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AS MY FRIEND HARDTAIL PUTS IT, Friends take advantage of friends.. And with that, we set out on a fantastical ride through some of Sedona's very choice 200 miles of single track...

... which is unlike nearly all other singletrack.

After 'bout 2 hours we'd gone a whopping 13ish miles and 1300ish feet of vert.  We were smoked.



The trails are tight and twisty and technical. 
Rarely coasting, rarely relaxing.
Attention demanding...

... you'd think exhausting, but that's not really it. 

Mentally, this kind of riding if very refreshing,  Like racing, there's no chance of daydreaming.  But, it's not racing.  It's challenging and playful.

While my fully was soaking up the rough stuff,  Hardtail was ripping some hard trails... jumping on, over and down everything... I knew not to follow too closely when he said he purposely takes the hard line.

Now... if you're into the stoke of riding a hardtail, if you're thinking of purchasing a hardtail... ya gotta check out his YouTube channel for the hardcore hardtail downlow.

We're just building out a product line for him... hardtail specific RaceDay Bags™, ponchos, jerseys, gloves, socks, etc.

Use promo code:  HARDTAILPARTY


no scale lbs
Stretch and Roll
7.5 hrs





IT WASN'T UNTIL I PROMOTED A FEW RACES MYSELF until I really understood all the behind the scenes effort that goes into a race.  Here's how to tell if a race promoter is making any money...

... if you come away with a bad taste, and a million ways to improve it...

... the promoter is probably making out like a bandit.

But, if you come away thinking... 

Shucks, I had a blast and anybody could do that and make a fat living...

... well, that is exactly the promoter who is working night and day to make sure you and me have a blast on said day.  There are sleepless nights, countless hours of prep and worry and concern.  Umpteen fruitless sponsor meetings.  Spouses and friends that are tapped to pitch in with major - and I mean major - volunteer hours.

If by some miracle these saints who dedicate so much of their time, talents and energy manage to get some momentum and actually make a nickel or two...

... well, bygolly, give 'em hug and a hallelujah because they sure as heaven deserve it.

Such were my feelings after a wonder outing at the Cactus Cup, because I sureashelk had a wonderful time.

Can ya imagine doing all that then having Covid cut your registration by 75%?

So, if you're lucky enough to do a terrific event this year... track that promoter down, give 'em a hug and a thanks and get the word out...

... Helluva race at ____________!

And, if you're looking for a way to support these fine peeps.. then get one of the very fine RaceDay Bags™ or other gear we made for them.

 See ya there next March!


161 lbs
Matt's Boots again
7 hrs




THE FINISH LINE COULDN'T COME SOON ENOUGH.... nah, the finish was never coming.  The cramps started just after I missed a crucial turn, which happened just after I got snapped off the back, which happened a little too quickly after the start.

Now lest you think this is some pathetic woe is me post... 

... it ain't.

First, it's good to get whacked... and boy did the locals whack me.  From elbows out at the start to turning the screws as the heat beat me down while seemingly making them go faster.

Second, it's great to be involved in an activity that requires I maximize my health... gotta take the very best of care of me to have fun.

Third, I'm here with my pals.  Some I've just met.  And we just spent the afternoon on the porch talking about nothing. 

Yeah, these are the results I'm looking for... inspiration, max health and fine friends.

Of course I wasn't thinking about any of this during the final miles.  

All I could think about was the ice cold CocaCola in the van.  It was going to be so cold.  So wonderful.  The smooth bubbly sugary formula kept secret for centuries was drawing me in like a moth to light...

... even passed a few on the way in...

... that's how much that Coke was pulling me.

Can a Coke even be properly appreciated without feelin' the burn?

Questions like this can only be answered by us... me and you.  And, if you were here I'd a had a bottle for ya to join me like the rest of the fellas.


Since you aren't here, how about a deal on water bottles?

