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I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO FINISHING PHILTHETHRILL GAIMON'S BOOK, Pro Cycling On $10 A DAY.  He concludes with two valuable lessons.

First, keep the workouts simple.

Phil's hardest training block ever was two weeks with Tom Danielson on Mount Lemon in Tucson.  I've ridden that climb myself... think of a long, long, long very steady climb.  Day one, 3 sets of 20 minute intervals... followed by 5 hours of easy riding.  Day two, 3 sets of 45 minute intervals.  Day three, rest or long and easy.  Then start over.

Second, you've got to believe in yourself.

This was painfully drilled into Phil's selfjustifyingbrain by Jonathan Vaughters, before Vaughters signed him to ride for Garmin.  Phil had lost crucial seconds and wound up losing GC, was bummed about it.  Rather than being consoling, Vaughters wisely rubbed acid in that wound remind Phil to believe in himself.

... normally I've got a bunch of pithypontification about right now, but not today...

Keep it simple.
Believe in yourself.

Here's a simple secret you may not know -> larger water bottles are more aero than small bottles... because they fill in the gap better and reduce wind turbulence.

I believe you should take advantage of this promo code prior to 2/26/2020


Yes, they still ship free if you use the code.


165.2 lbs 
7 hours sleep

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I COULDN'T HEAR THE SKIN GRINDING OFF, the rain too heavy.  I couldn't see the damage, the shadows too dark.  I couldn't feel the gash, the cold too stiff.  But, in my shivering hustle off the mountain I overcooked a corner... my lower leg grinding across the decomposed granite hillside.

That wasn't the plan.

We'd missed perfection by about 30 minutes.

Up until that Makita grinder moment, we'd cheated mamanature. We'd slept in, done our dadly duties. While the morning rain fell on our favorite dusty trail.

When we started, it was purrrrrfect... super tacky, traction o'plenty.  6 miles to the top, 2200', all single track... purrrrrfect single track.

We climbed it once, decently fast, under an hour. 

Ripped down.

Climbed it again.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  But, when we got to the top the clouds came in and the temperature dropped.

Even with the incomparable KOM jacket, I was cold.  A beanie and leg warmers woulda helped... oh, and a light!

But... but... we'll ALWAYS remember today.  It will stand out.  One of those, Remember that time moments.  Unforgettable.

So maybe it did go according to plan?

... come to think of it, if I'd worn the leg warmers they'd be a little worse of but my leg better off...

I'd say 20% better off... so use this promocode TODDSPOORLEG to save 20% on these leg warmers/skin savers

Use TODDSPOORLEG at check out 

In the cloud, time to hustle down.


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8.5 hours sleep

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SURE, IT'S A HECKUVALOT EASIER 30, 40, 50 RIDERS BACK.  It's 30% easier!  And that's the problem in a lot of cases.

Wanna get "lucky"?...
... get your buns up front.

Don't come whining to me with silliness like...

... you were lucky to make the break
... you were lucky you missed the pile up
... you were lucky in that sprint

Sheesh... I remember the one and only time I did Tour de Tucson.  There were about 7000 people lined up.  

Gun goes off.

I'm redlined instantly.

We are flying through town.

All kinda chaos.

But, I'm upfront and I can see.  And I'm safe.

Unfortunately, when things settled down a bit I drifted back and a break of 20 went away.  Full gas.  I'm thinking, not a big deal.  90 miles to go.  Then, I see the longest train I've ever seen in my life chugging along...

... and those guys are all in, ALL IN!

Like a scripted scene from a Bond movie they squeeze across the tracks, the gates come down, we screech to a halt.

They were never to be seen again.

If you need more luck in your life ya really oughta check this out...

... but don't you dare click on that link if ain't in need.


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IN THE IMMORTAL WORDS OF NACHO LIBRE... Sometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants.

I was reminded of that today as I headed out for a quick sunset blast... Sometimes when you are a racer, you ride two-a-day.

Why 2, today?

Because CH texted... Gonna rain Saturday, 80% chance.

Why 2, other days?

Because why not?
Because fun.

... did you know every time you work out you get a shot of Human Growth Hormone?  I read it somewhere.

So, when you see yer peers and they say something like... 

Damndude, you're looking good...
or...  Damngirl, look at you...
How do you do it?

