The first time it felt so good.  The starter said Go!, and I went, and then it was over...

... premature acceleration.

The next time out, surely I'd gotten a handle on things...

... I led right up until the finish line.

Next I tried the long range attack...

... only to drop my bomb a good half mile from the mark.

If you've ever hung your head in frustration at never timing your max just perfect, then this post is for you.

Yes, you, regardless of age or experience, can do better.

You may never win, but there's no reason to misfire your big fire.

So, here are 3 things you gotta do:

  • Be a warrior: practice sprint, by yourself.  Go find a nice straight road with at least 4 well spaced light posts.  Roll into the first one at 70%, shift and go faster until the second one, shift and go 9/10ths until the 3rd... here is where the warriors displace the weekenders, go all out to that fourth post.  It's gonna burn, you're gonna wobble, the lungs will be searing and the slobber sloshing.  Be a warrior.
  • Own the lights.  Don't just lazily clip in and yawn your way back up to speed.  Grab those bars, snap those cleats, and get to ramming speed as quickly as possible.  
  • Latch onto the best.  Those first two will help you with this one.  Find the fastest wheel in your group - a skill you need to hone in and of itself.  Now, every time there is a sprint get on that wheel.  Superglue yourself.  And watch... don't even try and come around or win... just latch on.  Notice how he gets up to speed, how he out maneuvers the others, and how far out he launches this final effort.

These 3 practices are still practiced by yours Diesely, because they work.

Want more?... well, here's the place...


I know, it's a little unclear.  There's a reason for that.  For those who join, it's real clear.


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