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I CAN COUNT ON MY HANDS AND FEET AND WITH THE HELP OF A SUPERCOMPUTER THE NUMBER OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO MOCKED my love of cycling over the years and who now see the light.  The runners who can no longer run, the moto riders who want to ride better and longer, the surfers who want a daily stoke, and my favorites the sedentary who realize there's an athlete inside each of us.

That mocking made me rock solid in my truth: riding bikes is a lifelong sport. 

I was lucky enough to grab hold of that truth in my 20s.  Over the years my commitment never waned, though my time and focus changed with the responsibilities of life.  Still, even in my slouthest era I got out  a couple of times a week.

We share truth with our friends and family because we know it's good.

Of course our kids all got bikes and can ride, one even raced for a while.  Surfergirl and I still ride together.  I rounded up bikes for my dad and brothers and all kinds of friends.  Invited and encouraged.  At one point my dad was riding his bike back to the office at night to stay in shape and put in a few more hours of lawyering.

Still there's that mocking.

I ain't wearing spandex!
Wouldn't a motor be more fun?
Don't your privates hurt?
You rode how far?
...  you know 'em all

But, we stick with it... witnessing our health staying steady and often improving, while so many others are in decline.

And one day... if we're lucky... we live in a time when bicycle riding is more popular than it has been in decades.

What if they hadn't mocked us and we hadn't stuck with it? Would they be riding and improving their health today?

I dunno.

But, I do know those that ride would be thrilled to the moon to receive the Ultimate RaceDay Bag™, loaded with the goods:  PRO bag, changing poncho, Purist water bottles, PR Lotion, DZ Nutz, gloves, socks, and a tshirt.

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DO CHICKS REALLY DIG SCARS?  I was thinking about this while watching BLEED FOR THIS... the Vinnie Pazienza story, which is absolutely awesome if you're into comeback stories...

... I don't know if chicks dig 'em as much as dudes claim, but I do know I have more than a few.

There are the external scars:  split eyebrow, knees ground to the bone, 3rd degree burns, wrist sanded down, simultaneously split shins, divot in my calf, countless flesh wounds...

The less visible: busted off end of collar bone, cracked radial head, permanent strawberry on hip (you can't see it, but I do every morning)...

These are all from doing things the things I love:  bikes, motos, surfing, etc

Then there's the invisible internal shiz we get a helping of at some point along the way, the ones that hurt different...

In most instances, I've learned and improved... upgrading my skills, avoiding similar situations.

My scars are part of my journey...

... and I sure don't dig 'em in the moment, but...

... I'm grateful for each one, they have made me who I am.

A good way to avoid new scars is riding with great lights... and I'd like to help you any way I can to avoid the mistakes I've made.

Perhaps the biggest mistake I ever made while MTB night riding was going with only a headlight.

I had no idea what I was doing, and I figured a headlight would be better than a light on the bike.  

Makes sense.

But, it's a terrible idea.

At night, it's the shadows that give you depth perception.  A light mounted on your bars is lower than your eyes, so you see the shadow it casts and get an idea of the size of the obstacles in your way.  A helmet light is not going to cast shadows because it's beam is on the same line as our eyeballs.

So there I was zipping over this large, round and flat rock... only it wasn't flat.

But it was large and round.

Next thing I know my hands are on the bars and me feet are over my head and I'm thinking This is gonna leave a mark!

Yes, you want a helmet light but you want it to be much weaker than the beam on your bike.  The helmet light mainly helps you look into the bushes hoping you don't a pair of nocturnal hunting eyes staring back at ya.

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WE HAD A COUPLE OF NEW GUYS JOIN US TODAY... now there are two ways to handle new guys:  one, roll out easy and get to know them;  two, punch their ticket and see if they have any game... 

... can ya guess what we always opt for, and why?

It's not personal, it's for their own good.  

The sooner we can get rid of them or not get rid of them the better. 

If we get rid of them, we've saved them hours of torture and potentially getting lost and/or hurt.  If we can't get rid of them, then we know we've got some gamers that are gonna push us.

We didn't get rid of them, which was awesome.

Eventually we settled into a fast, challenging pace but one were we could still chat and get to know each other.  Turns out one of them, Brian, grew up near me and we have a few friends in common.

Whether or not this bromance will flourish is uncertain.

