COACH LORAN KICKED MY BUTT AGAIN TODAY.  Yep, we hit the gluts and abs hard.  She said something off the cuff, but I thought it was super profound.

It's 20 minutes Todd, 2% of your day... everybody's got 20 minutes.

I had to do the math.  It didn't seem right.  But, it's right.  20 minutes is 2% of 16 hours of wakey time.

And you know what's cool about that?

That 2%, spent wisely can equal 2% or more faster on the bike.  

Where do I notice that strength?  On the long climbs and long rides.  Sprinting up little climbs, or just straight up sprinting.

Strength equals speed.

Where do you find another 2%?  I find it either first thing in the morning, or in the evening when I unwind.

Or you could just be a lazy sloth.


Anyway, Loran and I are spending more than 2% of our days creating videos so you too and get some free speed.

They'll be included with the PEDALposse.


164 lbs 
Abs/Gluts/38 pullups
7.5 hours sleep


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