I FINALLY GOT A NEW AERO HELLMET... what was I waiting for????????

My previous aero helmet was the Giro with the face shield.  It looked cool, was rather hot... and was appropriated by my oldest when he came down with a serious case of I wanna race bikes... never to be seen again.

Yes, I know aero helmets are on par with aero wheels in terms of speed gains.

Yes, I know aero helmets cost a fraction - 10% - of aero wheels.

Yes, yes, yes... I dough kno' whattheheck I was thinkin'... why the hellmet did I wait so long?... so much speed to be gained for so few doll hairs.

If there was ever a ride to test it it was tonight...

... we were shedding riders from mile 0, blitzing the campground at 30mph, the gaggle of geese in full flight...

... and I felt pertty dern good, making all the breaks that mattered and surprising myself in the long, long, long sprint - not a V, but def in the hunt.

Is this scientific?


The science has already been done... aero helmet = aero wheels.

It's just me lettin' ya know my new aero helmet feels extrasuperfast, has great cooling properties, and makes me look even sexier - not easy.

If there's a knock, it's that you can't flip your glasses upside down and slide into the helmet.  

This is FRO - For Race Only...

... and it's fast as hell.

Of course, I chose black... 'cause black shoes and black helmets make great kit frames.  No black isn't hotter, especially when you're going this fast.

Now remember...  fast wheels are $3000, fast helmet is $300... speed gains, according to pointy heads, are about equal... costs not even close.

Also remember... that if you're part of the PEDALposse, you save 25% with your special code.

If yer not part of the PEDALposse, use SAVE10.


163.8 lbs 
Coach Loran #6 + pull-ups
8 hours sleep


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