What is certain is the extreme gratitude I felt all ride to have made really great friends over the years.  Each of these dudes inspires me in the way they live their lives, honor their commitments and cherish their families.

The ladies, bless their hearts, think it's just a bunch of guys being kids on a Saturday.  But, we know better... it's this wheel time that helps us be the kinda dudes they want to keep around.

Just because I'm also grateful Surfergirl totally understands the meaning of this t-shirt... let's make it a buy 1 get 1 promo



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I HAD THIS EMAIL ALL CHARTED OUT ON MY RIDE THIS MORNING, while I was shredding single track on my kick@$$ BMC URS.  I was soooo fired up.  But now all I can recall is the title...

... it happens when your HR is tickling the clouds it's so high.

It went something like this... 

We are the take charge types... not waiting for anyone to tell us what to do... we get things done.

We take risks... not RedBull Rampage risks... but going for things well beyond our current capabilities.

We take responsibility... when our plans fail, when our risks don't pay off... we look at the person in the mirror.

... and that's why it ours for the taking, so few live this way.

I'll be saddling up early tomorrow, heading out with a bunch of stallions who could be my kids and sticking it to 'em as hard as I can until they leave me for dead... and I'm totally cool with that.  It's my plan, my risk and my responsibility to keep The Old Diesel in tiptop shape.

Speaking of the URS, fondly known as The Highlighter as it's generally the highlight of my day and often my week, the time has come for it to find a new home.  

This is without a doubt the funnest bike I've ever owned and the only reason I'm letting it go is because a new model is arriving in my size.

It is in Excellent Condition.

You're probably wondering if it's fast... helk yeah!  I've been keeping up no prob on the local flat group rides, keeping up slight problem on the hilly A version of the TMWC - fastest weekday ride around.  

Is it comfortable?... Totally!  There's a little micro bumper in the rear triangle that affords 20mm of travel, which is super sweet on the fast washboardy stuff.

Is it light?... pretty dern light for an entry level gravel slayer.

Does it handle well?... well?  Try amazing.  If you want a bike that can jump and slay singletrack this is the one.

The very first day I had it I picked off, without even tryin', a bunch of PRs on the local steep fire roads.

That's the kind of confidence this bike delivers.

If I had to chose one bike, this is the one... only thing I'd add is a second set of wheels for road.

The retail on this bike is $4k.  I'll take $3k... and yes, you'll get 3000 entries into our killer ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway

PS... if you want a new version of this bike LMK


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__ It's fun
__ Strengthens my core, a lot
__ Sharpens my balance
___ and, I can get bonus points by taking Surfergirl along

So, I strapped on the Wahoo and fired up Strava to get some data.

It's not good.

Or, is it?

Today's effort vs last night's MTB effort

Max h. r. 107 vs 176
Average h.r. 96 vs 144
Relative Effort 6 vs 193

It's a lot easier on The Old Diesel's ol' ticker.  Honestly, that's probably a good thing and it's still a great workout.  When I'm done I have a similar feeling to a good swim workout... my upper body is pumped up and feels strong.

Plus, what other activity is going ticks the boxes of fun, core, balance and bonus points?

Not many.

I think the key for crosstraining is that it is fun and works on other parts of your body that you'll also need to be a strong bike rider.  The fun part, so we are consistent.  Strengthening other parts of our body, like our core, can make a huge difference in bike handling.

When I finally pick a date for next year to do a training camp here in San Clemente, we are for sure including time on the water...

... 'cause paddleboarding is a lotta fun.

Maybe that's what inspired this new jersey design?

Didja know we make all our apparel here in CA?  That we import the finest fabrics from Italy?  It's true.  Then we print the fabrics, cut them with a laser beam, and sew them one at a time.  Custom. Just for you... and me.

These jerseys will be ready to ship in about 2 weeks.  You can order now...

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THE GODFATHER OF MODERN AMERICAN BICYCLE RACING AND COACHING HAS PASSED AWAY.  Eddie B.  I read two tributes today, and will add my own.

Velonews, the boring and uncreative steward of US Cycling reportage, simply stated he was a coach who headed the '84 Olympic team and somehow wound up the history of this man with a banal dump in the doping gutter.  

Chris Carmichael, who legitimized the cycling coaching profession for thousands of coaches, reminisced on his time under Eddie's tutelage and the advice he received when he chose the same profession:  Keep the good of the athlete central at all times.  

