For athletes who want more than just another prize or trinket.

I’m on a mission to help YOU...

The athlete striving to explore what is physically possible.

While staying true to what matters in our individual lives.

Build bullet-proof confidence...

... and rip on raceday!

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I am already successful, but wanting 

MORE BALANCE in my life...

I am a RIDER who is looking to be

MORE SUCCESSFUL on and off the bike...

I am already successful, but wanting

MORE BALANCE in my life...

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then You're Already On A Quest.

That’s exactly why I created the Rip On RaceDay Network

• To crush our PRs
• Complete incredible quests
• And, yeah, get on that podium from time to time

Don't I need a coach to do that?

Probably not. 

I say probably for a few of reasons:  

One, I've cracked the code for the Uncoached to reach extraordinary levels of competence and you'll have access to all of that. 

Two, if you are like most of us, you have a lot of improvement you can make on your own with proper guidance.

Three, we are going to hold you accountable to your commitments.

Won't I be blowing off my family and friends and work?

Not if you do this correctly.  It all starts with mastering your calendar.

Is this just about more exercise?

For some, yes. 

For most, it's about engaging better.


I grew up on southern California.

From an early age, I loved riding bicycles. I wasn’t great. But, I loved it. I loved riding, and I loved learning tricks. Jumping, skidding, wheelies.

Years later, a roommate brought home a road bike.

The next day, I rode it 6 miles.

The day after, 12 miles.

I was hooked.

When I moved back to Southern California, I did some racing on the road. It was a lot of fun.  Being in the zone in a crit brought me peace and happiness. I worked up to a Cat 2.

Kids came.

I quit racing.

In '99, my friend Jeff challenged me to do Leadville. 100 miles, off road, at 10,000-12,500’ above sea level seemed insane.

I trained for it.

The skills were there, but the actual workouts were a mystery to me. I rode a lot and watched my heartrate.  Looking back on it, I’m amazed I finished at all. My goal the first time was to keep my heartrate just under 180 beats a minute.

Because I’d cracked the magical 9-hour mark, and received a big belt buckle, I figured I knew what I was doing.

I didn't have a clue.

About that time, my friend Kevin challenged me to go under 9 hours at age 60.

This turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in my life because it was always in the back of my mind. It reminded me not to get too out of shape.

In the early 2000s, Super-D burst onto the national scene. 

I won back-to-back National Championships.

My 20 year goal, was getting closer.

I started to think about that date with destiny… sub-9 at 60.

I had the curiosity, how to go faster than ever at Leadville?

In 2019, I went back. I’d learned a lot over the years about my body, about training, about bike set up, about going fast.

I decided to go for a PR.

It all came together, and I went 8:15. I was completely blown away. How did I just go faster than ever, at 57 years old?

The next 3 years, I studied more, tinkered more, learned more. I developed a philosophy of how to pull it all together and have a truly great day on the bike.

I started to feel so good in early 2022, I wondered could I do another PR… at 60?

I set my sights on a truly absurd goal: sub-8 hours.

Only one person over 60 had ever accomplished that, and he was an ex-pro who had won the race outright back when I did an 8:20. He beat me by an hour that day.

2022 was the date with destiny. Everything, and I mean everything, went perfectly.


I was stunned, my friends shocked.

But, was I really?


I had cracked the code to ripping on raceday, and I knew it.

It started with the simple idea of exploring what is physically possible for me?

What am I capable of?

Now it’s time to share the keys to mastering ripping on raceday...

... what I wish I knew 30+ years ago...

... with you, the athlete on a Quest.

Here's what I have for you:

Training Plans


Race Intel




Strategies that work

Exclusive Gear

Race Reimbursement

I want you to RIP ON RACEDAY

That is why so much of the network is absolutely free, and why you get 2 weeks to test all the premium features.

Let's Rip!