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? lbs
Matt's Boots again
terrible sleep







THERE WAS A BIT OF RIBBING WHEN THE FELLAS SAW MY BATMAN PJS.  But, I'm used to it.  We all are.  We're riding around in what many consider undies... 

... am I right?
... are they right?

As the Batman says:

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

We're lunching now and the nervous energy is eatable... heavily seasoned with trash talk.  Yummmmmm...

I'm first to go off on the TT. 

The almighty WeatherChannel says it'll be 99. 

I haven't told the fellas that I purchased a couple of bags of peas to wear under my jersey while I warm up.  I think staying cool until the last second is going to be key.  Sneaky of me, I know.

I'm not planning to take a bottle.  It's a 20ish minute effort with a million (literally) turns and undulations.

Matt asks what I'm doing...

Writing the blog so I can get to bed early.

What happens if you don't write it?


I'll die... my life is a Twilight Zone.

Time to throw on the number plate... as y'all know, that's when the shizgetz real.  Nice, unflappable ToddyB becomes...

... The Old Diesel...

... I should be really rolling about 20 minutes into this thing.

In the meantime, I'll be selling the fellas hard on a solid 1 hour warm up... on rollers in my van with door shut so it feels cool when they get out.  I need every advantage I can get.

... oh man, I forgot how hard TTs are. 

I am pretty happy with my run. 

Caught my minute man about 15 minutes in... took longer than I'd have liked for him to pull over.  I struck my pedal on a rock on the only real climb.  So... I figure I lost about 20 seconds between the dude and the rock.  But, that's racing.  Everybody probably had something.  

I most pleased with staying well within my limits.  I should feel really good tomorrow.

As far as the race between the fellas... we are all within a minute, in order of our age.  Tomorrow's gonna be fun.

Now for some steak for me...

... and maybe some of the good stuff for you if you'll be riding in the heat any time soon.

Tomorrow, since it will be a very difficult course to eat on I'll get all my calories via my drink.  3 scoops per bottle.  

And, to combat any heat induced cramps I'll be letting the chewable saltstick chew melt under my tongue... I carry them in a special case which you'll get with your purchase.

You'll get 50% off the second item with this promo code:  HOTINHERE


? lbs
Matt's Boots
7 hours sleep





AT SOME POINT I'VE GOT DECIDE IF THIS IS A BIKCATION OR A RACECATION.  Now, if I was traveling by myself I'd drive a little longer for some better food... but, I'll be dawgawned if I didn't find my two hands with a firm grip on a Big Mac at 12 Noon in the middle of the Arizona desert... 

... for the first time since snagging a podium at SLR. 18 months ago.

Then it was a matter of reward, along with the McFlurry, for pulling off something I'd failed at 4 years in a row.

Today, well, it was just going with flow.

Is it going to make a difference over 3 days of racing?  Doubtful.

But, it is just a funny thing how the more people we add to the trip the longer we take and the collectively dumber we get.

It took us about 4 hours to get out of Sprout's tonight.  We were only getting food for tomorrow.  We have enough to survive a few years.

By myself I'd be more nimble.



But, ya know what... I'd be by myself... 

Not getting turned around while preriding the course when we arrived.
Not cramming 7 of us around a 5 person table for dinner.
Not RoShamBowing for the master bedroom.
Not laughing at nonsense.

... not answering questions like this:

Are you a singer or mantra guy?


Do you sing songs when you race or have a mantra?

Songs for sure... like Kanye's Stronger...

Which I immediately cranked to 10, knowing he hates rap.

Yeah, it's a bikcation for sure... and when McD's is on the menu, and we dilly and dally for hours I just gotta remember...

That that that that don't kill me only makes me stronger.

Maybe I am a mantra guy after all?

For sure, I'm a PR Lotion guy.

Yes, over the next 3 days I'll be doing multiple applications.  Even for tomorrow's 20ish minute TT...

... 'cause let's be honest the bragging rights each night are what it's all about.

