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Sep 22, 2023 TODD BROWN

ON A PLEASANT SATURDAY MORNING, a week ago, I was enjoying an easy ride with Surfergirl.  Matching her pace up a rather challenging climb...

... minding my own business.

We passed a dude...

... Racing is for losers!

Is he joking?
A friend?


... was it the very sexy Among The Wolves kit, which is smattered with a few of our favorite phrases.

Should I engage?

Yes, it sure is.

No really, racing is totally for losers.  Everybody loses, except one person.


Nope, not joking.
Just hating.

We rode on.

But, it bugged me a bit.

Is racing for losers?

for sure.
If you're there solely to win,
if you just gotta have that golden trinket.

However, if you are there to be pushed,
be inspired by other great athletes,
see how deep you can dig,
you're a winner.

Every time.


... if you dig this kit, 
and wanna help me share that message...

... use this promo code: LOVE2RACE,
and save 20%.

Code expires in 5 days.


8 hrs
Rip On RaceDay Circuit + extra stuff
20 minutes recovery
45 minutes reading + Journaling 


I ONLY HAVE ONE QUESTION REGARDING GRAVEL RACING.  It's not where does it go from here, it's just gonna keep getting more and more pro.  Which is fine, I'm actually excited...

... because it's real racing now.

But, that's not how we got here.

And, not how we got MTB racing going.

Or, BMX for that matter.

MTB racing exploded because it was fun, 
and different,
and new.

Then, it got kinda organized and whole ton of money poured in.  When that happened...

... USAC scooped it up.

NORBA, the golden goose, was killed.

Today, MTB racing is a shell of what it was.  It's still super fun.  Still requires superior fitness, and insane bike handling skills...

... but, it ain't NORBA.

So, Gravel... what's it gonna be?

  • Standardization
  • Championships
  • Medals
  • Rules

Can we have that, and still keep it fun and fresh and...

... most importantly,
inviting and socially vibrant?

I don't know.

When the real racers show up,
breathing fire,
elbows out...

... I just don't know.

My question isn't where is gravel going, but...

... are we at the high water mark for participation?

Will the racers
push the riders and enthusiasts
onto the next, new, greatest thing ever?

Probably if...

  • It stays mass start
  • Racers staged by ability
  • Everybody rides the same route

... the after party rocks.

Besides, gravel bikes are just a lot more fun to ride than road bikes.


7 hrs
Pull Ups, Push Ups, Split Squats, Nordics
20 minutes recovery
45 minutes reading + Journaling 




Sep 20, 2023 TODD BROWN

IT'S HARD NOT TO BE A MINIMALIST.  Minimalism is everywhere.  It's popular, trending, and threatening to take over its opposite.  The scream for the least...

... is a siren song.

Heck, I hired a coach once because I wanted to train less.


Like cramming for a test,
and learning nothing.

the least amount of law breaking to not get caught.

Minimum wage thinking,
do the least amount of work and not get fired.

The opposite is Essentialism,
giving and doing everything for what is important.

There is the gold,
the podium,

Funnily enough,
my coach is constantly throttling me back...

... asking me to do less.

We aren't minimalists,
we are essentialists.

Hanging out with our kind...

  • Eating
  • Training
  • Sleeping
  • Studying
  • Meditating

... like champions.

All in,
on all that matters...

... asking, What is the most I can do?


8 hrs
Full Rip On RaceDay Circuit + Extra Pull Ups and Push UPs
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 


AT 8:00PM, I started getting the gear together the 5:35 roll out.  Going over the bike, I noticed the rear tire tread was shot.  Time to replace it.  Off with the old, on with the new...

... bike is ready.


I mean, if a new tire is on...

... everything else must be good.

Just as we're showing up to meet the group for our weekly social ride my shifting is weird.

Then, responsive.


Mind you, I always check all of my batteries the night before each ride. 

  • Computer
  • Shifters
  • Derailleurs


It's so easy.

Tap 'em,
they light up.

Green for go.
Red for replace.

Except this time,
when I was rushing to swap the tire.

You'll never need to know this, because you are smarter than me, but if you are ever on a ride and your SRAM shifting starts misbehaving it is probably because your shifter or derailleur batteries are dying...

  1. Tap the shifters, check the lights.
  2. If red, acknowledge the issue on your computer - my Wahoo asked me to confirm I knew they were low.
  3. You have a lot of shifts left.

... that was all new to me.

At first, I panicked a bit and just tried to shift a lot less so I could finish the ride.  This left me grinding and spinning a lot.

However, once I confirmed, the shifting returned to normal and I rode hard for 2 more hours.

No prob.

BONUS -> P = F x V

Reader, and smart dude, John Jonas, had a comment on my post regarding cadence.

It's simple physics dude.

How so?

Power is a function of Force multiplied by Velocity.  If you spin faster (Velocity) with the same pedal Force you generate more Power.


So, it's not just my Broscience intuition...

... it's actually science.

In fact, today, once I got the battery/shifting sorted out I noticed on the hardest parts of the ride...

... my sweetspot RPMs were closer to 110.

John also confirms this.

Most people can't produce power because they don't have a smooth pedal stroke.  They aren't applying force all the way around.  You probably do that becuase of so many years of riding.

If at any point you feel like your'e pushing on the pedals, you're doing it wrong... pushing against the crank vs with the complete pedal stroke.

I use to push harder when I wanted to go faster.  Now I often think...

... efficient, efficient, efficient.

To which I'll add...

... The updated Rip On RaceDay Challenge dramatically improves pedal stroke.

Key exercises:

  • The sled
  • Nordics
  • Heel raise
  • Toe raise


8.25 hrs
Full Rip On RaceDay Circuit
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 18, 2023 TODD BROWN

SEPTEMBER IS MY SLOWEST MONTH.  And this one is a doozie.  From bailing on my own A race plans, to slogging through setting up the 4th quarter promotional calendar...

... this has been such a battle.

Then, today I remembered the cure.

Measure backwards,
as outlined in 10x is Easier Than 2x.

Rather than focus on the predictable sales drop,
the missed A race opportunity...

... and the accompanying Chicken Little blues,
I scanned the year to date.

  • YTD Sales up 7%
  • My work team, insanely better
  • Our apparel offering, about to launch beautiful updates
  • Our children all moved back to within a 35 minute drive
  • The racing results have been outstanding, best year ever

Am I bugged...

we haven't 10x'd the biz?
gone to the last A race of my season?
navigating the cash crunch of the sales cycle, again?

... yes, 100%.

Glass halfempty is my kryptonite.

measuring backwards,
seeing how much has been accomplished,
is an amazing way to kick myself in the lycra.


8.25 hrs
Full Rip On RaceDay Circuit + extra pushups and pullups
20 minutes recovery
600 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 17, 2023 TODD BROWN

AS I DIVE DEEPER into power meter training I'm noticing a piece of data I haven't paid attention to for years.  I figured my cadence is about 85-90...

... and didn't care much about it.

All that has changed.

Because now I have a data point,
and the accompanying insight.

The higher my cadence, the better my power.

It makes sense, 
and I'll prove my case in a moment.

First, here's my discovery.

When putting out a certain amount of power, say 250 watts.  It is much easier around 98-104 RPMs.  My heart rate is lower, too.

I never would have figured this out with out watching my power and my rpms.

Is this true for everybody?
I don't know, but consider this...

... how much faster can you sprint when your cadence is high vs low?

Is that proof?
I think it is.

Here's a thing that bugs me...

... Greg LeMond poopooing the modern generation's high cadence riding.

We never rode like that, they must be on something.

Yeah Greg, they have learned way more about their bodies because they have massive amounts of data unavailable 40+ years ago.

Which brings up the Todcast I did with Tom Danielson.

Tom, I'm guessing you learn all kinds of cutting-edge training when you join a big pro team.

Not really, the teams don't really offer all that much in terms of training.  Each racer has to have their own coach and program.

What does that mean for us enthusiasts?

Same thing as always...

... if it's to be, it's up to me...

... to figure it out.

Read the books,
watch the videos,
hire the top coaches,
join the groups and forums.

The next step in this RPM breakthrough is setting up the perfect gearing so I can be in my sweetspot all the time.

Stay tuned, 
I definitely have something I'm going to be working on.


8ish hrs
Push Ups and Pull Ups
20 minutes recovery
120 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 16, 2023 TODD BROWN

THE BIGGEST WEAKNESS REMCO HAS is that it has all come so fast, and so easy.   He goes from teenage soccer phenom, to pro cyclist in a season...

... and punking the best in the world in short order.

But, he missed something grand today even though he unwittingly set it up perfectly a few days prior.

He should have won another stage win,
after another day dragging a bunch of riders around the course.

He's won twice at this year's Vuelta doing just that,
dropping everybody and soloing in.

He also lost twice,
pulling too much and paying for it.

So, everybody knows he's a beast,
they also know he can over do it and be beaten.

Which brings up the acting,
something he's never had to do because he's so darn good.

IMHO, today was a day to bring out the acting skills.

For mortals and pros,
acting is just another skill in our quiver.

Think of the great Mohammed Ali's 

Our version...

I'd pull if I could...
Oh, I'm cramping...
Sorry guys, I'm gassed...

All of that can be communicated...

facial expressions
and the all power body language

... it's easy,
should be practiced
and used judiciously.

Unfortunately, Remco is probably still too proud,

I can't blame him.

But, that's what I woulda done.


