THERE ARE A LOT THINGS I CAN HANDLE but one of them isn't having someone else ride my bike.  That ain't the kind of swinging I'm into... and before you go wondering what kind of swinging I am into, there's only one kind... swinging my bike off the lift at Deer Valley.

Which is exactly what I hope to do at some point this summer.

And if it ain't there I hope it's at Mammoth or Big Bear.

All three?

It's weird that I'm totally down for riding a lift up to rip down a mountain, but heartily against e-bikes for those in good health.

Hypocritical?  I dunno.

There's just something thrilling about getting up the mountain under my own power when there's no lift, and checking out all the trails while being hoisted when there is a lift.

Maybe when it comes down to it, I'm just too lazy to worry about one more dawgawn thing to charge in my life...

... other than life it self?

It's the time of the month I always feel badly for the non-PEDALposse readers who missed out on what we're up to in the Posse.

People like Charlie who are about to make a sizable purchase and coulda saved a ton by joining... like $100.

People like Skyler who are so obviously weak in their core... coulda been training with Coach Loran.

And the rest of ya's... cause this week we're shipping out the first Campfire Story to the Posse.  Campfire Stories are a behind the scenes look into how we do things at work and play. 

In this issue I'm diving deep into the details of how we are navigating the virus using a cycling skill you may or may not have.  Miraculously, we have thrived as the government has shut down our factory, our supply chain has been wobbly at best, and a host of other challenges you too may be facing.

Oh, and the Posse will also be receiving a sweet, exclusive t-shirt.

I'll probably never do this again, let someone jump in after the 1st, but things have been so kooky lately it seems like the right thing to do.

If you join before Friday, June 12th, you'll get this month's mailing.

Check it out:


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