To which I will add my own comment.

Somewhere, buried under the countless books I've read is a little section with Cycling Training.  There's Joe Friel's book, and Lemond's and Armstrong's and Ned's... but, Eddie's was the first and only book I could find in the late 80's.

Imagine that.

Only one person in the US was putting any effort into finding and developing bicycle racers in any meaningful way such that a dork like me could learn a thing or two.

I tried buddying up to the local legends, but it was fruitless.  And the bike shops were worse.  The prevailing arrogance of those in the know was disgusting and turned many a would be lifer into a why bother move on'r.

But, somehow I found the book... in fact, it might have been in the printed - and, at the time very cool - pages of Velonews.

There is no one thing gleaned from Eddie that I can point to today which made a difference in my attempts to move from a lowly 4 to a 3.  No technique per se.  

However, there was hope...

... and that's all most of us needed.  The simple concept that we could get better if we'd put together a plan and stick to it was revolutionary.  Because up that point the only plan was ride a lot.

I never knew or met Eddie, but if I'd run into him here's what I would have said...

Thanks for giving me hope and a plan, man.

Which is exactly the same thing I get from my current Coach Brian McCulloch.  I'm a less than ideal student.  Headstrong... and woefully dependent on racing vs  structured workouts.  He patiently listens, instinctively knows what I need, and forcefully puts for the plan he is certain I will stick to, that will stretch me but not burn me out... which is a long way of saying he gives me hope and a plan.

If you'll indulge me a little... that thinking is pretty much all we instill on anybody we are tasked with helping along life's paths.  It's all we can do as parents... as a wise man once said, I teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.

Which is pretty much all I try and accomplish in these daily missives.  Pass along what I've learnt.

One thing I've learnt - such a fun word! - is of all the upgrades you can do to your bike the one that will make the biggest difference and give you the most bang for your buck is wheels...

Which is why I'm so excited about our $3000 ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway... somebody, maybe you, is gonna get a serioso upgrade.

... but, the other thing I've found is giving your body an upgrade is even more important which is why I preach so much about PR Lotion and the HyperVolt.  PR Lotion removes the burn I feel when getting after it on the bike and the HyperVolt gets into my damaged muscles every evening after said getting after it has been gotten after.

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i'M TRYING TO PUT INTO WORDS WHAT IT FELT LIKE TODAY... we were charging up this undulating climb.  I was struggling to hang... going from the front to the back of the group, then off the back, then back on... and as the top got closer I started to feel better.

I moved up a bit.

Finally, we could see the top... and I just thought to myself...

Screw it, I'm going for it

And why not?  Even though the ride was far from over, even though I'd pay for it for miles to come... I had to do it, had to unleash my Kraken, come what may.

It felt so good to go all out, to win that tiny hill top.

Later in the ride, at a crucial moment, I was dropped.  I never caught back on.  And, I didn't care one bit.

That little win powered me all day.


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THE FACT IS WE'VE ALL GOT A DRAWER FULL OF OLD RACE JERSEYS... that any normal person would toss.  But we won't, ever.  We might pare it down from time to time, but they'll always be a few keepers.

We keep the ones that talk... that remind of that day when... that ride.. that win... that team...

... those are the only ones of value.

They're also the ones my friend Brett collects, the ones that belong to his world famous Horton Collection.

Not yours... but the jerseys of the truly great racers from the last 100 years.

And not just the jerseys, but the photos and posters and trophies... and we're lucky enough to use some of the images for our products.

Check these images we're using for a new RaceDay Bag™ called The Tour... all from epic Tour de France battles.

We're already in production on the first batch and will be shipping them in a few weeks.

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HEY THERE RACERS... it's The Old Diesel's helmet checking in.  I can accurately report that he's been working his fanny off since getting shelled last month at the Cactus Cup...

... remember that pathetic video he posted?

Oh, he was completely shattered.

Not surprising. 

He was overconfident... thought he could handle the heat, thought his legs were ready for that unrelenting desert terrain, thought he'd show the yokels his CA style...

... oh, he had that beating coming.

But, good news!

Yesterday he casually mentioned posting a good time on a famous climb.  He PRd it.  Yeah, broke a 7 year old record by 10 seconds.  I know, it's not much on a 54 minute effort, but give him a break.  His carbon is a bit dated.

Anyway, it would be a good sign, except...