8.2 hrs
Push Ups and Pull Ups
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 15, 2023 TODD BROWN

I LIKE THE IDEA OF SECRET TRAINING.  A lot.  Like Rocky pounding sides of beef in a giant meat freezer, doing the training solo...

... the weird stuff few are willing to do.

If you have 3 things...

... It's romantic,
and can lead to massive performance gains.


A chip on your shoulder,
considered a chump,
not a champ.


A shot at the title,
at setting things right,
knocking out the feared competitor.



That's the magic formula:

  • A chip on the shoulder
  • A shot at the title
  • And, hope.

 But, who has that?

Sure, maybe a wish to wreak revenge on some rando racer can be conjured up.  Given enough time, we can all gain some hope...

... but a title?

So, how do we do it?
How do we tap into that 3-step formula to being insanely ready to Rip On RaceDay?

Here's my plan.

I'm going to shoot for PRing a local climb.  It's a big one, and takes me just over an hour...

... can I crack an hour?

Most of the fast guys around here can go, or have gone, sub-60 minutes...

... that's the chip on my shoulder.

Setting the PR would be beyond epic...

... that's the title I want.

Knowing I'm about to start doing the weird stuff, like actually using a power meter in my training...

... that's the hope.

Oh, there's one more thing...

... a date.

I'm shooting for late February, right before my A races.

This Week's Featured Product

This is absolutely my favorite water bottle.
  • Doesn't leak
  • Surprisingly light
  • Massive flow when squeezed

$12 for 2 bottles, 
free shipping,
click here.


8.2 hrs
Pull Ups Push Ups Squats Nordics
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 14, 2023 TODD BROWN

IF WE HADN'T ALREADY FAILED TWICE LAST YEAR, I wouldn't be nearly as fired up as I am about next month's adventure.  Will we fail again...

... is it just an impossible ride?

Should you do it?

It's way too hard, way too long.  

You probably wouldn't make it.

You think you can ride 130 miles in a day...

... over mixed surfaces?

15000+ feet of climbing should shock you into reality...

... the final 2000' up a steep and sandy jeep trail.

Seems doable still?

What about a narrow ribbon of single track cut into the side of a cliff?

Leaving in the dark is easy,
does finishing after dark freak you out?

How will you carry all the food and water needed between only 2 stops?

Where are you going to find someone crazy enough to do it with you?  

You'll definitely want, and probably need a buddy.  We leave on time, and we don't wait.

Are you good at navigating unknown territory?

Can you fix a likely broken bike?

Still in?

Well, don't say I didn't warn you! 

We are a month out.

October 14, 2023

Starting at the shoreline of Dana Point... 

... riding on paved roads, gravel roads, degraded and abandoned roads, miles and miles of paved bike trail, a good chunk of single track...

... finishing in the mountains at Big Bear.

Check it out:





8 hrs
Pull Ups Push Ups Squats Nordics
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 13, 2023 TODD BROWN

IT'S AN UPHILL BATTLE.  Somewhere up ahead is the finish line, in the mist and the clouds.  I'm so close to smashing my PR...

... the legs and lungs are burrrrrrrning!

I've done this climb many times.

9 miles up.
3300' of elevation gain

There is only one choice to make...

  • drop anchor, and quit trying
  • drop ballast, and get better

... and it's not an easy decision to make.

Because, the goal has haunted me for years.

To break 1 hour,

To break 1.5 hours,
up and down.

Which begs the questions...

  • What is holding me back?
  • What can I eliminate?

... there is always something we can ditch to go further, 


8 hrs
1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit + Push Ups Pull Ups and Squats
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 12, 2023 TODD BROWN

I HAD AN EXCITING CALL TODAY.  A first-timer, who had just completed his longest ride ever, The MS Ride.  He'd done 30 miles...

... and was already looking forward to next year.

What could I tell this oakley-eyed young buck?

I could quote a wise man who spoke the truth about how to be a successful rider and racer.

So I will.

But, before I share the quote let's give it some context because this enlightened being first laid out all the do's and don'ts for his followers on a mountain top...

... commandments, if you will.

Thou shalt:

  • Ride hard twice a week, easy the rest of days
  • Eat whole foods
  • Lift heavy weights daily
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Do 1-legged drills
  • Weigh in every morning
  • Read wisdom daily
  • Journal daily
  • Drink enough

Thou shalt avoid:

  • Bonking
  • Alcohol
  • Bread
  • Soda
  • Sugar

What the teacher was laying out for the wouldbe racers was how to build a strong foundation, on rock vs sand.

He summed it all up with this...

Wide is the road which leads to destruction and narrow is the way which leads to PRs and Podiums.

Few understood the advice, or heeded the commandments.

Instead, they did their own thing.

  • Trained as hard as they wanted, whenever they wanted
  • Ate good some days, cheated the diet like mad other days
  • Had good lungs, but zero strength and weak bones
  • Lived in a sleep-deprived fog and poor recovery haze
  • Pedaled in squares
  • Continually expanded their spandex
  • Atrophied their brains and spirits with social media
  • Failed to explore their inner genius
  • Were constantly dehydrated 

We can wander the broad roads...

... or we can take the sage advice of the narrow path...

... they take the same amount of time
and render dramatically different results.


6.5 (back to morning rides, gonna be painful transistion)
Push Ups Pull Ups and Squats
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 11, 2023 TODD BROWN

IT WAS AN 'A' RACE.  I'd planned it for months, years actually.  Racing Marathon Nats was, and still is, something I've always wanted to do...

... then why was I depressed?

From the moment I paid for the AirBNB and race registration, a dark cloud blocked my normally sunny disposition.

Something wasn't right,
and I knew it.

Once I made the decision to cancel,
the cloud lifted.

Because I was forcing it. (see below)

Truth be told,
the timing was not good,
the travel and time away daunting.

On top of that, there are other pressing issues that are significantly more important in my personal life that I want to care for.

Was I afraid to race Tinker Juarez and the rest of the ageless studs who line up?
Were the challenges of racing over roots and ruts vs rocks and dust too much?
Did the prospect of not overcoming a cold in time concern me?

Heck no!
I love that stuff.
Give me the best, most difficult...

... so I can be schooled!

So, what now?

It's early September,
a third of the year is left to play...

... and I'm in great shape.

Nothing is next.

The whole point of racing is...

... being in great shape, for life.


A note about Forcing It.  One of my many grandfathers (bonus of divorced parents) taught me something.  He was a gentle and kind human, who was also a lion in business.

The crescent wrench I was cranking on had slipped and started to strip a bolt.

Todd, don't force it.

But, I want it off (my bike wheel).

Well, step back.  Get the right tool.  Be smooth and gradual with your effort, and the bolt should loosen right up... might need a little WD-40.


1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit + more pull ups and push ups
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 



Sep 10, 2023 TODD BROWN

THERE IS A BATTLE GOING ON INSIDE OF ME.  A terrible fight between two racers.  One is evil and weak and lazy, one is good and strong and determined.  My grandson asked me who will win...

... The one I feed.

Is this true...?

The battle, yes.
The convo, not yet.

On the surface, I could tell you how this weekend I skipped the cookies, muffins, ice cream, and most of the chips.  That's easy, because...

... I don't crave that junk any more.

I wasn't surprised to jump on the scale tonight and see things are where they should be, even after a funfilled 3 days with the whole family.

Which isn't really the point of my ripped off version of the Cherokee legend, about feeding the wolf.

The point is the racer we pay attention to will get stronger.

A long time ago,
over about a decade,
I'd packed on 30 lbs of blubber,
I was feeding an ex-racer who I hardly recognized.

When I decided it was time to course correct,
I cut out a picture of a favorite racer,
and pasted my head over his,
and taped to my mirror.

That simple act
was so powerful.

I'd see future me...

... and feed the good racer, accordingly.


    7ish hrs
    No strength training
    20 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 09, 2023 TODD BROWN

    TODAY'S VUELTA STAGE WAS NUTS.  Remco make the break, and then goes off the front for hours.  Hours! Before...

    ... crying?

    Yesterday, he lost 30 minutes.
    He lost his chance to be a repeat winner...

    ... total humiliation.

    Some would have packed their bags,
    come up with a faux illness.

    Shift happens.
    Plans go completely awry.

    Remco's quote on twitter echoed my grandpappy's oft repeated advice...

    ... It's not the problem, it's how you handle it.

    Why did he cry at the finish?

    I can only guess...

    • the pain of the massive effort
    • the salvaging of the Vuelta by winning another stage

    ... but, I think it was really this.

    To know, he had it in him to ride nearly solo for hours and claim 8 minutes back on the leaders, while everyone else is getting shelled out the back...

    ... that would truly hurt.

    When tires are low,
    the headwind strong,
    and the plan totally fubar...

    ... we get up, 
    put our bibs on one leg at a time,
    and ride like the wind, till we are free again.

    Thanks for the reminder Remco,
    I needed that.


    7ish hrs
    Push Ups, Squats 
    0 minutes recovery
    90 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 08, 2023 TODD BROWN

    WHAT IS IT WITH RUTS?  Some say they are graves with the ends kicked out.  I'll tell ya this, when ripping some single track...

    ... a rut can put you on your lycra in not time.

    Which brings up today's ride.

    Surfergirl and I got up to Big Bear early, before the rest of the family.  

    After unloading, I shot out for a structured work out...

    ... at least that was the plan.

    But, then I found myself on Skyline a beautiful fast and flowy trail that traces the highest ridge between Big Bear and the greater LA Basin.