Order now, the shipping is free but the bragging rights ya gotta earn... even on a bikcation.


161 lbs
7 hours sleep






SOME RISKS I'M WILLING TO TAKE, others I'm not.  We're all that way, and I'm sure we're all completely justified for our ways of thinking.  That said, we are on bicycles, traveling at a good clip... and, well... sometimes I get to wondering...

... Whattheheck are ya thinking!

Is it just me?

Here are the opposite ends of the spectrum:

New superbike <--->  Old bucket a bolts

Riding a pristine paved road with no one around <---> Charging down a mountain

Somewhere in there we all demonstrate our risk tolerance.

Me personally,

I'd slowly ride a rusted out bucket of bolts down the boardwalk on a sunny summer day with an easy breez, no prob... but, I'd never trust it with my life. 

I'd charge trails that would be tough to walk down or up, and tuck a nice paved road at 50mph on a new superbike... and love it.

But, those cats who throw down a few Benjamins on a Walmart whip or a Craigslist cringer then head out and go Full Send...

... oh man, you've got my attention... not sure about my respect... but my attention for sure...

... and I'll probably speak up,
get shut down
and uncomfortably settle in
like some creepy voyeur...

... wonderin' how they approach the rest of their lives.

But that's not how we roll, right?

Nope, we take some risks for sure... but we leave nothing to chance.

Especially not our helmets.

Good news is, right now, during the Giro, you can get these beautiful helmets with some sweet savings.



It can be used on any helmet to save 20%


161.2 lbs
7.5 hours sleep




DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.  I'm totally biased, plus I'm ripping all kinds of PRs the more I get settled in.  And, don't believe the marketing hype.  Just look at the scoreboard.

But, before you look at the scoreboard...

... let's remember one thing when it comes to mountain biking...


Yes, yes, I love my road riding.  And, of course, the freedom and creativity of gravel bikes.  But, nothing makes me feel like a warrior out for adventure than my mountain bike.

Riding off into the wild where bad things can happen and nobody is around to bail ya out has a certain, how do you say... Imabadass... about it.

We sense that from the moment we put on our shoes which are heavy, and lugged, and dusty, and scraped up.

Personally, I'm not too big on protective gear and I've got plenty of dents and scars to show for it.  Fact is, I kinda like seeing a little blood from time to time.  Makes me feel alive.

Dropping down a rutted shoot with the front wheel about to break loose and the rear wheel skidding and clinging... launching off a knob at speed and flying 10'... leaning to nearly horizontal riding a berm in a turn... these are sensations only mountain bikers know.

Which brings me back to that scoreboard... ya see, that bike I've been ripping PRs on downhill sections is the very same bike that was ridden to a World Championship over the weekend... and Jordan Sarrou made it look easy.

Easy and in control are the exact feelings I've been having on this bike.  The geometry is perfect.  The bottom bracket height is just right.  The dropper post is excellent.  The twin-loc makes climbing a dream... ahhh, such a great bike.

The kind of bike that you want to take on adventure, be a warrior on, experience nature and all her many ways trying to kill you.

This is the one I chose.

And I'd love to help you get one if you're into adventure and danger.

Oh... and I almost forgot to mention... our superlight race gloves were developed expressly for this type of riding.  They fit tight, are made of real leather, and provide a fantastic tactical connection between warrior and bike.

I had no idea the white gloves would be top sellers.


161.4 lbs
8 hours sleep




TOWARDS THE END OF MY RIDE SATURDAY, I came down an extremely steep trail... it's just at the edge of being a controlled skid - that kinda steep... and turned sharply to cross through the motorcycle barrier.  At the same time, another rider came from an alternate trail and rather than dismounting rode right through the open gate.

There, my friends, is a perfect example of enemy number two.


I've approached that barrier hundreds of time, and the gate is never open.  Naturally, I went with what I've burned into my brain as the only way out... and it was completely the wrong thing to do when I could have easily stayed on my bike.

