Sunny Days Are Here Again

As a cycling event promoter I haven’t had to worry about the weather too much.  The TMWC is in July and the SoCal Cycling Summit was in doors at Oakley’s HQ.  As a cyclist in Southern California, rainy days equal rest days.  It’s been wet and cold for months, and that has been on my mind more than ever as we prepare for our very first HUNKR.

I’ve monitored the registration rates at other cycling events this year and 90% of the participants are signing up the week of the event.  It’s an element we like to keep hush-hush, but it’s stressful nonetheless.  Imagine planning a wedding and not getting any RSVP’s until a few days before – yikes!

While it’s impossible to predict… I can firmly say whether your coming from Silverado (Amber Neben) or San Francisco (Ted King) or Los Angeles (Rahsaan Bahati) or San Diego (Thurlo Rogers) it’s looking like a perrrrrfect riding weather for HUNKR – OC on 3/18/17.

All those days of mist and chill and rain, when you threw your leg over the saddle and went for a pedal, are going to pay off.  You were passionate enough to brave the elements or mount the trainer.  Bring that fire when you go for your personal best over a 100 kilometer course on the only “country” roads in Orange County.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep getting things ready for ya!