    Not a soul out there.
    Just me.

    Riding where I hadn't ridden for at least 5 years...

    ... the whole time I'm asking myself...

    ... Why aren't we up here once a month in when it's warm?

    that's why.

    Here's how people try to ride out of ruts:

    • Ride in the rut and hope for the best
    • Trying to ride up the side and out
    • Bounce out

    For me, the best solution is to bounce out.  
    If I want to exit on the left side of the rut, I will steer into the right side...

    ... to bounce off it and out the left side.

    Which is what we are doing this weekend.
    Bouncing out of our rut,
    doing different.


    7.5 ish hrs
    Pull Ups Push UPs Squats
    0 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 



    ARE YOU WATCHING LA VUELTA A ESPANA?  The three bicycle race around Spain has an American in the lead, and I'm think thinking...

    ... it's just such a shame.

    Not that Sepp Kuss is leading.

    That's super cool.

    But, pro cycling kinda lags because there are only trade teams. 

    Not teams like we have in every other sport.

    Therefore, there are no mega-dynasties like the...

    • Yankees
    • Celtics
    • Patriots

    ... a team to root for year after year.

    Now, that would be cool.

    Right now, Sepp rides for the trade team Jumbo-Visma.

    A super team,
    born from Rabobank.

    The previous sponsor.

    It would just be so much cooler if these teams had decades and decades of history.

    It's way cooler for Michael Jordan to play all his years with Da' Bulls.
    To build a legacy there.
    The history,

    We can't change that now,
    probably never.

    But, we sure as heck can cheer for Sepp! 


    7.5 ish hrs
    Pull Ups Push UPs Squats
    0 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 06, 2023 TODD BROWN

    THERE IS AN OLD JOKE, about how many Masters racers it takes to fix a flat tire.  And, no, it's not a joke about being old.  It has to do with being...

    ... something entirely different.

    On our ride yesterday, we experienced the rare flat.  

    It had been so long, we had to chip the rust off the old group protocol for when a flat happens.

    • Do we stop?
    • All of us?
    • Do we help?
    • How much?
    • Do we wait?
    • If so, how long?
    • Can we ride super slow?

    Concurrently, I was feeling quite flat yesterday...

    ... as well as the day before, and the day before that.

    It happens.

    From time to time, I get to deal with the old depression demon.  Feeling like there is no air in my life.

    Which brings me back to the joke.

    How many masters racers does it take to fix a flat?

    One, and the rest to watch and mock and laugh.

    At least that's how it feels when you're trying to be efficient and quickly change a flat and too proud to ask for help.

    The thing is,
    just having one friend
    do something as simple as...

    • hold your bike
    • fish out your tube or patch
    • check inside the tire for glass
    • get the pump or inflator ready to air up
    • take your wheel off and help put it back on

    ... makes all the difference in the world.

    Even if you don't want the help,
    want to show how proficient you are...

    ... It is best to receive and to give help graciously ...

    ... if you want to inflate things back and get going.


    7.2ish hrs
    Full RaceDay circuit + short jog
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 05, 2023 TODD BROWN

    THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF BOOKS I ENJOY:  business, spy fiction, and wisdom literature.  Often, I'll read two or three simultaneously.  However, one of them is more...

    ... applicable to racing.

    For me, that's the spy novel.  

    They're all pretty much the same story...

    • Smart spy
    • Mission prep
    • Dangerous situation
    • Axe to grind with the enemy(s)
    • Things look really bad until the tables turn
    • Throw in some sort of romance for good measure

    ...  and I am a sucker for a good page turner.

    It's probably why I enjoy racing so much...

    • Register
    • Race prep
    • Gun goes off
    • Competitors self-identify
    • Things get rowdy as miles go by
    • A hill at the finish needs conquering
    • Throw in some sort of podium or PR for good measure

    ... it's always astonishing how time is palpably different when racing.

    It's all stats with Registration.

    The bigger the race,
    the more unsure the outcome,
    the more likely to be beaten into submission,
    the better the stories we can tell and the memories to last a lifetime.

    Are you planning an A race for the Fall,
    or already looking at next year?


    7.5 hrs
    Full RaceDay circuit + short jog
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 04, 2023 TODD BROWN

    FROM WHAT I CAN TELL FROM THE COURSE MAP and satellite view, the upcoming A race needs some specific training.   No intervals, no huffinpuffin, no long climbs...

    ... something I haven't done enough of lately.

    Off I went,
    busting spider webs,
    enjoying the sun rise across the hills.

    I was in search of turns.

    Lot's of 'em.

    Sure, I've been riding off road a lot lately.  However, much of that has been on the gravel bike and...

    ... railing turns with flat bars requires a different approach.

    It is so easy to lose time in twistyturny single track.

    We'll be racing two 19 mile laps, with an infinite amount of turns.  Let's say there are 300 turns per lap.  If I lose a half a second per turn, that's 150 seconds...

    ... well over 2 minutes each lap.

    That's hard to make up.

    What if I gain 150 seconds/lap?

    Also, hard to make up...

    ... but not for me.

    Fortunately, there is a great playground not too far from home.

    Take a look.

    Here are a few of the tricks to taking the turns fast...

    • lean the bike early
    • get on the side lugs
    • play with tire pressure
    • play with suspension settings

    ... these little things add up.

    Because I was focused on the turns and riding at a low effort endurance pace, I also focused on my pedal stroke.

    For racing offroad, especially MTB racing, keep the power down throughout the pedal stroke is key to cleaning the steep, loose, and rocky sections.

    The great Stephen Covey, preached sharpening the saw before starting to cut.  

    For us, that means...

    ... sharpening the skills before starting to rip.


    This is my favorite MTB cornering video


    7 hrs
    Quick RaceDay circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 03, 2023 TODD BROWN

    HAVE YOU GOT A REPUTATION YET?  Have you put in enough time, spent enough cash, dedicated the energy to stand out?  Do friends and family introduce you as...

    ... Oh, this is the bike rider, triathlete, runner who...

    ... accomplished a feat they can't fathom doing, ever.

    Something we think of as easy, normal and a good sign of physical health...

    ... not a big deal, just fun and enjoyable.

    Or, maybe it's the evergreen question...

    Are you still riding, running, swimming?

    ... you'd think they'd know by now.

    But, here's the question I really have,

    Is it that we are out of balance?

    Because, when I look back on the last 20 years, I'm significantly more satisfied with other accomplishments...

    • We've raised a family
    • Become grandparents
    • Started a business from scratch
    • Built a following of 11,000+ readers
    • Taken care of aging parents
    • Devoted time teaching youth
    • Served those in need
    • Put on the last legit road race in the county

    ... yet, somehow I'm still that nut who likes to ride and race bikes.

    Which is exactly how I was introduced multiple times at a get together last night...

    ... awkward.


    7.75 hrs
    No strength training
    20 minutes recovery
    180 minutes reading + Journaling 




    A FEW IN THE ALLIANCE ARE DOING LOTOJA next weekend.  The training is done, nothing to do now but taper, recover, travel, and...

    ... go over the strategy.

    Here's how I did it,
    and what I'd do different.

    At just over 200 miles,
    it is the longest sanctioned USAC race in the country.

    Fueling is the biggest issue.

    I'd have something solid for breakfast.  Back in 2017, I started my day off with a can of sardines and half a can of black beans.  Whatever you choose, I'd get some protein and fat in, along with calories.

    Because of the altitude, I would stick with a 1 bottle/hour strategy.  In that bottle, I've have 250-300 calories.  Plus, I would eat something solid for another 150 calories.  I'd stay away from gels, mainly because they don't do me right.

    That's 400 calories an hour.

    How to get the fuel in, and when.

    You'll want a disposable feed bag with supplies to get you from stop to stop...

    ... toss your bottles and trash, and grab you bag without stopping (assuming you have support).


    There are multiple sections at each feed zone.  Coordinate with your team, and be vigilant of knuckleheads coming in and out.  Stupid place to crash, and it will happen...

    ... but not to you!

    Load your bottles and pockets, toss bag responsibly.

    My team met me at Montpelier, Afton and Alpine.  I took neutral support at Wilson - liquid, I had food.

    Now for pacing.

    Ideally, you will never touch the front of the group until the finish line.

    That's the dream,
    it's not gonna happen.

    Here's how it will likely go down.

    Everyone will be all geeked up, and roll out fairly fast.  Nobody will be feeling pain, because they are all ready and rested.  Let the bunnies do their thing, stay in the top 15 riders...

    ... only go to the front if you are simply rolling through.

    Spend no time up there.
    Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies will do the work.

    The first climb around Preston, will hurt a bit...

    ... because bunnies still be fresh.

    Hang on, without killing yourself.
    You'll want to be drafting over to the start of the Strawberry climb.

    It's a long climb,
    not as hard as it looks on the map.

    Bunnies will blow,
    go your pace,
    push the top.

    The drop to Montpelier is fun and fast,
    you won't want to be alone and you
    won't want to wait for slow climbers.

    At this point, you pretty much know who you'll be riding with the rest of the day...

    ... except for one thing.

    Those who skip the early calories are gonna start to suffer.
    Not you!

    With luck, you'll be with a good group,
    have a working pace line,
    and maybe a bunny.

    Let that bunny work.


    The start can be cold. 

    Tubesocks with toes cut out for your arms,
    newspaper inside the jersey for chest,
    are likely all you need.

    Dispose of responsibly - Preston.