... in a celebratory moment of weakness he pounded a pint of McConnell's.

What a dummy!

Today wasn't much better, sure he fasted until Noon, ate a light lunch...

... but, then Surfergirl busted out the chips and the kids all came over for barbecue and pie and more ice cream.

He's going to wake up fat and ticked off tomorrow.

I like it when he's like that, because we ride fast.  Probably too fast for a Monday, meaning his legs are going to be heavy for the Tuesday Morning World Championships... and even worse for DRTY WDNSDY.

Oh it's gonna be a helluva week... him wanting to undue his bad deeds.

Personally, I'm not sure the old guy has it in him to post a fast time in 3 weeks at the Dirty 30.  Especially not if he keeps falling off the wagon.

The only hope is something he keeps in the house.  I'm not sure what it is exactly, but he says it's made his legs feel like magic.  Maybe that explains the PR Saturday... and being able to pound it hard last Tuesday and Wednesday?

I think it's this thing he's raving about, the HyperVolt...

If it is... don't share his results with others.  Just get the dern thing for yourself and keep it on the downlow. 

Promo code:  REKUVR

PS... apparently the HyperVolt will get you 700 Entries into the $3000 ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway.


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IT'S CHILDS PLAY TO BLEED SPEEDING DOWNHILL, it's helluva lot harder to do it charging up a technical single track. Amiright?  I mean it was 10 miles, 3451' of vert, and no I didn't crash...

... we were just hauling gas.

We stopped at the top. 

I looked down and my arms were covered in blood.  

It didn't hurt.  Nothing hurt.  That's the kind of day we had today.  

Determined to break my old bad habit of slowly building speed on this type of climb, I raced to the trailhead first with 2 of my mostfastest friends glued to my perfectly aired up knobbies.

Knowing they'd be eversoslightly peeved that I'd snuck ahead, I just went for it.  Charging hard.  So unlike The Old Diesel.  Their gasps of What the! only urged me on... making me pedal even harder.  Something I'd never do if I were going for a PR.

It's good to break habits. 

Normally, I'd let my pals go first and gap me and then do my derndest to reel them back in.

Never again.

Why... well, I've got a few MTB races on my radar and those races can be won or lost by being at the front or back of the pack at the first single track.

I did a few other things besides slay it right from the start:

  1. I'm lighter than I have been in years.
  2. All week I've hit my legs with the HyperVolt.
  3. I woke up early and warmed up my legs in a hot bath.
  4. Liberally applied PR Lotion.
  5. The intermittent fasting seems to have altered the way my body consumes and needs calories.  I'm consuming less on the rides and feeling better.
  6. Cranked up Linkin Park's Bleed It Out to get pumped.
  7. The new BMC 4 Stroke is by far the best XC bike I've ever ridden.   

Interestingly I didn't:

  1. Eat a big breakfast, just a handful of nuts.
  2. Warm up at all on the bike, just drove over and got after it.

 And that blood on my arms?...

... well it wasn't from fighting a mountain lion as I hinted on the Instagram post, which a few folks believed... hahahahaha

This climb is called the San Juan Trail and it's lined with a very hearty and thorny scrub brush... cut the corners and it snags and slices your skin.

Doesn't hurt at all, just looks awesome when it mixes with the sweat on your arms.

After the ride Jimmy came over and said...

I really hope I win those ENVE™ wheels so I can keep up with you.

He might.

You might.

Someone will.

Do you know why we love ENVE™ wheels... it ain't just their sexy name, or because their lighter or more aero or faster... and those are all dern good reasons, but not good enough.

We love ENVE™ wheels because when it's on the line, they give peace of mind.

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THE FIRST TIME I WAS INITIATED INTO THE HARDING TRUCK TRAIL WAS TRAUMATIC.  Four of us went - Eric, Jeff, Brad and Young Diesel.  Two summited.  Two walked...

... I got blisters.

It was supposed to be Off Season Cross Training.  The two guys that actually raced a lot, Eric and Jeff, invited us along.  Probably just for the entertainment factor.

The 9 mile climb on mountain bikes was about 8 miles further than either Brad or I had ever ridden uphill.  It became slog, a death march.

We stopped multiple times.  Checked the time.  Wondered if we'd made a wrong turn, even though there were no turns to make.

