I VIVIDLY REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME I SHAVED MY LEGS.  It was like cutting down my manhood.  A slow, torturous cutting.  Not because it hurt, but because I was a virgin.

Should I trim first?

Shaving cream or soap?

Shower or tub?

So many doubts... first and foremost being, how much ridicule am I gonna endure from the guys.

But, these are things we do when we're passionate.  And there's a lot more peculiarity about us, hence the ceaseless questions:

You rode how far?
You're eating what?
You're going to bed now?
You spent how much on a bike?
... and my favorite...
... is that really fun?

In my world, where it's Hell yeah or No, I no longer care what is said or questioned.  I know for a fact...

I'm younger
and a helluvalot more fun than my contemporaries.

Which I think is the whole point of Emerson's essay titled Self-Reliance.  If you've never read it, read it.  I wish I'd found it a hundred years ago.  It's free on the web or a couple of bucks in print.

Here are a few gems:

  • Trust thyself.
  • Envy is ignorance... imitation is suicide.
  • A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work, and done his best.
  • Society everywhere is in a conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members.
  • Be a nonconformist.
  • I must do all that concerns me, not what other people think.
  • If we live truly, we shall see truly.
  • Nature suffers nothing to remain in her kingdom which cannot help itself.
  • God is here within.
  • He does not postpone life, but lives already.
  • With the exercise of self-trust, new powers shall appear.
  • Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

Maybe there's one you can put to use this week... me, I'll be doing all that concerns me and PEDALindustries.

It was that very thought that got me cranking out July's Campfire Stories for the PEDALposse...

... if you're in to being on the inside of what we're up to, check it out:


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