... two-a-day.

It takes a lot of energy to fuel all that riding, and I like a variety of options like this


Save big with promo code TwoADay. 

Ships free in USA.


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ONE OF THE THINGS I AIM TO DO is get the very best value for any purchase.  So, when I saw some cat advertising an amazing wallet for cycling I had to check it out...

... the hyperbolic promises were too great.

There it was, $50.  It was beautiful, all leather.  Very elegant.  Perfect for anything except actually cycling.

It reminded me of my first bibs, Blackbottoms.  The chamois was actually leather, and so were my bits and pieces after that first summer.

Being a poorcollegekid, I could scant afford 1 bib.  

I'd ride, wash, hang dry, repeat 3-4 times a week.

By summer's end they were sanctified - very holy.

Where was I?...

Oh yeah, wallets and the most humble cycling wallet of all times. 

  • Made of actual bike parts
  • Impossibly durable
  • Military grade thread
  • So grippy it will never fall out of your jersey

Delivered to your door for 20 bones

... or less if you use promo code SAVE10,
I have 10 cards and cash in mine)


Of course... makes a great conversation piece, reminder of what's important, and a supergift for your sponsors.

If you don't have one in your team store, let me know and we'll get it added. 


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COMFORT FOOD... is there a bigger lie?

After nearly a week with family celebrating the life of a loved one, I'm a bigfatpig... and it's my owndarnfault.

Comfort food was abundant, mass quantities everywhere.  

When I woke up this morning, finally back home, I waddled to the scale. Ugh!  5lbs in 5 days.  

It got me thinking about the old miserylovescompany thing... and is there anything more miserable than climbing with blubberstuffed bibs?

Of course, some would like company in such moments...
... but, not me...
... heck no...
... leave me alone, with my own thoughts of whattheheckwasIdoing?

I'm sure there's some sort of championshipthinking of paying the price today for victory tomorrow, you know a valuable life lesson summed up in a few choice words... but, let's just be honest... it ain't comfort food, it's...

DisComfort Food

Rant concluded.

The good news is, there's nowhere but down from here.. and if you're down with that then you're probably also down with joining the PEDALposse.


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  1. Thou shalt ride thy bike as much as thou canst whilst placing thy family and thy social life first, and whilst thou kickist butt at work.
  2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s KOM, but thou shalt chase thine own PRs.
  3. Thou shalt eat whole foods whenever possible.
  4. Thou shalt sleep 8+ hours.
  5. Thou shalt be strong, doing pushups, pullups and such to failure.
  6. Thy bike shall be clean, thy drivetrain free of drag, thy tires properly pumped.
  7. Thy wheels, above all other parts, shall be the best thou canst pay cash for.
  8. Thy jersey and bibs shalt make thee feel fast.
  9. Thou shalt train with faster riders than thee whenever possible, and thou shalt train at the front of thy congregation.
  10. Thou shalt have a day of rest, no riding. If standing sit, if sitting lie, if lying prop thy feet up, if they feet are propped close thine eyes and dream of winning.

Eleven... I could go on and on pronouncing from on high, if ya want more go here:

(still travelin')
unknown lbs 
7ish hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




I'M VISITING THE PLACE WHERE IT ALL STARTED FOR ME.  Provo, UT.  Sure, I'd ridden my Schwinn LeTour around town as a kid, and I'd won the 6th Grade Motocross on my Stingray- which we'd call a Super-D today, but it wasn't until 1985 that I won a legit bike race.

It wasn't even legit, really.

The university ski coach had set up a cycling program centered on crit racing in the giant stadium parking lot.

It was here that I got my most valuable bike handling lession:  never let go over the brakes and always keep pedaling. 

What he was teaching us was how to keep our speed up and be smooth in a pack vs the typical beginner who stops pedaling and yanks on the brakes at the slightest concern.

Each weekday crit I got a little closer to the win.  The throwdown of the C's spint was intoxicating, and I wanted more.  On about the fourth or fifth try it worked...

... the passionate, mediocre surfer
... the weak link on a terrible tennis team
... the obscenely late bloomer with his first whiskers at age 21

... got a V.

And, as PhilTheThrill Gaimon says... it just takes one good day to start thinking.