And the thing about habits is their effect is slow moving...

... towards greatness or damn that was dumb.

Chris, The Wrench, has a wonderful habit.  Before he can start on the next bike, he has to put all his tools away.  Guess what?... he never wonders where his tools are.

I have a habit of getting everything ready the night before my morning ride:  clothes out, glasses cleaned, batteries charged, bottles made, etc.

Some riders have the habit of looking at all the dangers a particular route may encompass.  My experience with these types of riders is they seem to will disaster into their lives.

Other riders have a habit of eating huge meals and late o'clock.  Result:  disrupted sleep and extra ballast.

The thing about habits is they become automatic. And we don't even realize how they've molded us... but sometimes it's towards really good outcomes.

Of course, one of our greatest habits is riding our bikes.  If you've got a friend that needs a reminder about this habit...

Or maybe it's no one in particular, but you just like preaching this wonderful message of getting out and riding.

Whatever it is, this is a superduper soft shirt... made for athletes like us.

Use promo code: RIDEYOURBIKE

The code works on all the tshirts... but this one is the top seller.


160.2 lbs
7.5 hours sleep




NOT EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS, or remembers to do it... or has the luxury of following this restful recipe.  It's a good practice for the day before a race.

If you're standing, sit.
If you're sitting, lie.
If you're lying, put your feed up.
If you're feet are up, sleep.

Most of the time we are hustling to take care of business or chores or family, and hoping all goes according to plan and we can cut out for a race in the morning.  If we're lucky, we'll get to bed early.

Tuck that little missive away until your next big race.

Better yet, try it out before your next big ride.

It's harder than you think, and better than you think.


I also promise having a RaceDay Bag™ will make your day that much more restful.

This would be a great place to insert what a wonderful gift the bag makes, but then I remembered racer Ryan's purchase this week...

I need another bag.

You do?

Yep, I want one for MTB and one for Road.  I'm going to have them each loaded and ready to go.

It still makes a wonderful gift, and let's be honest, nobody appreciates a good bag more than us.

You know, we never to promo codes for the bags.  But if you search really hard there's one out there.

I'm going to hide it right here in this lengthy paragraph.  Normally, I'd put it in bold.  But, that would make it too easy.  The code, if you were to search for it, is SAVE10.  It's an old code.  It works today.  But, I think it's time to retire it.  Use it while it works.


161.2 lbs
8.5 hours sleep





THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUPERSTITION AND PREPARATION.  Today I did one of my pre-race rituals, it's the kind of thing I can't convince anybody to do with me...

... so it makes me question is it superstition or preparation?

What I do is go out and ride a course as similar as possible to the upcoming race and only work on my head.

In this case, the upcoming race is the Cactus Cup.  An MTB race.  In the desert.  With a lot of turns.  Carrying speed is going to be critical.

So, I went and rode some of the twistiest trails around.  

Didn't pound the climbs too much, just rode 'em at tempo.  But those downhills were all about being relaxed and going fast.

Results:  I'm getting super confident on the new MTB and snagged a number of PRs on challenging descents I've hit many times.

This is headwork, giving myself sensations of feeling fast.

I'll do that all week.  Not ride hard per se.  Just doing things that are confidence building...

... and all of it will be on my race bike...

... to further cement the good feelings and be hyper aware of any mechanical issues that need to be take care of.

I know other racer will ride hard right up to the end.  Others will take a bunch of time off.

Are we all preparing?
All superstitious?

Probably a little of both.

And I'm cool with that, because in the end it's just a bike race... and more than half the fun is figuring out what works.

One thing that works for sure is the KASK Protone helmet. 

I really like this helmet.  It's light.  Fits great.  Has good ventilation.

And since it's Italian and the Giro is going on... well, there's a special promo code to save 20%.


It can be used on any helmet.


