ONCE WE UNDERSTAND THAT SCIENCE HAS A LONG HISTORY OF BEING DRIVEN BY EGO AND GREED, it gets easier to make sense of it all.  This is readily apparent with a little digging.  Scientist, author and accomplished endurance athlete Tom Noakes readily admits his own faults in his book Waterlogged...

... discovered via a lifetime of research and competition.

He takes credit for furthering the effort to get people waterlogged, which lead to the deaths of multiple athletes following the science.  That takes courage and fortitude, especially when pushing back on many egos and mountains of greed.

I nearly chucked the book when it arrived.

Too many graphs and sidebars. 

Too much documentation. 

Lazily, after the Forward, Introduction and Chapter 1 I skipped right to the detailed chapter summaries.

This was not enough.

I was thirsty for more knowledge...

... only by reading what preceded those summaries was I able to get a bead on the problems Waterlogged address; and my own issues of cramping and upset digestion during races of epic distances.

But, that's not the question.

The question is should we blindly trust science?

In fact, this was a burning question after reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.  I came away with one certainty:  today's truth is very often tomorrow's fallacy, when it comes to science.

This is not to condemn science, but to realize Science is merely humanity's current, best assessment of a situation.  Overtime, our assessments adjust and improve as new knowledge comes forth.  That is sure.

Back to the very honest, courageous and vigorous Dr. Tom Noakes who points out Gatorade's own hype...

... Gatorade is the most scientifically studied sports drink of all time.

But I'll bet you'd never make Gatorade your go to sports drink.  Because you know better.  All the scientific studies in the world on Gatorade aren't likely to change your mind...

... because your body says different.

Questions:  Did you know Gatorade was developed to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion?  That their scientists implored users to drink far too much, to the point of death?...

... a perfect example of ego and greed driving a product's commercial success, while failing humanity.

Which brings me to the final word's of Tom Noakes:

Your body will tell you what it needs, if you just listen. 

After which follows a concise summary of the current science regarding hydration...

... but don't take my word for it, read the book.  It's your body.

Speaking of your body, while I'm sure your quite proud of all the progress you're making this year...

... we don't want to get you arrested for public indecency.  Which you might be tempted to do when changing before or after a ride.

That's why I came up with the awesomely modest Changing Poncho.

Sure it's great for a quick change,
a million times better than changing in your car,
or risking a towel change while standing in the open...

... when I'm done changing and wiping off my grime and do a quick wipe down on my bike as well.

It's perfect.

But it today and we'll include an Every Day Is RaceDay™ hat for the first 5 purchases.


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