MY BUDDY BART QUIT RIDING SO HE COULD COMPETE IN BODYBUILDING, and it got me thinking… how much does food affect performance?  Because…

… he’s lost 6 lbs from his cycling fighting weight

put on a ton of muscle

works out less than an hour a day

and completely transformed his body…

He was already a lean and disciplined athlete and fast as hell on a bike, so how the heck did he gain muscle and drop weight?

In his words, the diet is the secret… that’s how you build your body.

He’s shared the food regimen with me over the past year.  It’s very bland, and very complex in ways I hadn’t considered.  Basically, it’s boiled chicken and rice.  Every meal.  Butt (yes, it’s a big but), some days are all chicken, some days mostly rice, and some days are a mix.

I’m simplifying a bit, but the point is what you eat and when you eat and the ratios of protein and carbs matters a lot.

The specific training is important, but the food makes the difference between a girlyman and a beefcake.

And that’s what I’m wondering about today…

What’s the optimal diet for a cyclist who wants to be FASTer?

I can’t wait to sit down with Chris Carmichael and learn.

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