WHEN I PLAYED FOR THE EAGLES… wait… say that again… he smiles, When I played for the eagles… (really, how could I forget that?)… say it one more time…

When I played for the Eagles, in Philadelphia…

He didn’t offer this, it came up in conversation about college football – the one thing that makes me question why I cut the cord.

Post ride, we ate at Pipes.

He’s a San Diego kid, living in AZ now.  He walked on at BYU (no scholarship) and wound up the starting middle linebacker, basically the Kobe Bryant of the defense.  Then, he tried out and made the Eagles… I think it was very brief, not positive.  But, who cares?  He was a pro.

I miss Pipes.

‘so good, I confirm and get on with what I gotta know…

Hey, what kind of weight training did you do as a football player? (Ya know, because I bought that book)

At BYU, we’d lift for 4 hours in the morning.  I was so wasted, I’d go home and sleep for 4 hours then go back to the field for 7 on 7 passing drills.

That sounds crazy.

It was, we weren’t very sophisticated.

What about as a pro?

The most enlightened training I ever did was the winter before the combine.  I hired a coach to get me ready.  He was much more about recovery, stretching, plyometrics, nutrition, rest.  We never over did it.  I felt great.  Best I’d ever felt in my life.

What was the dumbest workout you ever did?

At BYU, one day they had us squat our weight to failure.

How many did you do?

I squatted 260 lbs 97 times.

What?! That’s nuts!

How long did it take?  (I’m thinking like an hour, right?)

About 2 1/2 minutes.

I’m speechless.

(he’s worked incredibly hard to shed 70 lbs of muscle)