I promptly spent my summer's hard earned cash on a Cannondale touring bike that some yokel in a struggling bike shop conned me into buying because "more gears = more options for speed".  

It didn't matter.

That bike took all the punishment I could could give it, and was stable as hell at speed.  I'm talking I-80 from Park City to Salt Lake drafting a semi at 60 mph with a t-shirt, cut offs, and a sweet pair of Vuarnets.

I was hooked.

For life.

Speaking of hooked, after skiing and hiking in the mountains the last few days I'm reminding how hooked I am on layers for keeping warm.  It's the best way to go, which I confirmed catching up with my pals that live up here.

Starting with the KOM jacket... and if you use code KOMLAYER...

... and add any other layer product you'll save 50% of the 2nd product.

Code KOMLAYER will be applied on checkout, remember to add the 2nd item first.


8.3 hours sleep

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A REAL GIANT TAUGHT ME A VALUABLE LESSON.  It's not enough to be the biggest and the strongest.  That's not a guarantee of winning. 

This was laid out in the classic movie The Princess Bride.

Fezzik played by Andre The Giant - 7' tall, 500 lbs.
Westley - a normalsized Man In Black.

Fezzik: I just figured why you give me so much trouble.

Westley : Why is that...

[squashed against a rock] 

... do you think?

Fezzik : Well, I haven't fought one person for so long. I've been specialized in groups, battling gangs for local charities, that kind of thing.

Westley : Why should that make such a

[squashed painfully] 

... difference?

Fezzik : You use different moves when you're fighting half a dozen people, than when you only have to be worried about one

[falls unconscious] 

It's impossible to learn to learn to win a group sprint by yourself...
It's hard to ride single track with someone much slower...
No one can figure out how to draft riding alone...

... as the giant said, You use different moves.

I remember the first time a saw my friend in real cycling shorts.  Lycra.  Not just any short, they were red.

Outrageous I thought.

And held up by suspenders!

Now I wouldn't dream of heading out for a ride with anything but a supremely designed bib like this:

100% Italian fabric.  An anatomical chamois with multidensity foam.  Printed, but and sewn in our own California factory.


164.2 lbs 
8 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A SCREWYOU FUND IS... welllllllll junior, it’s enough cash to go at least 6 months without a check.  And, it equals confidence.

There are other types of screwyou funds.

When - waywayway back when - I was single, I strove to have a number of options... ya know, just in case things went off the rails at a socially inconvenient time. (Easy there, it’s a figure of speech.  Not literal)

We, you and me, we have fitness screwyou funds...

... and I'm making a withdrawal.

No riding the next five or six days.

Starting this morning... skied for the first time in a coupla decades, you know a board for each foot vs a snowboard - which I've done less and less. 

My nubby bikerlegs vs my college girl's dancerskierlegs...

... it was pretty even until around 330pm.  We'd been going straight through, old school on nothing but Snickers bars.


Dad, I'm tired.

I feel great.

Last run?

Up to you.

Truly a wonderful DaddyDaughter Valentine's Day.  Such fun to catch up with her on life.  I'm feeling quite blessed to enjoy a day like today.

... and that’s how to use the fitness screwyou fund.

 Of course, sometimes you want to unleash your screwyou fitness in the heat of battle and might be looking for a little inspiration.

Personally, I always feel a little more ready to battle on the bike when I don these camo socks

$15.99 and they'll be on your doorstep in a couple of days.


unknown lbs 

7 hours sleep

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WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT... the overhead view of a Peter Sagan sprint is always my favorite.

Man can he wait.

The barreling peloton screams into the final Kms and he’s miles back.


One time, some cat put together a bunch of different on onbike camera views of a Sagan sprint.  Switching from front view to back view and back as he roared...

... accelerating as the rest were detonating...

... which is why he’s payd the big bucks.

Payshunce is a superpower.

Use it, or lose.

Even going after a PR, which can require the greatest payshunce of all.  Because the right PR will demand our very best.

In case you need a daily reminder


And if you use promo code PRSRULE, it's in your hands for a paltry 18 bones.

I believe in you!


164.2 lbs 

6.5 hours sleep

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We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




IF IT'S TO BE, it's up to ______.

If it's really up to me, then I better take it for reals.