16o.2 lbs
7 hours sleep




I STOPPED BY TO SEE MY PAL CHAD TODAY.  At his place of biz.  It'd been too long.  We met through the bikeridingthing... way before PEDALindustries.  We started making his company uniforms.  Which we still do.

But, that's not important.

Nor was delivering a new supersweet kit design for this weekend's race.

What was important, was what happened when we got to his office and closed the door.


Nothing but bike and racing talk.

I think about all the companies that sponsor teams, at all levels... and I reckon few people have any clue as to why they do it.

Is it to get a big return on their advertisement investment?

Absolutely not... if that were the case the sponsors would stick around forever.  Trust me, I know a thing or three about advertising.

They do it because they love the sport and it's fun. 

Amid all the chaos and stress of running any large business, sponsoring any kind of cycling team can bring some needed levity into the work place.  Can be part of a company health initiative.  Can be a way for the work crew to bond after hours.

But, it ain't for the money.

And what do most sponsors ask for... usually just that the racers are good peeps.

I've worked with a lot of sponsors of teams.  And none of them have ever said this, but I see it. 

I see their enthusiasm for the racers, for the promoters, for the friends and families who come and watch.  

I see the joy they have designing their kits for their teams to wear.

This is why they do it.

For the love of our sport...

... so, next time ya get a new kit send 'em some pics of you having fun riding.  I know they'll love it.

I know I do.

Ya know what else I know?... I know our Speed jersey is super light. People come in and choose their size always comment...

... It's so lite.

Well, it has to be.  It's a Speed jersey, not a parachute.

They come in a variety of colors, and we have matching socks for most of the designs.

Add a jersey and socks to your order and use promo code: SPONSORS

to get free socks.


161.2 lbs
7 hours sleep






LIKE IT OR NOT, WE'VE ALL GOT ENEMIES.  And, that's okay.  Because enemies can bring out the best in us.  Therefore, I present the first in a long list of Racer Enemies and the potential for greatness each holds.

First up, the first up... it's a gift, really.

We get it when we're born, and it can be a real hinderance to going fast.  However, once we get control of this enemy everything in life improves.

You guessed it, right?... our very own body.

Neglected, this wonderful treasure becomes sluggish at best.

No amount of unobtanium parts of a bike can make up for the neglected goods inside our birthday suits.

On that note, I put on weight with each one of my wife's pregnancies.  Yep, a full 33 lbs heavier than I am today.

Little by little I carved it off.

Along the way, I learned what my body craves for maximum health.  It doesn't just show on the bike.  It's off the bike as well.

Overall energy high
All health indicators high
Mental clarity better
Mood swings minimized
and so on.

The point is to put in place a system for optimal health and patiently stick with it.  The result, and it takes time!, we get a lot faster on the bikes and a lot better in every other endeavor.

I've been thinking about this because lately my friends have been casually slipping their weight into our conversations.  You know, real slylike...

Dude, I'm down 12 lbs!

... subtle right?

They're stoked.  And they should be.  It feels really, really, really good to be light.

Speaking of kids... the best thing my son every told me when we trying to have better diets was this...

... we're not dieting, we're athletes...

Try that one on the next person that chides your food choices...

... I'm not dieting, I'm an athlete.

It works surprising wonders.  Because we are athletes... we are designed to run long distances for long periods of time.  We are hunters by nature.

When racing, like I will be next week, there are only 3 things I put into my body.

GQ6 hydration for sure. 

Because the course is going to be fast with constant turns and short power climbs through the desert, I'll probably only be able to drink.

Which means I'll go with 3 scoops/bottle.

I might not even go with bottles.  It's going to be that fast.  I might go with the Camelbak.  It's just a lot easier to grab that hose and suck in some good stuff and let the hose fall from my mouth. 

I reckon I'll thrown 1 Honeystinger in my pocket just in case I get that empty hungry feeling... but, I doubt that's going to happen.