    Make sure your team is carrying rain and cold weather gear.  
    It's high altitude and things change fast,
    stay warm.

    The only thing I would do different,
    is familiarize myself with the competitors,
    and not foul up the finish like I did here:

    LoToJa is truly a oneofakind experience.
    Highly recommend.

    If you win this year, you'll be getting one of these RaceDay wallets... with a top secret code for a special RaceDay Bag™.

    • 400 calories an hour
    • Stay off the front
    • Know thy enemy


    7 hrs
    PushUps, PullUps, Squats
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Sep 01, 2023 TODD BROWN

    DOES THIS HAPPEN TO YOU?  It happens to me.  A race is getting close, training volume is up, schedule is crammed, body is tired...

    ... and I want to pull the plug.

    Happened just this week.

    Here I am 3 weeks out from my  A race,
    a bucket lister I've had for a longlong time,
    and I'm thinking about potentially pulling the plug.

    Why is that?

    Better question...

    ... How often are we close to achieving the dream and we quit?

    We're tired.
    Unsure of the outcome.
    Doubting we can pull it all together.

    Another better question...

    ... When and why and how do we push forward?


    I thought of you,
    because I made a public declaration.

    I looked at my giant calendar,
    and saw the goal I'd written in red sharpie.

    I palmed my custom raceday wallet,
    considering all I'd put into making this happen.

    I met up with the Alliance on zoom,
    and the shame of even considering quitting gutted me.

    If you're like me...

    ... I need reminders, accountability and support.

    But, here's the thing. 

    It's normal to want to quit, have doubts, feel overwhelmed...

    ... which is why most people quit before,
    right before, the breakthrough.

    Don't be normal.
    Be true!


    7.5 hrs
    PushUps, PullUps, Squats
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 31, 2023 TODD BROWN

    ABOUT 7 YEARS AGO, I started blogging daily.  Prior to that I wrote sporadically, for myself and made it into VeloNews and Competitor Magazine. I'd always ask myself when done...

    ... Does this make me want to ride my bike?

    If it didn't, 
    I junked it.

    Sometimes it would take me hours to write just a few paragraphs.

    I got better,

    Our mission has been upgraded,

    The question I now ask myself is...

    ... Does this make me want to be true and rip?

    I believe that being TRUE to what really matters
    should come first and then,
    we can  Rip On RaceDay.

    We have truing stands for our wheels because when they are out of round they are slow, and potential dangerous.

    In the stand, we can check the tension of each spoke.  Typically, one, or a few, have  become loose and need to be tightened up.  In the process, it's common to back the tension off as well.

    Sometimes we can find our life spokes out of tension.  

    We might neglect a relationship
    or skip the over life's spiritual and mystical elements
    or overtighten on chasing more stuff for our might empire.

    I've distilled for us,
    to this...

    ... Be True AND Rip!


    6.5 hrs
    0 Strength
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 30, 2023 TODD BROWN

    WE HAVE A LONG STANDING TRADITION.  We don't wait for anyone, ever. If the ride starts at 630, few are there much earlier...

    ... no one is there at 6:30:01.

    It's called respect.

    Here's the bonus.

    Knowing we are leaving on time, is a fantastic opportunity to practice race day.

    • Prep
    • Warm up
    • Get to start

    Which is great when things are normal.

    But, shift happens.
    Kids keep us up,
    work is busy,

    More often than we'd like, 
    we are riding late...

    • Prep
    • No warm up
    • Race to the start

    ... just like how many races commence.

    We aren't doing ourselves any favors, 
    if we aren't prepared for the races,
    which are full gas,
    out the gate.

    Sometimes, it's just good to throw the clothes on, grab the bottles, shove the glasses and helmet into place...

    ... get out the door,
    pedal like heck.


    Many, nearly all, off road races I do - MTB and Gravel - have staging corrals.  It pays to get their early, to line up at the front.  Even if I warm up, I'm gonna be standing 15-30 minutes before the gun sounds.  I'm back and forth on if the warm up helps.


    8 hrs
    1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit
    60 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 



    IT'S KINDA SAD WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT.  For every one person that signs up for a race, there are thousands of riders who don't sign up.  I think I know why...

    ... because they know.

    What do they know?

    A lot of things...

    • themselves
    • their abilities
    • their schedules

    ... which they claim precludes their participation.

    The truth is...

    ... racing is hard.

    But, they know the real challenge isn't their desire, ability or schedule.

    In fact, signing up is the easy part...

    ... finishing is what scares the shift out of them.

    We are different, 
    completing what we start,
    seeing it all the way through...

    • planning
    • training
    • packing
    • travel
    • warming up
    • jockeying for position
    • and pushing hard till we cross the line.

    ... we are finishers.


    I was going to leave it there, however it's worth asking the question...

    ... How can we encourage more people to have an A race?


    7.75 hrs
    1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    AFTER 10 DAYS OF TRAVEL, I was looking forward to getting back into the routine.  You know, the one that separates the wannabees...

    ... from the gottabees.

    The Cowboy Strong stuff.

    When traveling,

    • push ups are easy to do
    • pull ups  if there is a local playground
    • squats are weakly replaced with air squats
    • and just plain for get doing the awesome nordics

    I warmed up with some light jogging,
    mixed with some side shuffles,
    and jumping jacks.

    Normal stuff.

    The sled felt great, even with the legs still a little tender.  Taking those big steps and pushing all the way through the ankle and foot was wonderful.

    Shoulder presses were a little shaky towards the end.  
    I really feel when I skip the upper body stuff.

    Squats.  Sometimes, after a break, I'll drop down some lbs.  Not today, and it was just fine.

    Then, the nordics.  I could feel the tension in my hammies.  Did my 5 full reps, but something didn't feel rightw.

    When I moved on to the box jump, and lowered myself to explode up...

    ... the right hammie was barking loud.

    Pulled muscle?
    I wasn't sure, so I didn't even attempt the box.

    The rest of the circuit was fine.

    During a light, very light, spin this evening everything felt fine.

    Still, it could have been a major set back...

    ... which is why I encourage all my direct competitors to skip the weights for months, then hit 'em hard...

    ... I need every advantage I can get.

    I'm just kiddin',
    be careful y'all.

    Lift daily,
    don't skip,
    if you do, take it easy the first few days...

    ... because we gottabee strong to Rip On RaceDay!


    8 hrs
    1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 27, 2023 TODD BROWN

    THIS WAS MY SECOND BWR UT.  I'd intended to do AZ in Feb, but it lined up with Tucson Bicycle Classic.  I postponed to CA in Apr, but was too tired from Sea Otter...

    ... I wasn't intending to do UT.

    But, I read about all the new single track.
    Plus, the weather looked good.
    And, it was paid for.

    Did I get my money's worth?

    I lined up a lot earlier, so I had a shot at hanging with the lead pack.  To do this, get in the corral as soon as it opens, and be among the first 30 to get through the tunnel.

    Not easy.

    Once through the tunnel,
    the dust was up,
    rocks flying.

    The pros started to push the pace,
    I started sliding back.

    A gap opened,
    I didn't care.

    We formed a second group, which included the Floyd Landis himself and a few pro women.

    Racing across the gravel, we could still see the lead pack.

    For some reason, they slowed a bit when they hit the pavement again and we were able to latch on.

    Not only that, it was only mildly leg searing up the gentle drag before the left hand turn back onto gravel...

    ... and another 2 tunnels.

    This was chaotic.

    Everybody charging at 30+ to get to the tunnel first.
    Rookies locking up the brakes, 
    before the dark abyss.

    Now for the long straight, mostly smooth direct shot to the foothills west of town...

    ... where the rollers begin.

    I was so happy to be there.

    While everyone is still pumping adrenalin and trying to keep up...

    ... I drop anchor and go my pace.

    I have a plan.

    After the rollers is a some fast double track,
    with rocks and ruts and sand.

    Remembering my race a few years back, 
    I was sure I'd not only catch the stragglers,
    but, I'd make up a ton of time and positions.

    15-20 minutes later, we are through Aid 1 and I'm back with the Landis group and other strong riders...

    ... taking pulls and pushing hard.

    This was really nice.

    Roll through,
    roll off.

    The next section started with an abandoned trail to a raised cow gate.  I made sure I was second through there.

    We were gone.
    From 15 riders,
    down to about six.

    My watts were around 250,
    right at my ride all day limit.

    The next major feature of the course was the new single track.

    I love it.

    The first bit was fast and flowy,
    got held up a bit, 
    not too bad.

    Grabbed a water bottle,
    what I needed was a lot more calories.

    The next section was quite technical for gravel bikes.
    Moabstyle rock features with blue dots,
    wood bridges over sand.

    So fun.

    The 45mm Terra Speeds were working great,
    so was the 20mm of travel in the rear triangle.

    Passed a ton more guys.

    Onto the pavement back to town, I connected with one other rider from DC. 

    We were working well together,
    we thought.

    Then, two caught us from behind and were going so fast we almost didn't catch.

    Here's the thing about BWR...

    If you are a good descender 
    and good bike handler
    you make up time.

    When the strong roadies get back on the road, 
    they will reel you in.

    Jump on.

    Eventually, we got popped.

    The big dude, who won 45+, was just too strong.
    First to go was DC,
    I was next,
    then blue.

    There was one more rough dirt section.

    As I rolled onto the pavement I could see blue.

    I tried to go by too fast for him to catch.

    No luck, he caught on after a half a mile or so.

    We swapped leading.

    No one behind,
    or in front.

