THE SITUATION I'M ABOUT TO DESCRIBE ACTUALLY HAPPENED, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Motorpacing:  the ages old training method of riding right on the fender of a motorcycle to work on your speed or riding right on the bumper of your team car to catch back up to the peloton.

This wasn't motorpacing.

This was Todderpacing.

I was late, going all out to catch the fellas... and uh-oh, there's one of 'em now... fixing a flat, nearly done.  We get 'im situated and I look into his eyes... we both know I'm a wee bit faster than him and there's only one way we're gonna catch...

You've got to stay right on my wheel!


Todderpacing, named after some weirdo, is where the stronger friend goes to the front and the slower friend hangs on.

It's a great way to train for each friend.

The Todder, the rider on the front, must go right at his maximum without dropping the friend.  This requires keeping the power very, very even and smooth and picking the cleanest of lines through turns.  

The friend, the rider hanging on, must stay pegged to the Todder's rear wheel.  Any gap opened up and the friend will be ejected.  The friend must also resist pulling through when feeling rested - often called premature acceleration -  as this will cause the friend to tucker out and get ejected.

Todderpacing is a fine way for two friends of unequal speed to train together and have a ball.

I highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend you check out the PEDALposse.

Especially since we changed the look...

... and might I add, especially if you enjoy these emails and want a deeper connection to what we're up to.

I know it's sounds mysterious, but there's a reason for that.


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