It's unlikely I'll need the SaltStick.  It's only 40 miles and should be over in 2.5 hrs.

Since it's always good to be prepared, I'll bring all three potions.

If you're so inclined use promo code:  NUMBER1

It's a buy 2, get 1 dealio


161.2 lbs
StandUpPaddle for an hour
7.5 hours sleep




TONIGHT SO FUH-FUH-FUH FUN!  Jake joined for the standing DRTY WDNSDY hot up the trails. One thing ya gotta know about Jake is his company, NON-DOT, specializes in teaching people MTB skills.  He ain't just fast, he's skilled.  Just the kinda guy ya wanna be chasin' around...

... because he brings out the best.

Smooth lines.
Hitting the jumps.
Cleaning all the technical stuff.

Making it look easy.

We picked up a ton of virtual trinkets along the way.

But, that wasn't the point or goal or focus or whatever.

The only whatever we had going on was chasing each other 'bout as fast as we could go up and down and around and over.  Never really getting out of sight of one another... not that we weren't trying.

It was one of those rides.

Just really pushing.  Not too much small talk.  Riding too fast for that.

But not ruined afterwards.

And here's the thing... I don't think that style of chasing each other works on the road.  It's something that really lends itself to tighttwisty single track with punchy climbs.

Yep... it leaves me lusting for more dirt.

'Course ma' new MTB don't hurt.

But, Jake said the new gloves to match his new kits we made were helping too.

What can I say?

I'm a helpful guy.

If you're looking for beautiful kits, made in the USA with the best Italian fabrics... gives us a ring.

Speaking of rings... Jake's was covered with this glove.

He was also wearing these socks

Looking quite sharp is ya ask me.

If you want to look sharp like Jake, use promo code: LUSTFORDIRT

Which will give you 50% off your second item, buy gloves get socks for half off.

... oh, and you're always welcome to join us on DRTY WDNSDY.


163 lbs
Stretch n Roll
8 hours sleep




WELL, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE OFFSEASON... but there hasn't even been a season.  We're sposed ta be restin', but ain't been racin'.  And while the days are getting shorter, our ride is getting bigger and faster and funner...

... and I'm lovin' it.

To see the fellas and the ladies is such a joy.

This morning I could see 'em from farther away than last week.  Their powerful blinky lights a warning to drivers and a beacon to riders.  Follow me to fun...

30 or so Bs
18 As
4 Gravelers

... all taking over the school parking lot for a catchup moment of Hey what's ups?, How ya beens? with a few Damn bro, you're looking fits.

As the countdowns to heading out approach the energy changes, our choreographed dances of pedals and pain gets begins.

Now I'm writing this with the Temptations on repeat... that driving beat of Get Ready...

... we're getting ready for the day, our way.

A great big shot of endorphins to inoculate us for the trials that face us each day. 

Join us, and bring a light.

Personally, I run these day and night.  Front and rear.

Use promo code:  GETREADY


163 lbs
Stretch n Roll
7 hours sleep




FINISH LINES AND HILLTOPS, they're a lot further than you think.  You can't see the top of a climb from the bottom.  You can't judge the speed of your competition closing from behind in a sprint.

But, racers ease up at the apex of climbs and final meters of sprints all the time...

... and thus we see...

... them fail, when just a few more seconds of gawdawful pain woulda kept 'em attached to the group or on top of the podium.

I know, I know... ya feel like you're getting one over on the competition when you can get over the top and catch 'em on the way down... or thump your chest and coast across the finish line... 

... we all know, which is exactly why we sprint hard over the top of the climbs and beyond the finish line...

... we're banking on you trying to get one over...

... sometimes it's the only way we can win.

So, we do a few more push ups at night,
eat a few bites less of ice cream,
stay late at work,
read to our children,
help the elderly cross the street...

... some of us need every advantage we can get to make up for the advantage you have...