We were cursing their names for leaving us, and cursing ourselves for being so dumb to be caught on this giant mountain without a clue of what to expect.

Finally, they came ripping around a corner... huge grins on their faces... they were having a blast.

I've since rounded that same corner hundreds of times.  Sometimes just cruising, others pushing hard trying to set a PR.  Each time I've wondered why I pressed on with cycling and others like Brad quit.

Maybe some of us like to suffer more than others... or maybe we see the connection between work and joy?

Today was Rocky's first ride in years.  He's our head of design, and he just got a super sweet BMC Trail Fox. After a 40 minute ride on the local trails...

... he said, I think I might puke...

... that's a pretty dern good sign he'll be a lifer.

Speaking of life, did you know ENVE™ warrants their wheels for life... which is exactly why I hope you win...

... our $3000 ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway


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THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF WISHLISTS:  1 is for winners, 1 is for winers.  And no Sparky, I ain't talking about that shiny red two-wheeler you hope is under the tree for the 20th year in a row.  That would be wishing for something different, which is exactly what winers do.  You are not a winer... 

... you are a winner.

Which is why you probably subconsciously know this truth to be self-evident.

We don't wish things were different, things like:

  • Our competition was slower
  • The wind was at our backs
  • The course was easier
  • The entry fee lower
  • Blah
  • Blah
  • Blah

We wish for one thing only:

  • We wish we were better.


Because we're the only variable we can control.  When we get better, everything else gets easier.

Check this comment from JC, this is what it's all about:

This year, by the way, was my most consistent year of training -- 12 straight months of five days/week, mostly on the indoor trainer -- and the race I did last weekend (Austin Rattler) was so much more enjoyable than races I'd done in years' past. Flying by people going up climbs, carving through loose corners, etc. I don't know when I will ever reach the "mastery" you describe, but I feel a whole lot closer.

The question is of course... how much better would he be with a set of $3000 ENVE™ Wheels?

You know, the ones you can win when you purchase a bottle of magical PR Lotion...

... yep, purchase 1 bottle of AMP PR Lotion and you'll get 175 entries into the drawing.



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IT'S MY DERN FAULT.  I pick the time to start the ride.  Everybody meets.  I'm late.  They usually wait.  But, not t'night.  Was it something I said...

... could it have been Keep up or know your way home?

As usual, I'd lost track of time and found myself full throttle trying to do a 20 minute ride in 12 minutes.  I got there 6 minutes late.  When I came a round the bend I could see their silhouettes high on the ridge above.  It would take me 5 minutes to get there.

I wouldn't see them for another 42 minutes.

I was smoked when I finally caught them.

We had to cross a street, to keep ripping the singletrack.

The light was red.

It turned green way too soon.

They took off like they were shot from a cannon.

All 3 of 'em, full gas... and the girl, that dern newgirl, who I'd warned to know her way home was sticking it to The Old Diesel...

... $%^&!

Of course I wasn't really saying $%^&!... I was thinking $%^&girl, look at you go!

One thing is for $%^& sure... I hope she doesn't win our

$3000 ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway

Actually, I do hope she wins... but you know who hopes she doesn't win... all those ladies who are gonna line up with her when she finally does her first race.

The only question I have is who is going to text me first when she drops me for good asking I found my home... her or her hubsand who already drops me at will.

Do me a favor and check out the $3000 ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway... I really want to lower her odds of winning.  Yes, I'm that shallow and Yes, I'm that kind of a friend.




THERE'S A LOT OF SALTY LANGUAGE IN THE OL' PELOTON.  Some from the couthless.  Some from the dropped.  Some from the flatted.  But, none of it comes close to the 4 letter word bike riders don't want to hear...

... and, yes, I do mean to shame them.

Don't get me wrong, bike riding is a wonderful thing to do.  It's just that, there's a whoppingbig difference between riding and racing.

Riding is fine.
Racing is refined.
Riding is fun.
Racing is damnfun.

Have you guessed the 4 letter word?  Trust me, riders don't want to hear it... and e-riders, bless their lowbeating hearts, disdane it.



I said it.

There is no other way to master the bike without racing.  It doesn't have to be formal, and 99% of the time it's not.  So don't fret your germfearingself with visions of failure.  There's plenty of racing to do all by your lonesome.

When we really work at getting better, 'cause that what racing does, we have the potential to maximize our... uh, potential.  Ya follow?