That's why every year I put the big hairy audacious goals (BHAG) out there, to inspire me to carve the time I need to be ready on the big day.  Things like PRing Leadville last year, or going to Nationals this year.  

Really big.


The result is even on the days I don't wanna, the cold days, the booked solid days, the dark days, the rain days... I get out and ride.

Yes, of course part of the plan is to be a badass on the given day and slay my BHAG... but...

... the bigger part of the plan...
... the sneaky part...

... is the daily result: a healthier, happier, immensely more productive me.

It's a simple system, and it yields undeniable results.

We get really granular on the system with the PEDALposse, where we share what's working and what's not.

Join us!

Join us before the price goes up in March.

How much?  I dunno... but, can't be giving it away fo' evah.


164.4 lbs 
legs n shoulders
7 hours sleep <- snagged a KOM back - not that it matters.  Right?

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We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




ONE OF THE PLACES PEOPLE REALLY SUFFER ON A ROAD RIDE is when the group accelerates time after time.

I was reminded of this on today's ride... and the exercise I do at home to prep for days like today.

It was hellawindy. 

30mph gusts. 


To make matters worse, it was the first week back splitting our little legripper into an A and a B ride.  Leaving just a handful of us to slice the wind together on the A loop.

Our rotation started smooth enough, but after about 15 minutes of really drilling it things started to fall apart.  The discrepancies in power between riders became evident, as stronger riders pulled hard and long and weaker riders clogged the front often unable to even pull through for a millisecond.

So, I have this little routine I do a few times a week.  It may or may not be helpful at all... but, it's kinda hard which is always good for building confidence.

It's simple.

Requires no tools.

And, probably doable in your own home.

Remember, I am not a doctor nor any kind of certified anything.  Do not do this if you are timid, unsure or a total klutz... though, if you think you'll fall please take video and post for the entertainment value.

Are ya ready?

Stand flatfooted at the bottom of a set of stairs and jump up 3 at a time. 

Probably best to start at 2 at a time... and I've had limited success jumping 4 at a time.  Repeat until failure (can't do more).

That's it.

Please, please, please be careful... and remember you're on your own.

Advice given.  

Here's another piece of advice... not for you, hopefully.  But, something you might want to share with a friend.

You should probably get a RaceDay Bag™.


Because you're always wondering where your gear is.

No I'm not.

Then, why are you asking to borrow my extra glasses?

I guess that could be advice for you too... friends don't let friends show up unprepared - especially if they don't want to loan their stuff.

Remind them to use promo code SAVE10.


165.4 lbs 
  push ups.
6.8 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.





IT'S NOT THAT I'M A GUINEA PIG.  I'm not.  Once I find something that works, I stick with it.  

It's not that I'm unwilling to change, I test things all the time.

What am I then?... a dude has cracked the code on a lot of what it takes to go fast on a bike.

I could force a bunch of my results down your throat, like the fact I've been a national champion twice. 

But where's the fun in that?

What's fun for me is when a cat like DH asks a question like this...

What kind of electrolytes do you use/ sell?

And I reply...

Here’s what I use:

I was in a hurry and should have added more... DH, I hope you're reading:

For all racing/hard training I strive for 300 calories per hour.  

Road/Gravel, I like 2 scoops of GQ6 in my bottles, and another 100 calories via Honey Stinger Waffles or Chews.

MTB, I get all my calories through the bottle if it's a short XC race... the flavor can be a bit strong, but the racing is so intense I find it impossible to eat.  A epic event like Leadville I'll eat more like the roadie above.

For adventures, I go with 1-1.5 scoops per bottle and eat as much as I feel like.

For recover rides, pretty much just water.

The other product on that link Salt Stick chews... and my hot tip for taking those is something I'll be sharing with the PEDALposse...

... check it out:

We're just launching the PEDALposse, I should let you know the price is going up soon.


163.8 lbs 
50 pull ups
8 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.






It's not fell and got a booboo,
Not rode too hard,
Nor rode too easy,
Not gotta a flat,
Not had to cut 'er short,
Not no one else could go,
Not got stuck in the rain,
Not lost Zwifting,
Nor any kind of weatherforced trainertime,
Not resting, if that was your plan...
... the only way, is to not train.

Today I rested, according to plan, and took a walk along the beach.