... you can forget it ain't over 'till it's, in fact please do.

And you can also forget about PR Lotion... but we won't.  In fact, some of us like Rusty are so nice we purchase it for our friends... which is exactly what he did when he stopped by today for a new pair of bibs.

Sometimes I wonder if we sell more Amp PR Lotion than anybody else?  I should ask those guys sometimes.  I wouldn't normally think that, but people like Rusty keep coming back for more... and picking up some for their friends.


162.2 lbs
Stretch n Roll
7.75 hours sleep






WATCHING LIEGE BASTON LIEGE THIS MORNING I had to say... Those roads are awful! Skinny, old and potholed. 

Conversely, racers at yesterday's TT in Italy complained about the very same conditions. 

Meanwhile, XC racers in The Czech Republic are racing on a course downhillers would struggle on a decade ago.

I'll say this...

... learning to race and ride in chaos gives ya a helluva lot more control.

Who are the greatest bike handlers?  MTBrs and Sprinters.


Which comes first?

We all start with our godgivens, for sure... and riding in unpredictable situations, practicing on bad terrain, expecting to be challenged increases our ability to thrive where others struggle and fail.

Each skill we add is one more cog in our cassette.

Which is exactly why I enjoy riding this bike so much.  I can work on group riding skills, dirt road skills, single track skills, curb jumping skills...

... more of those proverbial cogs equals more options for control when the chaos hits.

If you're in the PEDALposse... message me for pricing.


160.2 lbs
Stretch n Roll
8.3 hours sleep




THE WHOLE LIFE BEHIND BARS THING FOR CYCLISTS would be a lot funnier or more interesting or just a helluva a lot better if it made any sense.  We aren't behind bars, we're grippin' 'em hard...

... or we should be.

Poor MiguelAngelLopez.  There he was in the supertuck at the Giro today and hit something, completely losing control of his bike.  

Straight to hospital.


Race over.

Such a shame, and in my opinyun, avoidable.  

The problem with the supertuck... problem?... problems... the first problem is the bike becomes extremely unbalanced with a lot of weight placed on the front wheel.  But, the bigger problem is it's not easy to get out of that position quickly should you need to jump a road hazard, change directions, etc.

Is it really why he crashed?... I don't know, hard to tell, but the picture I saw was pretty damning.

Speaking of bars, modern MTB bikes are coming with bars so wide you can't fit them though an average doorway.

That's wide.

Too wide.

Again, this is my very biased opinion and not scientific at all... hearmeout!

Of course, being an obedient consumer, most of us just roll with what we purchased never thinking to change it up.

I'm guilty.

But, this new bike's bars were cartoonishly wide.

So we chopped 'em down.  

From 780mm to 700.

Apparently superwide is all the rage because it is more stable in the nasty stuff.

So, it wasn't easy to take out the ol' hacksaw and do some hacking.  I mean it's only a $400 mistake if done incorrectly.

Anyway... we chopped 'em down yesterday.


Lot's of PRs on the fast and steep stuff today.  Why?... well, those superwide bars just take a lot longer to get the wheel turned and require a much more exaggerated movement.  The narrower bars are much more nimble.

How did we determine the width?  

We did some eyeballing then I dropped and ripped of a few push ups at various widths.

Is that the only reason for the PRs?

No, I've been playing with shock pressures and tire pressures and I'm getting closer to being one with the rig and that very handy dropper post.  Plus, I found a tire combination, that is light, that I reall like.

I think Barred For Life is a lot closer to what we are... if we're not holding the bars, we're thinking about it.

Maybe I'll make that a tshirt and give it to the PEDALposse next month.


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DO YA EVER FEEL RACEDAY IS LIKE THE START OF A BOND MOVIE?  All action, no plan.  Just winging it.  Too many variables.  

Bold colors.

Big music.


But, somehow it's all gonna work in your favor.

Tomorrow isn't raceday, but we're gonna have a lot variables on our ride.