    My last race on this course, I got turned around and lost a 3-up sprint.

    Not this time,
    first up the curb onto the grass wins every time.

    Here's what I know about the BWR UT:

    • Get to the first tunnel up front
    • The other tunnels, pray for the riders ahead to make it through
    • The major, big group drafting is over at the rollers, settle in.
    • Work on your descending and technical skills.
    • Run the big tires, lowest pressure you dare (28 and 30 for me).
    • For the Wafer, a hydration pack and 2 full bottles would be ideal.

    About that nutrition.

    Because the promoter is handing up pure water, no electrolytes, I believe it's probably best to carry enough liquid, laced with massive amounts of sugar and salt, to make it the entire distance.

    I found it hard to eat during the last 90 minutes, which I needed to do since the bottles only had water.  I tried, but it was just too fast and challenging to do easily.  

    Also, sometimes the heat and altitude mess with me.  My breathing gets shallow, and not even drinking is appealing.

    Which lead to the awful precramping feeling.

    Fortunately, I had about 15 salt tablets on me and was munching them down like candy.

    From that list above, I'd say the two biggest things I saw cost people time were...

    ... weak handling skills, and dehydration.

    This kind of racing is a blast.
    All the savviness of surfing a surging peloton,
    with the romping, skidding and sliding of MTB riding.

    For that reason, I believe the winners represent the most complete riders.


    9 hrs
    No strength work
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 26, 2023 TODD BROWN

    HOW DO WE SCORE A RACE?  At BWR, they have this massive wall of live results.  It is easy to see how everybody finished...

    ... but, how did we really do?

    Per the board, I had an insanely good day.

    10th over all in the Wafer, and won my age group.

    That's the truth of the matter,
    or, the Truth Score.

    The question I have for myself,
    that all of us have for ourselves is...

    ... did we Rip?

    Bare with me, I'm still working through this.

    The Rip score is based on did we do all we could do,
    and it's a lot more than did I ride as hard as I could.

    Generally, that's a given

    What I'm more curious about is,
    Did we take care of everything so we could do our absolute best?

    I scored my ride today a B+.

    In the plus column:

    Bike prep
    Work squared away
    Family on board
    Race weight 
    Body ready, given it was a big training week
    Objectives met
    Made new friends
    Cleaned all of the techy singletrack

    In the minus column:

    Poor choice of accommodations and poor sleep, no a/c
    Poor nutrition last 90 minutes of race

    I'm gong to dial this in during the coming weeks, and put some numbers to the metrics that matter most.

    It's too easy to let the results determine how we think and feel about the outcome, when often they reflect very little of our accomplishments.

    A good example is my pal Matt.

    Normally, he does the full distance at BWR.  This year he'd opted for the shorter Wafer, and was thrilled with his finish...

    ... because he finished strong after knee replacement.

    Or, my friend Andrew.

    I don't what his expectations were,
    but it was clear as the skies were blue,
    his wife enjoyed the day and he was happy she was there.

    Or, Jessica who introduced herself to me.

    She had caught all the way up to first place and was making the other girl struggle to hang on...

    ... only to get dropped on the final dirt section.

    Why was that a win?

    It was her first gravel race,
    and she is excited about learning
    new skills required to ride fast off road.

    As far as I'm concerned, 
    those three racers,
    ripped it up!

    Tomorrow I'll be able to share some of the key take aways from today's race.

    It's good to be home.


    6.5 hrs
    No strength work
    0 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 





    Aug 25, 2023 TODD BROWN

    AS FAR AS PREP GOES FOR TOMORROW'S RACE, I'd have to say I'm doing pretty good.  Some things could be better...

    ... but the requisite goofy mustache is on point.

    The rest, well...

    • I got here late, only to be that guy who thought he registered but didn't.
    • My taper was not the best - 10 hours and 10,000' of climbing this week.
    • My tires - yeah, i'm stoked to see how the 45s romp off road
    • Nutrition - just prepping bottles and food, 100 grams carbs/hr
    • Helmet - opting for the slightly more aero Protone
    • Kit - the new Among The Wolves design and updated pattern, etc
    • Sleep - lastnights storm was like a rock concert in the van - not enough
    • Work - worked too much today, not enough rest 
    • Friends - got lots of 'em here, can't wait to rub elbows.
    • Waffles - the legendary pre-ride carbs are on my mind already.

    What does all that mean?

    It's been a heckuva week...

    ... tomorrow will perfectly top it off.

    Good luck y'all!


    7 hrs
    No strength work
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 24, 2023 TODD BROWN

    EVERY RACE HAS RIDERS that DNF, DNS and DQ.  It's inevitable.  In fact, just last Saturday I saw a rider get DQ'd.  And, you know what?... 

    ... I wasn't the least bit sad he was disqualified.

    Here's why.

    At the Brian Head Odyssey the hand you a finishing card with your place and time on it.

    Since I'd been keep track of who was around me when we started, and pretty darn sure of where I stood with my age group...

    ... I was somewhat shocked to see I'd finished 2nd.

    For those of you keeping score at home, you already know I own the largest collection of 2nd place finishes in the world.

    So, I wasn't shocked, shocked.

    Just shocked that someone had passed me.

    It seemed impossible.

    But, then I got to thinking of the time I spent hunting down Benadryl at Aid 2; and a pump at Aid 3.

    So, maybe.

    But, it was 2nd by only a minute after nearly 6 hours of racing.

    I'll be honest, it bugged me...

    ... not a little.

    As we're about to get the podium he realizes he must have cut the course...

    I might have cut the course?

    Hmmm, well, I don't remember you passing me.

    Yeah, I'm not sure.

    Did you check your mileage?

    40 miles.

    Well, it is a 48 mile race and I did recored 47.9 miles.

    But, that's not the point.

    The point is that there are always racers who Did Not Finish, Did Not Start and DisQualified...

    ... except in one race.

    I took lunch to a friend today.

    He's recovering from surgery,
    there have been complications,
    jerk of a doctor told him he'll never ride again...

    ... terrible thing to say to an athlete.

    And, I'd never bet against this total stud.

    Then, I met another friend who let me know he'd just found out he has cancer...

    ... probably not a big deal, but might be a big deal.

    Wouldn't bet against him either.

    The world is so much better with these to pals o' mine.

    Which brings up my point.

    We will all finish the grandest race of all...

    ... none of us knows how far out our finish line is.

    Race hard,
    Do good,


    7.5 hrs
    Push Ups
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 





    Aug 23, 2023 TODD BROWN

    THERE WAS AN ARTICLE THAT CLAIMED the best trail is the one you ride the most because it has the most memories.  I think that's mostly true...

    ... but, where is the best city?

    For mountain biking, I still really love Park City, UT.

    Today, for instance, we rode from town.  
    70% of the single track we rode
    had been put in during
    the last 2 summers.

    This town is committed.

    The thing I like about the riding up here is the lush vegetation and the many areas of dark, moist hero dirt.

    Deer Valley is pioneered it all 20+ years ago,
    The other resorts have all since joined,
    running lifts all summer long.

    For road, I'd have to say the best road riding I ever did was in France.  
    Long beautiful climbs, with recognizable names
    and polite drivers.

    For gravel, I have no idea yet.
    But, in my dreams there are endless roads with no cars
    connected by smooth, flowy single track,
    with tall, giant trees,
    and little dust.

    If you've got a favorite, let us all know.


    7.5 hrs
    Push Ups
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 



    A FEW OF US RODE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE, the Alpine Loop in Utah.  The main feature is a 9 mile climb, with corresponding descent.  I prefer going from the American Fork side...

    ... then ripping the many twisty turns through the aspen trees on the way to Sundance.

    I have some interesting data from today's adventure.

    I've been riding this loop for decades.
    The last two times on my gravel bike,
    with gravel tires.

    Last year, about 6 weeks out from Leadville.
    This year, about a month out from Marathon Nationals.

    Both times, with my younger and handsomer cousin who shares the same name as me.

    Is it fair to use this as a fitness test?
    Especially, since we were talking all the way up?
    Should we consider his recent shattering of his PR at Leadville?

    Yes, to all of the above.

    Look at this.

    It's safe to say,
    my fitness is on track.


    Most definitely.

    When we are deep in our training, it's important to find little nuggets like this...

    ... glimmers of hope.

    Otherwise, it can seem like we're getting nowhere,
    particularly in the months before the A race.

    Questions of...

    Is this working?
    Is this worth it?
    Am I on track?
    Will this pay off?

    ... can be slayed,
    by simply finding a nugget of proof,
    bonus points when they come without trying.

    The key is to acknowledge,
    file away, and 
    keep riding.

    This is why we stop at Sundance

    Epically perfect day, 
    dodged the rain until last 3 miles.



    7.5 hrs
    No strength work today
    10 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 21, 2023 TODD BROWN

    GOT OUT ON THE GRAVEL BIKE IN UTAH TODAY with El Jefe.  Now that he's retired, probably need to change that to El Flojo except...

    ... he's busy as ever, and doing insanely long races.

    He took it easy on me today.

    Here's the dill...

    • El Jefe got me into gravel biking
    • The Mocker (cause Tally mocks me relentlessly) got me into road
    • Wood taught me how to sprint
    • Garboon took me MTBing when the surf was dead

    ... each of these men made an impact on and off the bike.

    I owe 'em,
    big time.

    Who do you owe?

    By the way, when we hit the rocky sections and the single tracks, I was more impressed than ever with these Continental Terra Speeds.  