It also rained, and I loved that.  The sinisterside of me relished the thought of the locals who'd planned a big day staying off the bike.   

I hope that wasn't you... but, if it was maybe you just needed an extraawesome windandwater resistant KOM jacket?

If that's the case, and you're the patient type, then I'd like to make you one of these awesome jackets.

And we'll throw in a pair of these gloves for free when you use this promo code: KOMGLOVE.

Go here:

Use this:

Who loves ya?


163.8 lbs 
8.5 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.





IT'S 650AM, SUB-40 DEGREES, FOGGY AND WET... I'm smartly outfitted in what some might consider pajamas.  I'm also late.  Going full gas.  Railing the turns.  Jumping curbs.  Shortcutting through ShoreCliffsElementary.

If I don't catch the crew at 705, I'm... How do you say in this country?...  Ehscrewed!... chasing 20+ miles, just to catch the even faster group.

So started the first 70 miles of my ride... of which I felt absolutely fantastic.

I'd woken up with pleeennnnnty of time.  PLENTY!.  530AM.  But, I was so groggy I completely lost track.

There was one thing I did right.  I got that darn PR Lotion on, and thick.  No, this is not a commercial for that magical potion... but, it is  a tiny lesson for me to check the source.

Last night I was skimming YouTube and noticed I had a few notifications.  One was from Tony and it was a nasty review on my review of said lotion.  It really bugged me, because I have shared the product with so many people and all results are 2thumbsup.  I tossed and turned all night, which is probably why I woke so early.  Then I had this genius idea...

... is he even a customer of ours?


I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, that first 70 was pretty magical.  I felt really good.

There's a longcut on the ride called Old Mojeska.  It's a real kick in the teeth, coming after a lot of climbing.  Few do it, though I sell the hell out of it any time I do the ride.  It's very, very steep. 

It's smack in the middle of a 17.25 miles stretch with 2000' of climbing, called RR-Old Moj-Silverado.

I knew I was going good, and I'd done my best to surf the fast guys to the longcut.  Most of them went straight to regroup at the big oak tree.  I turned right with 2 bravecourageous souls.  We hit it as best we could, dropped down the other side... little Rayan, can't weigh more than 110 lbs, struggled to keep up on the decent.  We came around the corner, saw the resting group taking a smoke break... and I dieseled on.

They eventually caught me, and we worked hard to finish the last big climb of the ride.

I PR'd it!

But I don't want you think this is a commercial for PR Lotion... because there's a tiny lesson for you my friend.

All that climbing?... I felt strong and connected.

So get if you haven't already drop and give me 20!... seriously, do your push ups and pull ups.

Because even if you do succumb to my Jedi marketing tricks and in a moment of weakness purchase PR Lotion...

... you're still going to be a weakling riding around looking like a T-Rex... and we can't have that can we?!

Friends don't let friends ride weak. 

Usually I insert some sort of promo code to go along with blatant sales pitch... but this wasn't blatant, it was just me telling it like it is.

You know what though?  I really like telling it like it is... if you buy the lotion this t-shirt will ship free - you just need to purchase them both and apply this code: PRsRULE

We do a lot that tellingitlikeitis stuff here:

Oh, I forgot to tell you how long and lonely the last 35 miles were of the ride...

They weren't!... because I fueled up, in remembrance of our Hawaiian Nana.


165 lbs 
Just stretching today
6 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




MY SWEET, SWEET MOTHER-IN-LAW passed away last night.  It was overdue, but we will still miss her uplifting spirit.

I rode alone, mistyeyed and laughingtomyself... all the emotions, reflecting on her influence in our family's lives.  These are the rides we all need from time to time, and they're best solo...

... stopping along the way.


Good things happened all day long, credit to her.

Scott called to say he'd received 2 bags... one should have gone to Alvin... which was great because Alvin called to say he couldn't track his order.  They live nearishby each other.

Nancy and Neal joined the PEDALposse.

Two new teams took the time to email me and let me know how lovely it is to work with designer Rocky.

... and Shane reminded me that he and Abbey and friends are coming over tonight to watch Abbey dominate on Ellen's Game of Games - it's finally airing.

As I wind down the day, I'm feeling very blessed to have known a great lady... her gravelvoiced husband parted long ago and I'm reminded of Johnny Cash's rendition of In My Life.


