I HAD BEEN IN AIRPLANE POSE FOR A LONG TIME THIS MORNING, starting to wobble, recentered my focus... 

... me thought, this reminds me of cycling...

... there it was...

... all the discipline to remain calm, control my breathing and focus on a point ahead was just like focusing on the wheel of a much stronger rider trying to drop me or on my heart rate when chasing a PR on a long climb...

... I held the pose longer, got steadier and felt stronger...

... the burn turned exquisite.

Little did I know that fleeting hmmmm would ring true tonight.

Our semi-tame group ride has developed a nasty habit of hauling@$$ from the getgo... and with a raging tailwind to hook onto... the group was quickly blown to bits, and there I was...

... holding on for dear life, trying to remain calm, control my breathing and focus on EasyE's butt as we bridged across the gap.

His man pullllllls.
My oldman pulls.

In one of Starva's paradoxes, the weakest of the break of five snagged the KOM.... yours Diesely.

===> Stop the presses... I was just notified by our digital overlords that EasyE now owns the KOM... balance has been restored to the Starvaverse <===

Did the yoga help me get across?


If ye be into finding speed and power off the bike, if thy soul yearns fer more let me introduce you to Coach Loran, Queen of Core, Princess of Planks and my thriceweekly nightmare.

She's part of the PEDALposse... and helps us be strong and hearty on and off the bike.

Check it out:

Yes, she rides... one of the more gifted descenders you'll ever meet.

164.4 lbs 
Coach Loran Live
7.5 hours sleep