Hobbying around is dandy, and if you're on an electric motorcycle with pedals at least you're outside - and I don't mean the elderly and those battling disease, I mean the young and lazy.  

I was reminded of this when Rocky shared the video that inspired him to ride MTB as a wee highschooleree.  The riders aren't pinned up, the bikes aren't plated, but they are going all out... on the jagged edge of megadanger.  Watching those cats inspired him to build jumps and let it all hang out.

That's racing.

It takes work.  Lots of it.

Work.  Work.  Work... your lycracovered hiney off.

There's no substitute for the results of cycling mastery...

... I mean, if you're into that sort of thing...

... if you're not, mediocrity is coo'

Nah... we're into mastery over here.  We're also into riding and racing the very best.

So, we created the great and amazing ENVE™ Wheel Giveaway.

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SOMETIMES, LIKE RIGHT THIS SECOND, I JUST GOTTA OWN MY SHIZ.  While I'd really, really, really, really like to lie about something.  Not even gonna sugar coat it.  Because we all know...

... it's best to rip the scab off.

I reckon you're like me, prefer to just talk about the good stuff, the wins, the PRs... and very heavily gloss over the bad stuff, the losses, the major steps backwards.

But, if there's one thing I learned from the great David Goggins... until we own our shiz, we're gonna be stuck.

And who wants to be stuck?... like when you get caught out by a deluge and the mud turns to cement, sucking your shoes off... or you get to the top of the climb 12 miles from civilization and get a flat, and you don't have the necessarys to fix it... or when you've bonked in the middle of nowhere and your energy has vamoosed on ya, and you forgot your wallet...

... who wants that?


But, bike riders like us, as good as we are, can still really screw things up.

What don't I want to own up to right now?  Oh, just packing on 5 lbs in the last 10 days by simply cheating a little teencyweency bit every day.  

It happens.

I know.

Too often I've "forgotten" to record my weight on those days.  Been eversotempted to fudge the numbers on the blog.

But, here's el problemo.

Next week or month or year... I'll want to review where I was today and if I don't record anything, it's not that it didn't happen, it's that I can't learn from what happened... can't make adjustments... can't recognize further failure nor marked improvement.

Yeah, I'm into recording shtuff.  I'm into owning my shiz.  I'm into improving...

... and I'm really into this Hypervolt for recovery.

It's so very, very good and working out all the damage we do on the really hard days... the ones where we just might be taking out our foulups on the roads, trails and hearts we hammer.  

I'm going to need it tomorrow night, for sure.

Promo code:  FIRSTTHINGSFIRST expires Sunday. 


30 PullUps/100 PushUps
8 hrs sleep




FIXING FLATS WAS A SKILL THAT MATTERED when racing mountain bikes in the early years.  We even carried a few links of chain, because busting the chain was a regular thing.  Our lights weighed pounds and barely lit the trail...

... but that's nothing.

Imagine the early racers from the 1890's on the "safety bicycles", what we'd consider a beach cruiser.  Super heavy, no gears.  Still clocking over 30mph.

Or, the PennyFarthing... a front wheel up to 5' tall, with a tiny wheel behind.

I remember my friend's vintage Italian racer with a front derailleur that was shifted by reaching down with his hand to grab a lever and move it over.

Today's bicycles are so good, so easy to use, so incredibly reliable... well, it kinda makes ya wonder if we'd even be bike riders were we to face the trials of the early bikes...

... not really!  

Of course, we'd still be riding.  We'd just be a lot more skilled at fixing things and probably a tad more banged up from breaking things... like bones.

These days, we pretty much have 2 concerns:

Did I pump up my tires?
Charge my batteries - computer, shifters, lights?

Well did ya? 

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8 hrs sleep





AT THE TOP OF A LOCAL CLIMB TODAY I could see far across the ocean.  There's a sense of freedom sailors have knowing the can pull up the anchors and escape in the big blue.  We have it too, at least I think we do.

Most of us live outside of the dense metropolitan areas.  Without much effort we can pedal beyond the concrete jungles.  

Having done it many times, we become like the sailors.  Knowing that if we had to, we cold quickly put piles of miles between ourselves and any potential problems.

We add to that confidence on days like today, rainy/snowy/blistering heat...

... which is exactly why I rolled out knowing I would quickly get caught in the storm.

