Join The PEDALposse

The PEDALposse

$20 / mo

OUR PROMISE: to deliver in unexpected ways

What do I get?
You really have to join to know.


Can you give me a hint?
Most months we send out a special gift (socks, gloves, bottles, t's, lumps of coal) plus a printed on real paper newsletter called Campfire Stories.


Are there special events or access?
Yes, but they're on hold right now with Covid.


Is this a bike club?
No. Stay in your club or we'll help you start one.


How will I get better?
Start with coach Loran's off the bike workouts for on the bike domination.


Does this support the blog?
You better believe it!... and it's much appreciated.


But, whatever you do... DO NOT JOIN for this reason - even though it's awesome!
25% off on all purchases (with a few exceptions)


Can I quit?
You can quit at any time, but you can never come back.