*** CHRIS WAS TAKEN OUT BY A DEER LAST WEEK... he thought he could make our October 11 event, but doctor says surgery this Thursday.  We are  rescheduled for November 1st. ***

Deer details are here: http://trainright.com/collarbone-real-advice-common-cycling-injury/

On November 1st (reschuduled from 10/11) a few of us, a maximum of 8, are going to have dinner with Chris and get the juicy stories and specific ideas only he can share.  The rest of us, will join for dessert and a live podcast with Brian Co - the SoCal Cyclist.

Brian Co will be doing a live Podcast of The SoCal Cyclist.  You may have heard him handing the press conference at Tour of California.  He's awesome.

... I hope you can make it ...

Here are your two options:

5:00 PM - Dinner for 8

This is your personal chance to converse with one of the most influential people in cycling today.

Includes your choice from Guicho's - San Clemente's wonderful Itallian cuisine.  

A signed copy of Chris' book

1 month of coaching from CTS.  

Plus, a few other goodies.

7:00 PM - Dessert

Includes a delicious helping of sugar and fat - it's the offseason - while participating in the live taping of The SoCal Cyclist podcast. 

Event is at PEDALindustries HQ - 232 Avenida Fabricante - San Clemente, CA 92673

(Bring your questions for Chris)

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