A bunch of us are meeting...

... some are doing the long, 80+, road loop

... some the shorter loop

... and a few of us - me - are starting on MTBs and peeling off to hit the single track.

Now why would I do a silly thing like that?

Well... I have the first, last and only MTB race of the year in 2 weeks and I'm a firm believer that the closer a race or big ride gets the more specific the training needs to be.

The race in question, The Cactus Cup, will be pretty flat.  Longest climb about 45 seconds, and the rest of the time it will be all about carrying speed on the flats and rolling those corners really fast...

... I mean what could be better than steamrolling the coast with the PEDALposse on my MTB to get Onnatop of the podium?

Well... joining the PEDALposse, obviously.


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THE VAN NEEDED NEW TIRES, so of course I'm gonna take it to Holley's Tire Service... because the owner is a bike rider.  I walk in and Ron announces to the few patrons...

Pedal Industries, a fine establishment... though I'm not to sure about Todd!

Howdy Ron.

I've been sending all my friends down there, tell 'em we gotta support these guys... we finally have a nice shop and a good mechanic again.

Yes you have, and I truly appreciate that.

Todd, we're gonna resurrect the old group and I want you to do our kits.  Our last kits were terrible, from Pearl Izumi.

Wow, I'm surprised to hear that.

Yeah, maybe the guys went low end.

Exactly why we don't offer a low end option.

The kits you did for the mountain bike team... I still have mine and they are great.  The colors are still really bright.

Well we're ready when you are.

How can I help you today?

Van needs new rubber.

Go with the Firestone's.  They're great and made in America... just like your kits.

Now, you see what he did there?  He wasn't buttering me up... he was looking out for me because...

... friends don't let friends ride on junk.

When I road the gravel bike back to pick up the van Ron was gone.  Sergio handed me the keys and looked in the eyes...

You bring that back every 5000 miles and we'll rotate the tires so they last a long time.  Stop in whenever you need the air topped off.

Whenever possible I always go with the bike rider that offers what I need.  I know they are going to look after me and get me product that endures.

Heck, that's how I got into this business.  I was making apparel for large corporations and then started helping my friends in the bike business with their branded apparel.

Anyway, it's a good little town we have here... for a surf town, we have a lot of really good riders... because the surf is fickle and the bike is always ready...

... we have road rides nearly every day of the week and the town is surrounded by wildness in which the retired firemen have cut in all kinds of fun, challenging single track trails.

Which is where the stamp logo comes from...

... a little something about our tshirts.  These aren't your itchy, boxy cheap giveaways.


These shirts are made from a special cotton that gets softer and softer the more you wear it.  

We use special inks that you can't even feel.  

And, yes... we help a lot of teams and companies get these t's with their logos on them, too.

I shouldn't even offer a special price on these.  At $20, they're a steal.  That's twenty bucks total, including shipping.

This code is good on all t's for exactly 1 day.

The code is:  HOLLEY


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APPARENTLY IT'S AN AMERICAN THING, to cheer the underdog, the little guy, the unknown.  Maybe because we are all little guys, misfits in one way or another.  At least for me it can feel that way much of the time. 

But, we stick at it... whatever it is.

Perhaps that's why we're drawn to cycling, to racing and riding bikes.  It's unlike other sports.  I can quit surfing for months, paddle out and still have a blast.  Same with ping pong.  But bike riding... take off months and it's like we're pedaling through molasses. 

At the same time, if we keep working at it... keep plugging away, steadily, our bodies change.  We build new capillaries, lose weight, gain muscle... and have an affinity for pain others can't comprehend.

We know we're underdogs, with secret super powers in the making.

Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.

- Jacob Riis

All this is making me thirsty... and I'm wondering if you're in need of some new bottles?  Not just any bottles, but the best bottles.

A 2 pack, delivered to your door for less than $20 when you use promo code: UNDERDOG


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