I VOLUNTEER MENTOR LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLERS.  One of the kids has taken to riding his dad's waytoobig bike - dad 6'2", kid 5'6".

But, he loves it anyway.

Today he asked, How do you ride in the winter?

I rattled off... I bundle up and ride early or I commute to work and take a long route home for lunch or I bundle up and ride late.

His look said it all...

Kid, what do you wear when you ride?

Board shorts and a t-shirt.

Oh man... we gotta fix that.  Git over to the office so we can get you kitted up.

HAHAHA... I said to myself as he walked out.  Another day and another dollar...

Just kiddin' y'all!

I know we've got some older style gear we are closing out that will fit him perfectly... and I'm stoke to givvit to him.

Why? you ask?

Well, once upon a time we used to have a slow production system so we'd order a lot of product and hope it would sell.

That's a tough way to operate.

Now we are fast.

Kits take about 3 weeks to make - your custom design or one of our designs.

We keep our inventory lean and are constantly replenishing.

Consequently, our closeouts are almost sold out.

Which is a very good way to operate.

 Maybe you'll get lucky like the kid and find something in your size, too?


164.4 lbs 
7.5 hours sleep

Ride with us: click for info.

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