... a while back, she told us a new story...

I used to sunbathe in the nude on top of our house.


Yes, I was always worried Momma would catch me.

Such a Wild Child!

If you're feeling a little wild, this is a pretty good place to start 


If you've never heard this version Johnny recorded it just after June passed... it's an old Beatles song.

164.4 lbs 
180 push ups
6 sleepless hours

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.




I HATE DOING THE DISHES, and I hate doing pull ups.  Taken individually, they go straight to the back of the procrastination line.

So, how did I do 50 pull ups today?

Before I get there, let me share a few of the countless benefits to doing pull ups.

Yep, you my deskboundstaringatglass friend will experience better posture doing pull ups.  I'm not sure if it's the actual pull ups or just the confidence one gets by being a badass pullupper.


Climbing powerfully on the bike. 
No more sitting back down in defeat after 2 pedal strokes - especially effective when combined with push ups.


Sprinting speedily
Grab those bars and feel a bigbrawnyconnection as you unleash your mighty fury.

Back to my hack...

1.  Have a pull up at home, mine is upstairs jammed between a bathroom door.

2.  Do as many as you can.

3.  Unload some dishes.

Repeat until dishes are done and body is smoked.

Here's my breakdown - switching between palms out and palms in.

9-7-5-5-4-4-3-4-2-3-2-2-1 50

All that may sound silly,
or maybe you're just so dedicated already,
possibly you're in love with the T-rex look of many cyclists...

... but if any of that resonates, you really ought to check out the PEDALposse.

But, before you click over there...

My friend BC shot me a text: What's the posse all about?

Honestly, I'm not sure.

Should I join?


Now why wouldn't a want a longtime, raploving pal like BC to join?  For the simple reason he's not sure.  If you're not sure, don't even hover over the link...

... might accidentally click it, but if you're sure you're down for something different then join us.


163.8 lbs 
50 pull ups
8 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time. 




THERE'S A CERTAIN MISPLACED CONFIDENCE one can get with a high level of fitness.  I'm unsure as to whether it's healthy or not... I mean it is healthy, well healthy related... I guess it's just ego.

Before you go spiritualbuddhamystic on me... just admit it... you feel it too.

For instance, I remember - distinctly remember - when all the ladies were fawning over my massivefootballstar friend thinking to myself... Yeah, he's cool and has big manly muscles but ladies I can drop him any time I want on a bike.

Or, the time I compared myself to myself to Mike Tyson... Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth/I unleash my sprint.

One of my favorites was the time young Miles joined us on the Saturday Hour of Power... he was quite sure he'd stick it to us and I was thinking... you're sizing us up based on age and you're about to get a lesson in cardiokungfu bikestyle.

Confidence is one of Miles great traits. 

I remember how confident he was that within no time he'd pay me back on the bike - which he did, and I loved.  Better, I remember how confident he was that he'd overcome his visual challenges and turn them into a plus thereby pursuing his dream as part of the US Navy.

It's the kind of confidence that only comes with miles on a bike, or time spent on any endeavor.

The more dense the training, the more dense the the results...ConfiDense.

Of course another definition of dense is stupid, and yes I know it's stupid to compare myself to others... I still do it more than I care to admit.

Want more confidense?

You don't even have to wear this shirt to gain confidense... just having it your drawer and seeing it is magical.


163.8  lbs 
8 hours sleep
no time to ride

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PART OF THE SECRET SAUCE OF A STANDING GROUP RIDE is always riding the same course.  We never detour, never wait and always start on time.

But, not today.

Our detour wasn't to escape the wind, we'd have slept in if we wanted to escape it... and let the record show, a wholelotta the gang slept in... those that were up for the challenge know that sometimes it's hellawindy in a race and a good thing to practice...

... and the rest of us, me especially, were there to say farewell to one of our ride's OGs, Backpack Kevin.

Most of the current generation don't even know him. 
Don't know he was one of the truly elite local MTB racers in the 90's. 
Don't know he used to join us on his work commute, with a loaded back pack and ride us off his wheel. 
Don't know his kindness and always happy outlook.

Jim brought a cake, I brought a TMWC tshirt, the rest of the guys brought their love...

... and that's what I cherish about this little social ride, the love.

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173 Push Ups
6.5 hrs

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TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.