    I'm running the 45s now.
    28lbs up front,
    30 in back.

    That's the set up I'm planning to roll at BWR Saturday.

    I'm tempted to go a little lower on the pressure because I'm still not hitting the rims from time to time on the rough stuff...

    ... it's risky, though.

    And, I'd rather hit the rocky sections at full speed vs gingerly like hot coal walker at a guru get away.

    Oh, and who owes you?


    8 hrs
    No strength work today
    10 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    WHEN YOU'RE FIT, nothing is really scary.  I mean spiders and snakes and power outages can be, however not when a buddy says...

    ... Hey, let's climb the Grand Teton. 

    Unless you have a thing with heights. 

    Which I do.

    So, I"m not even remotely tempted to join my bro-in-law this week on a 2-day ascent up the Grand Teton...

    ... at 14,000' high, with rain and high winds and 30 degree temps probable.

    He's doing it,
    because he's fit from ridin' and runnin'.

    If it weren't for my fear of heights I'd do it, too.  

    It's just a fact, when you're fit you can say yes to almost anything anybody else is doing.

    Which is the way whole point of the racey thing we do...

    ... to be fit, to do anything.

    Sure, we might suffer a bit the next day because we worked some muscles differently.

    But, rest assured.
    We can do it.

    Sometimes we think its about the podium, or finishers medal, or leader board.

    It's not.
    It's about being capable.

    If you're capable or on the path to capable, check this out... if you like it, send me an email and if you can answer the secret question I'll get you a special code.



    UTAH FRIENDS - I'm coming up, here's my schedule - hit me up if you want to join us.

    Saturday 19th - Brian Head Endurance Race

    Tuesday 22nd - Alpine Loop from AF side at 7:30, mandatory Sundance Cookie is on me.

    Wednesday 23rd - Afternoon MTB Park City

    Thursday 24th - Afternoon Heber Road Group Ride (tentative)

    Friday 25th - openers in Park City time in the AM (tentative), some sorta dinner together in Cedar City

    Saturday 26th - BWR


    9 hrs
    No strength work today
    0 minutes recovery
    90 minutes reading + Journaling 





    Aug 19, 2023 TODD BROWN

    I FELT BAD FOR THE FATHER AND SON who pulled the plug at 6:30. Yes, it was raining.  Yes, it was windy.  Yes, it was still dark.  I almost joined them...

    ... those two wouldn't be the only ones to DNS, or DNF.

    It's wasn't that cold, 48.

    The sun was rising,
    the rain stopping.

    At 7:08 we were off.
    Straight up.
    5 miles.

    I wore a base layer and my KOM Jacket over a Camelbak to start.  It seemed prudent to stay warm, and to have the jacket board should the rain return.

    A note here about racing with power...

    One of the benefits of racing with power is knowing exactly how hard you are working.  As usual, the bunnies hopped ahead and stayed there for a mile or two, then paid the price of taking it out too fast. 

    Not me.

    Rather than look at my HR to guide my effort I looked at power.

    This was really helpful.

    Since this was a 48 miles MTB race,
    40 of it on twisty technical single track,
    there was no need to chase the bunnies.

    MTB racing is basically a mass start time trial.

    That strategy wouldn't work on a road race where the speeds are much higher and we must do all we can to stay with the group, in the draft.

    ... power is a good way to throttle the effort.

    For the record, this is a very proper mountain bike course.

    Long climbs,
    Long, challenging downhills.

    We don't have that at home.  

    To stand and throw the bike around corners, off jumps and over rocks on a 40 minute downhill takes a different kind of effort...

    ... I'd never wanted a longer travel bike more.

    That's when the wasp stung me on the right corner of my mouth, on the lip.

    I hit it hard.

    So hard, it hurt more than the sting.

    In fact, I wasn't sure I was stung until my lip and cheek started to swell up - see pic above.

    While I as debating whether or not I'd been stung, two more got me right above my sock...

    ... those hurt.

    By the time I'm nearing the aid station that part of my mouth is blowing up and completely numb.  Like I'd been given a shot of Novocain. 

    • It's difficult to close my mouth to drink
    • Even harder to chew

    Hoping I don't sound like a goof..

    Does anybody have any Benadryl, anything for allergies?

    Sure 'nuf, the medic does.


    This was supposed to be a 4.5 hour race.  

    About 5 hours in, I felt sluggish.

    It was the last leg and I was limping in.

    Did I mention, I woke up at 3 am to the sound of what could only be a wounded bear sleeping above me?  Frustrated, at 4, I went and slept in the van.

    Took me 5:51:54.
    9th overall,
    1st in age.

    If you're looking to do some epic riding in Brian Head, these trails are all great...

    ... make take 3 days vs 1.

    Got a few compliments on the kit, check this out... if you like it, send me an email and if you can answer the secret question I'll get you a special code.



    UTAH FRIENDS - I'm coming up, here's my schedule - hit me up if you want to join us.

    Saturday 19th - Brian Head Endurance Race

    Tuesday 22nd - Alpine Loop from AF side at 7:30, mandatory Sundance Cookie is on me.

    Wednesday 23rd - Afternoon MTB Park City

    Thursday 24th - Afternoon Heber Road Group Ride

    Friday 25th - openers in Park City time in the AM, some sorta dinner together in Cedar City

    Saturday 26th - BWR


    5 hrs
    No strength work today
    10 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 18, 2023 TODD BROWN

    I HIT IT FOR UTAH TODAY.  Last second change of plans, starting with a 48 mile MTB race tomorrow at Brian Head...

    ... the top of the course is 11,000'.

    Not Leadville,
    a 1000' lower,
    and 56 miles shorter.

    A lot, lot more single track.  
    Really fun, flowy, bermy stuff through the Aspens.

    Which is why I think it will take about 4.5 hours,
    hopefully, a little less.

    Can't wait!

    How'd I get here?

    Waking up at the crackodawn and driving 8 hours isn't ideal daybefore raceday prep.

    Before doing the openers, and dinner, I decided to check into the AirBnB I'd opted for...

    ... it was billed as a resort.

    Yes, a resort for junk stashed everywhere...

    ... even in the Shangre-la room.

    in a small town,
    on the hight plains of UT.

    Yes, I could have stayed up at the Lodge in Brian Head, but...

    ... I figured 6000' was high enough in one day.

    Here's the thing.

    I love this little town of Parowan, with it's Main and Center Streets, tons of historical buildings...

    ... and, of course, The Parowan Cafe.

    The openers were tougher than usual.  
    Lack of O2 for sure.

    The afternoon squall brushed by,
    cooling of the roads with a light drizzle.

    Dinner at the Cafe was on par.

    All in all, I'd say this day has been a 10.

    I'll be in this kit tomorrow, check this out... if you like it, send me an email and if you can answer the secret question I'll get you a special code.



    UTAH FRIENDS - I'm coming up, here's my schedule - hit me up if you want to join us.

    Saturday 19th - Brian Head Endurance Race

    Tuesday 22nd - Alpine Loop from AF side at 7:30, mandatory Sundance Cookie is on me.

    Wednesday 23rd - Afternoon MTB Park City

    Thursday 24th - Afternoon Heber Road Group Ride

    Friday 25th - openers in Park City time in the AM, some sorta dinner together in Cedar City

    Saturday 26th - BWR


    7 hrs
    No strength work today
    10 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 17, 2023 TODD BROWN

    WE HAVE A BUNNY PROBLEM HERE.  They're everywhere.  And they are super funny.  Darting across the paths and trails, hyperhopping in front us...

    ... what goes on in a bunny's brain?

    Nature is such a good teacher.

    If you're a hunter,
    you can't be like a bunny.

    Hopping off the front of the group,
    racing up the first climb, 
    to the first corner.

    Any bunny can tell ya,
    you can't keep it up.

    Eventually, the bunnies round here dart off to the side,
    where I presume they collapse.

    Not the wolves.

    Wolves are hunters
    they track, wait,
    and pounce...

    ... for the kill!

    That's how we need to race.

    Let the bunnies do their thing.

    It's entertaining,
    and keeps the pace high.

    Be the wolf.

    letting the race unfold,
    figuring out who the players are...

    ... who's weak,
    who's a bunny.

    and only then,
    we make our move.
    When we know the kill is assured.

    Does it always work?



    ... it's a helluvalot more fun than being a bunny.

    If you're a wolf, check this out... if you like it, send me an email and if you can answer the secret question I'll get you a special code.



    UTAH FRIENDS - I'm coming up, here's my schedule - hit me up if you want to join us.

    Saturday 19th - Brian Head Endurance Race

    Tuesday 22nd - Alpine Loop from AF side at 7:30, mandatory Sundance Cookie is on me.

    Wednesday 23rd - Afternoon MTB Park City

    Thursday 24th - Afternoon Heber Road Group Ride

    Friday 25th - openers in Park City time in the AM, some sorta dinner together in Cedar City

    Saturday 26th - BWR


    7.25 hrs
    PushUps and PullUps
    20 minutes recovery
    30 minutes reading + Journaling 





    Aug 16, 2023 TODD BROWN

    I THINK I HAVE A PRETTY GOOD IDEA OF HOW MUCH DRAG is added with the 45mm tires on the gravel bike vs the 28s on my road bike.  This includes... 

    ... the less aero position of the dirt gobbler.

    At 18-20 miles an hour, it's about 10% more drag.

    About 20 watts.

    I was sharing this with a fine young ripper on the group ride last night.