To build that sense of confidence.  To feel what nature can do. These are the reasons to ride when it's less than ideal.

The foul weather riders are the ones who are best able to get away... even if it's just to escape for a few hours to clear our heads.

These gloves won't save ya in the snow, but they are right toasty on the cold and wet days.

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6 hrs sleep




IT'S A LOT HARDER SAID THAN DONE.  First things first.  Sounds so commonsensical.  Should be easy as pie.  But, it's not.  Much more difficult than...

... coasting down a gentle grade.

It's can be impossible, and I was reminded of it today.

I'd planned, planned!, to keep the momentum of waking up early that I'd started the week off with - due to the time change.  

Get up, do my reading, go for a spin, head on in.  

Buttttttt... I got derailed.  Overslept a teeence - like 10 minutes - which put me in the crosshairs of the almighty Honey, can you help me with something which lead to the Remember to do the...

... not to fear though, because the workday was slated to be very productive in the morning, with an easy afternoon.  Just had to stay the course and Rocky and I'd be out in time to take his new BMC MTB for some dirtripping.

Next thing I know... we've nailed a new promotional video - you're gonna love it, done a bunch a work, and met with CHill for his team's 10th Anniversary kits - we LOVVVE designing in person...

... and the sun has set.

My first thing, getting out for a spin... 

... has become no thing.

And that's the hard part about putting first things first... we must actually put them first.

If there's one thing I've learned, there's always more work to do... and if I put taking care of my health off to the end of day, it's soon the end of the entire day...

... and I want to have a lot more healthy days.

Which is why tonight I'll be digging deep with my Hypervolt.

You're probably wondering what that is... think of a thousand trained hands working out all the kinks in your overworked muscles.

How good would that feel?
How much better would your legs perform?

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30 PullUps/100 PushUps
8 hrs sleep
no ride :(




MOST OF US.  All of us?  Ride the same rides, the same dern way.  We have our little move, the thing we can do mostly better than all others.  It works.  We do it.  Let's go crazy next ride...

... ride it totally diffferent.

Wheelsuckers, attack!
Attackers, suckwheel!
Climbers, roll those flats!
Flatlubbers, hit those climbs hard!

Change it thehell up.

If ya have a gravel bike or MTB, take it to the fast road ride.
Take the roadbike offroading.

Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?
Oh no.  Let's go...

Endurance feinds, nothing but hard short rides.
Power freaks, drop some LongSlowDistance.

We've got nothing to lose, nothing to prove, and ev' ree thang to gain should we chance upon a superpower we never knew we had.

Only one way to find out.

... Crazy!

Which might require getting up errrrleee or stayin' our L8.

If yer a roadie, this is a mighty fine set up.  1000 lumens on the front, and eye searing red on the back.

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Stretch n Roll
7ish hrs sleep




SOME SAY IT'S NOT THE SIZE OF YOUR PEN THAT MATTERS, but the quality of your penmanship.  This may be true about getting down things on paper, but certainly doesn't translate to getting down or going up...

... on a mountain bike, at night.

Nope, at night on a mountain bike a bigger light makes up for all kinds of deficiencies.  And, if you're really pro about it you'll have two lights.

One on your head.

One on your bike.

Now, a lot of folks get this all bassakwards, so let me 'splain it to ya.

Shadows are everything with night riding.  It's the shadows that give you depth perception.  No shadows and that big rock is going to look flat... and you'll soon be flat on your back if you're not careful.  

Here's the set up you want.

A very, very powerful flood light on your bike. 

The beam should be aimed far down the trail.  Done correctly, you'll get a ton of shadows.  You need those to give your brain a chance to register the terrain ahead.

A low power spot light on your head. 

This low power light will help you see ahead of you handlebars.  Unless you're going straight ahead your bars are trailing your vision.  Examples would be turns and dropoffs.  In daylight you're eyes are scanning far ahead of where your bars actually pointed.  At night, this low power light will be lighting up where you're planning to go but not be so bright as to wash out the shadows created by the much more powerful flood light on your bike.

If you have to choose one light, get the powerful floodlight on your bike.

This combo is the only reason I was even close to MSmith tonight.  The flood light is so amazingly powerful, even on the low setting you'll get lots of shadows.

This little feller is light as a feather, and the perfect spot light for peaking around corners or over dropoffs.

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Pull Ups/Push Ups
7ish hrs sleep