply the lotion before they head out on the ride. 


There are a lot of questions around influencing muscle pH and how that may affect performance and recovery. When training or competing at or above the lactate threshold, the body produces more acid than it can process leading to a shift in pH. The higher acidity causes negative effects on muscle function and the biochemistry of the muscle so being able to alkalize the muscle to a preferred pH is something that's interesting. 

For the athlete, where intensity and volume are important (ie training sessions and competition), the threshold can be a limiting factor in performance. By using PR Lotion, we can deliver sodium bicarbonate to the body, in the hope of delaying reaching that threshold. In doing so, we may be able to get better performance. The other key here is in alkalizing the tissues, we may help the muscle return to neutral pH more quickly aiding in the recovery process to prepare for the next day. In pro cycling, athletes have to perform day after day after day in training and in competition.  Anything that can aid in that recovery should be looked at and evaluated.  

Take Away

The science behind the PR Lotion is still evolving but the feedback that we’ve gotten has been very positive. In my mind, the biggest benefits of PR Lotion are around recovery and how it supports training over time and in athletes that are competing multiple times over consecutive days. 

I know PR Lotion is used across multiple sports in the USA and abroad and we’re seeing better recovery so we’ve added it to the suite of things we're trying to get done. It’s about maximizing recovery in a simple package and PR Lotion is a brilliant tool to help do that.

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THE CREAKY DOOR AT THE GENERAL STORE.  Dusty MTB shoes clunk across wood floor. 

Grab a coke.  Air is full of smoke. 

A heavyset lady rings me up, then chats me up.

I like your uniform.

Thank you.

Where'd you ride from?

San Clemente?...

I coulda just headed on out, but I stayed.  She was nice.  The store was slow.  Kinda dark.  I don't know if she was lonely.  Either way it was good.  To just talk.  About nothing.  Local lore, closed roads, the approaching Fall, and such. 

... you be careful out there.

Yes, ma'am.

I sat on the picnic bench a bit. 

Enjoyed my Coke, just like the ad promised.

Cars sped by on the country road.  Customers came and went.  Everybody in such a hurry to get somewhere other than where they were.

Not me. 


I get a lot of comments on this kit.  Some hate it, most love it.


It's our military camo design.  Available as a kit, changing poncho or RaceDay Bag™.

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THERE'S A STORY BEHIND EVERY RACER.  Probably a hundred stories.  Stories of triumph and failure, training hard and winging it, riding together and going it alone.  Those are the ones we live to tell.

There are others that often go untold and unnoticed...

... and they make all the difference.

Right before I hit the hay last night, my good friend Emetski shot me a picture of his son's 2 RaceDay Bags™.

Apparently one race day bag isn’t enough for Lotoja. John requires two. I’m driving support for him tomorrow.

I wish I had something pithy to add, or some sappy remark... I got nothing.  Because I'm driving support for him tomorrow says it all.

Then I woke up to a message from my nephew, with a pic of his son's bike ready to race NICA.

Race day bag all ready to go for Goose!

The parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends... that giant network of love that supports us, that we support... they are the very best part any race, without them there is no story.

And sometimes they worry about us, and we worry about them.

Which is why I like to ride with blinkies day or night when I'm on the road... like these that flash front and sides.

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