    It's about 10%.

    Oh, that's it.


    Not a big deal then.

    If that was so, then why was I huffinNpuffin...

    ... and easily dispatched on the sprint?

    Well, first off.

    That's about 30 watts when we hit 27-32 miles an hour on the ride.

    Which we do,
    and wouldn't be a big deal,
    if the ride itself wasn't 2+ hours.

    Which reminds me of the sage advice I got at a seminar years ago...

    ... if you'll just save and wisely invest 10% you'll be filthy rich.

    Too bad I didn't heed it.

    But, I did heed something else, and it seems to be paying off the older I get.

    We had this club in college called Goldbrickers.  It was founded in 1917.  We all memorized this unforgettable motto...

    ... There is always a better way!

    That is something I'm constantly thinking about
    training and racing...

    ... the things I care about the most.

    Sure, it's only 10%...

    ... but it adds up.


    7.5 hrs
    PullUps PushUps Squats Nordics
    20 minutes recovery
    80 minutes reading + Journaling 



    IT'S NEVER A SURPRISE WHEN HALF THE BUNCH IS DROPPED.  It always happens.  What always delivers a smile, especially when I'm among the dropped, is...

    ... how many people are shocked to be there.

    Of the 50% who are dropped, I'd guess 10% are caught completely off guard.

    The other 40% knew they were,

    I was thinking about this listening to Lil' Nas' Old Town Road, with lines like...

         Can't nobody tell me nothin'

         Like a Marlboro Man so I'll kick on back

         Wish I could roll on back to that Old Town Road

    ... giving clues to how they got there.

    Smokin' cigs, being lazy.
    Wishin' things were different.

    Who's the greatest coach ever...
    What do we need to give up...
    What do need to do...

    ... to be in position to win the ultimate prize?

    just life in miniature.

    Stay Ready my friends.


    7.5 hrs
    1 RaceDay Ready Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 



    GOOD THING YOU'VE GOT ME.  Whenever things go awry I let you know because I don't want you makin' the same mistakes.  You might still, but... 

    ... maybe you'll learn and fix it faster.

    Take today.

    I'd managed to bang out some good work,
    and was ready for a beautiful
    evening ride.

    Three minutes from home, I'm thinking...

    Did I check my derailleur battery?


    Should I?


    ... dang.

    It's red.

    Turning back goes against my core beliefs.
    Our dad drilled it into us...

    ... A Brown never turns back!

    I could have ridden on.
    It was probably barely red.
    But, what if it stopped working?

    I remembered the night J took a tumble off the side of a local single track.
    Busted his shifter right off...

    ... and was stuck in granny gear for 40 minutes.

    It took him forever to get anywhere.

    For sure, I didn't want that.

    Decision made.

    Normally, I'd swap one out with the other bikes and be on my way.

    Not this time.

    My steeds are down at the local bike shop waiting for service.

    I'd have to wait while my 1 battery charged up,
    which worked out great.

    My new shoes, which I purchased specifically for the MTB, needed an eversoslight adjustment in the cleats.

    Moral of the story?

    Always check your batteries...

    ... the night before your planned ride.

    If you're purchased a RaceDay Bag lately, then you should have this handy sticker.


    7.5 hrs
    1 RaceDay Ready Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 





    Aug 13, 2023 TODD BROWN

    EARLY SATURDAY, on my way to meet the gang, I blasted through a quiet park.  Cars and trucks were pulling in, people were piling out with their...

    ... pickleball paddles in hand.

    I've played a few times.
    It's pretty fun.
    Like tennis.

    Is it just me, or did pickleball rise at the same time e-bikes rose?
    What does that mean?

    Anyway, these guys and gals are all piling out to meet and play their new found love.

    I'm cool with that...

    • exercise
    • camaraderie
    • learning something new

    ... it's just nor for me,
    not right now.

    I decided a long time ago I'd rather be my best at 1 thing...

    ... than okay at many.

    Even then, 
    I'm not 100% committed to a segment of cycling.

    My cross training involves...

    • paddleboard surfing for balance, core and time with Surfergirl
    • long walks in deep sand for massage my feet
    • cross training every day for strength

    ... all activities that bolster cycling.

    My food choices tilt towards what an athlete would chose when going for lean vs bulky...

    • whole foods
    • lots of protein
    • little to no bread

    All decisions compound over time...

    ... and determine our destiny.

    Where do you want to go?
    How quickly do you want to get there?


    8.5 hrs
    no strength work
    20 minutes recovery
    90 minutes reading + Journaling 





    Aug 12, 2023 TODD BROWN

    I WAS PROBABLY GOING TOO FAST, heading back to the coast on an urban gravel road.  It was midday and hot, not too many people out.  I was mostly alone...

    ... and so was the dude I collided with.

    Generally, I'm pretty conservative on blind turns.

    Was I on this one?

    I'd left home just after 7am, on the gravel bike.  

    Hit some dirt on my way to CV...

    ... a local group ride, stocked with local hitters.

    According to the data, I registered new power numbers from 1 min to 20 min.

    It felt like it.

    The junior ahead of me on the La Paz climb (featured in the '84 Olympics), kept looking back to see if I was going to die...

    ... such was my breathing.

    30 minutes later, at the high point of the ride I peeled off and...

    ... climbed higher on dirt.

    At the top, I switched on my Incredibell to serve as an early warning...

    ... incoming missle.

    This little bell works pretty darn well as long as people are in front of me.

    It does not work around corners.

    So, there I am.  

    Most of the climbing out of the way...

    ... letting those big 45mm tires gobble up the dirt, dust and ruts.

    Around a blind turn, there is this dude.

    Cutting the corner too tight.

    I dive further inside, to my right.


    I lock the rear, kicking it to my right to change trajectory and try and get by him on the outside.

    No luck.

    Oh shift!!


    On my butt, 
    my back,

    I laid there for a sec...

    ... maybe for dramatic effect.

    He popped up worried he'd killed me (2nd time today).

    Super apologetic.

    We dusted off,
    shook hands,
    rode on.

    All good, just a few small flesh wounds.


    ... I got to the next climb.

    It's steep.

    I wanted to cruise, downshifted, and promptly threw my chain into the spokes.

    Oh, yeah...

    ... that dude's front tire went right into my derailleur.

    I now officially have zero bikes to ride.

    • Road bike, rear brake pressure.
    • Gravel bike, bent hanger.
    • MTB, suspension prep.

    Good thing tomorrow is the day of rest.


    7 hrs
    no strength work
    60 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 



    SOMETIMES WE FORGET WHY WE DO THE THINGS WE DO.  This week my friend Bart challenged me to answer a simple question...

    ... Why do you want to help people rip on raceday?

    Weirdly, it was difficult to answer concisely.

    My first take...

    Because I know if people will pick an A race, just 1 race a year, everything changes and improves:  nutrition, sleep, training, etc.

    ... he wasn't impressed.

    It's something deeper, think about it.

    When FB served me this memory today I realized a few things:

    • I've been helping people rip on raceday for decades
    • Not as a coach, or mentor
    • As a friend

    When I sent the post card above to my pal Jeff in 2011, it was just after his 9th Leadville.  He's had crazy, life changing experiences out there on that 100 miles MTB race...

    ... and hasn't always been able to finish, it's hard and shift happens.

    The following year, 2012, we were going back to complete his 10th race and get...

    ... the coveted 10th Giant Buckle.

    Not easy.

    The card I sent said this on the front:

    Out With A Bang 2012!

    On the back:

    Let's get your PR!

    A year later, we met up on the road to Leadville and he pulled out that card.  I'd forgotten about sending it to him.

    It's been on my desk for months!

    He really went all in that year.

    • Hired a coach
    • A nutritionist 
    • Arranged work so he could train

    His family was super supportive of his quest.

    How'd it work out?

    PR, 8:12!
    On the podium (2nd I think).

    I tell you that, because I want you to know where I'm coming from when I say...

    ... I want YOU!, to Rip On RaceDay!

    There is no better feeling than setting an outrageous goal,
    going all in to accomplish it,
    making it reality.

    I have experienced it many times on and off the bike,
    during endurance races and personal challenges.

    Riding fast is something I've been blessed with,
    and I love helping other people discover what they can really do...

    ... on a bike.

    That is why I created the RaceDay Ready Challenge...

    ... I want to see you have the same experiences Jeff and I have had.

    PS It is easy to get hung up on the podium, or winning, or paid events.  They are awesome, and the podiums are a bonus.  However, I have had just as much of a thrill when Pete and I spent 6 months to get our PR up Harding Truck Trail.  

    Just us, on a given day.  

    We didn't break our goal of going under an hour,
    but we shattered our previous bests...

    ... still gives me tingles.


    7 hrs
    PushUps PullUps Squats
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 10, 2023 TODD BROWN

    A BIG PART OF RIDING FAST is feeling fast. There are a lot ways to do that, but here is one that is often discounted...

    ... looking awesome!


    Don't tell me you don't check yourself out before you saddle up, when you hit the bathroom, or...

    ... when you ride by giant windows!

    It ain't right or wrong,
    it just is something
    we all do.


    Because we are human,
    want to feel fierce,
    and be adored.

    Want an easy way to take your style to the next level?

    Accent what you have.


    One year, I wore a red helmet, red gloves and red socks...

    ... at every race.

    It was, and still is, a signal to my brain that it was time to...

    ... Rip On RaceDay!

    This shift matters.

    For a limited time, when you purchase a pair of gloves...

