SUPER DAVE KOESEL HAS LANDED ON TOP OF 3T NORTH AMERICA, and allowed me to check out the view with the company’s latest award-winning creation: The Strada.

Check it out, he said.

Dave is very precise, all about the math and science and research.

I go on feel, intuition and my gut.

the Strada looks really cool, and fast

Every single unnecessary part has been deleted from the bike, like a front chain ring and derailleur.  Everything else has been trimmed and slimmed and hidden from the wind.

the disc brakes are fantastic

I’ve ridden disc brakes off-road for over a decade.  Why aren’t all road bikes equipped with discs by now?  It’s night and day, the difference in braking quality.

the 1X drivetrain is simple

Simply shifting the chain across the cassette with no front chain ring options to consider is very nice.  The set up on the tester was a mid-level mechanical SRAM model, I can only imagine how awesome it would be with an electronic derailleur and the shifting duties split between left and right hands.

big tires, big comfort

Dave loves his numbers, and he pulled out all the data showing the superiority of large tires… specifically which large tires give the greatest speed advantage.  With that added speed, comes added comfort.  Go big.

it’s stiff

The Strada has thru axels, front and rear.  These axels are supposed to greatly increase stiffness while accelerating.  All I can confirm is that the bike climbed much, much better than I anticipated.  I’m an outta the saddle climber, and I love the way this bike feels under massive (well, all I’ve got) torque.

The future is simple, aero and fast.



We have about 15 spots left, I hope YOU can make it.