MORE THAN ONE COMMENTED ON MY SVELTNESS THIS MORNING.  I'm trying another kooky diet, slight inspired by MikeyG and a Tim Ferriss podcast:  only fruit till Noon every day... I add a few handfuls of nuts if I'm not satiated. 

That's in addition to my other whacky breakthrough for lunch:  El Pollo Loco Leg Lovers - 3 legs, salad and broccoli... this takes a while to eat, and leaves me feeling full for about 30 minutes.  Weird.  So I supplement that largely with carrots and celery with peanut butter.

Then there's dinner:  lots of vegetables.

Oh, and sardines are in there 3-5 days a week for added protein.

You might think the same as my brother when I told him of my latest adventures in food:  

Bro, sounds like you're just hungry all the time... 

... and that's partly true, but I've found it easy to do now that I'm about a month into it.

You do get what you pay for... I pay for a lot of fruits and vegetables at Costco.  As empty nesters this was previous folly, but now I can mow through most of the food before it goes bad.  (I know #firstworldproblems).

There's another pay off too... I'm down about 4lbs, about .5lbs a week.  I just might make the college weight, which I was last down to in 2002.
But, the real pay off came today:  I felt wonderful on the bike.
The pain of skipping a few crappy calories,
Is nothing compared to the joy of a scrappy day with the crew.
Ride with us: click for info.

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