    ... you can get matching socks for FREE.

    We have lots of colors.

    What's your favorite?

    Do you have a suggestion?

    Go here:

    No code needed, savings calculated automatically at check out.


    8 hrs
    PushUps PullUps Squats
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 09, 2023 TODD BROWN

    HUSTLE CULTURE SAYS Respect the hustle, work culture says Do the work, Grind culture says I'm just grinding, to which I say...

    ... What the heck are y'all talking about?

    Is there something special we don't know about?

    You know what I think it is?

    I think, and I hope I'm wrong, it's just a way of saying...

    ... Look at me,
    it's a freakin' miracle,
    I'm actually focused on accomplishing something.

    Shouldn't doing great work be our default?
    Setting big goals be the norm?
    Being unrealistic common?

    I know it is for you,
    because you're reading this.

    What's our phrase then?

    Keep challenging yourself.

    Every day,
    in every way.



    7 hrs
    1 RaceDay Ready Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 08, 2023 TODD BROWN

    I'VE BEEN EXPERIMENTING WITH THE GRAVEL BIKE, and I've come to a few conclusions you might find noteworthy.  These little outings...

    ... have been flirting with road rides.

    It's a lot like all the benefits of motorpacing.

    Because of the extra drag from the jumbo treaded tires,
    the larger gaps between gears,
    and the more upright position...

    ... I am forced to ride a lot more efficient.

    Staying much closer to the rider ahead, in the best draft position possible is key to hanging on.

    The faster the speed, the more exaggerated the effort needed to stay with the group.

    At 27-32ish mph, our speed tonight, its a lot more challenging than when I'm on my road bike.

    A lot of that has to do with the gearing of my gravel bike:  38 x 10-52.

    This gearing forces me to spin faster or slower than I might if I was on my road bike.  In a sense it is less efficient...

    ... but, it's forcing me to be more adaptable and flexible with my cadence.

    What's the point?

    • To make the ride harder
    • To force me to be more efficient
    • To help me prepare for upcoming races

    Will it be helpful?

    I dunno,
    I think so. 

    I played it a bit conservative tonight, saving just a bit to make sure I didn't get dropped.

    Going forward, I think I can roll the dice a little more on this Tuesday afternoon ride.


    7.5 hrs
    1 RaceDay Ready Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 



    THE ODD THING ABOUT MY TIRE CHOICE FOR SATURDAY'S RACE was that I'd never ridden the tire before.  I mean I had, and I'd loved them, but never ridden...

    ... such a giant tire.

    Not on a gravel bike.

    Back in my day,
    why we'd roll them
    1.75" Ritchey World Cup SpeedMax tires.

    Almost exactly the same width as the 45mm Continental Terra Speeds I mounted for Saturday's 50 mile gravel race, with noted and feared rocky sections.

    I'd forgotten about those Ritcheys...

    Heck, we railed 
    and ripped,
    all trails.

    didn't matter.

    ... in the late 90's those 1.75s were my go to for epic rides and races.

    Here's the the thing, after the race I was rolling along on pavement next to a guy who outweighs me by at least 40lbs.  Were were on identically spec'd BMCs...

    ... and I was rolling away.

    Not exactly scientific, but confidence yielding for sure.

    This afternoon, I hit a well traveled dirt road I've ridden many times.  It's always pockmarked from horse hooves, and just bouncy enough to be annoying.

    Not today.
    Not on these 45s.

    It was smooth and enjoyable.

    For my next unscientific tests, I'll be hitting a few road group rides on this set up.  

    There's a point to all of this, so I'm glad you stuck around.

    As much as I disagree with the idea of rocking 2.4" MTB tires for XC racing,
    I disagree with as going skinny as possible for gravel racing.

    I think it's always faster to error on the side of comfort vs rigidity...

    ... taking that edge off, 
    leaves us fresher,
    and sharp,
    and fast.

    That's just me.

    What's your preference?


    7.5 hrs
    1 RaceDay Ready Circuit
    20 minutes recovery
    90 minutes reading + Journaling 





    YESTERDAY'S RACE WENT PERFECT.  From start to finish, I felt amazing.  And, from the looks of my competitors, even though we'd put in massive efforts and were exhausted...

    ... most of us had the same look.

    Young, old.

    All of us were happy,
    and smiling.

    How could that be?
    How could there be joy in so thoroughly flogging ourselves?

    You know the answer to that

    Here's the real question...

    ... is that the key to fountain of youth?

    If so, why?

    Unequivocally, yes.


    Because it's child's play.

    The great Dan Sullivan says (warns?)...

    ... As you age you must continually get younger friends.

    For most people, that isn't relevant.
    For us, it is.

    If we don't, we,
    the active,
    the childish, 
    the energetic,
    will find ourselves alone.

    When endlessly fascinated with something,
    like we are with
    these races, 
    or business,
    or writing...

    ... we don't retire,
    we keep getting better,
    closer to our maximum potential.

    (Sometimes I feel I need to explain that sentiment.  If I knew what I know now, and had the time I have now, I would have been waywayway faster than I am now.  Now, I'm just a lot closer than I've even been to my potential.)

    Stay young my friends.




    8 hrs
    No Strength
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 05, 2023 TODD BROWN

    THE QUESTION FOR THOSE REALLY INTO IT WAS, would a mountain bike or a gravel bike be faster at the Tour De Big Bear Gravel Race.  The serious cats had pre-ridden and made their decisions...

    ... I committed to honor the spirt of gravel.

    Can I say that without making someone getting lycra hurt?

    Of course.

    Grab some fries and let me splain it.

    The best part about gravel is it is all spirit. 

    There are no rules.

    Riders think there are...

    • hipster mustache
    • monochrome kit
    • no coordinated teamwork

    ... there aren't.

    I saw everything today...

    • Gravel bikes
    • CX bikes
    • MTBs
    • Wild kits
    • Boys
    • Girls
    • Camelbaks
    • Excellent teamwork 

    ... and lots of rocks in certain spots.

    Not everywhere,
    but, enough in certain spots
    to shred tires,
    cause crashes, 
    and, in my case,
    bounce bottles out of the best cages in the world.

    I'd estimate about 50% of our time was spent off road,
    even though there was a little more mileage on the pavement.

    As I said, there are no rules in gravel which is why it's a little hard to explain to friends and family.

    I rode 25 miles on pavement,
    19 or so on gravel roads,
    the rest on singletrack.

    Look at the results.

    1st MTB
    2nd MTB
    3rd Gravel (lil ol me)
    4th MTB
    5th MTB

    I'd guess about 10% of the bikes on course were MTBs.

    Here's why I think gravel was the fastest today.

    My friend Eric won, on his MTB.
    About 6 minutes ahead of me.

    My friend Tim and I and one other came in together.

    Generally speaking, Tim usually beats me on races under 3 hours.  Eric always beats me into the ground.

    Seeing that we came in not far behind Eric, and that the gravel bike was a lot faster on the last 4ish miles of pavement...

    ... I think I made the right choice for me.

    They would get away from me on the rocky sections,
    we were about even on the flowy single track,
    and I'd catch back on any time it was 
    smooth or paved.

    My set up:

    • BMC URS - a gravel bike for rowdy terrain
    • Continental Terra Speed 45mm Tires, 32 lbs rear, 30 lbs front
    • 2.3 water bottles of 2 scoops of Skratch 
    • 2 Honey Stinger Waffles
    • 5 Salt Stick chewable tablets
    • Kask Protone Helmet
    • PEDAL industries Aero Jersey and Pro Bibs and Race Socks and Race Gloves.

    What would I do different?

    Not much.

    I've thought about rubberbands or something for the bottles, but seems like a hassle and these bottle cages from Arundel rarely let me down.

    Nutrition was perfect, even with launching the mostly full bottle.

    For me, the spirit of gravel is the versatility of skills that is required
    in the bike handling and equipment set up.

    The unknown,
    the adventure.


    6.5 hrs
    No Strength
    20 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling 




    Aug 04, 2023 TODD BROWN

    RACEDAY, I love it.  Everything about it.  The months of training, the weeks of bike prep, the openers the day before, the startline jitters, the first pedal stroke, the finish line, the afterglow...

    ... so, let's stop calling it RaceDay.

    There is a much better title:

    Inspired Testing Day. 


    Well, think about it.

    We always have our most inspired and epic efforts on raceday.  Nothing brings out our best than...

    ... the energy of the masses getting after it.

    It's a test to see how well we do against others.
    They feel it.
    We feel it.

    The leaderboard shows it.

    What the leaderboard doesn't always show, never shows really...

    ... is what was left in our reserves.

    A whole lot.
    Not much.

    Nothing is always the goal for me.

    To know we gave all we had to give,
    regardless of circumstances,
    is the test.

    We're the only ones that know...

    • Everything was perfect
    • Nothing worked.
    • Work took out a bunch of training
    • The derailler malfunctioned
    • The baby was colicky 
    • We got sick the night before
    • yada, yada, yada

    ... and it's best to keep it that way, to ourselves,
    unless asked.

    Hard to do,
    but, still the best policy.

    So, whenever your next race is, 
    I hope/pray/trust all goes perfect for you...

    ... either way, I know I'll be inspired if you let me know how it all went down.

    Is it really R.I.P. for Rip On RaceDay?...

    ... nah, just wanted to try an inspire ya to give it everything.

    It's your test.


    7.5 hrs
    No Strenght
    0 minutes recovery
    60 minutes reading + Journaling