When Every Trail Reminds You

Big, long road trip today.  Utah bound.  Kids are graduating from “the BYU”… 31 years after The Old Diesel – now that’s wild to me. It seems like yesterday, but…

…I’ve packed a lifetime in my lifetime by taking lots of detours.

Some detours are good enough to repeat, like today’s hike in Kolob Canyon.

Other detours become journeys.

And some are duds.

Keep barreling down the highway in a hurry, trying to be somewhere, and you’ll get there.

kolob cabin
Fife cabin, built in the 1930’s  Most likely a summer home, to get out of the heat.  Talk about a piece of heaven on Earth.
kolob trail
Which trails are you taking?
The graduates, Shane and Abbey. Abbey starts her Masters at Long Beach State in the Fall. Shane is off to Deloitte, the consulting side (Trevor is on the accounting side, the brothers are excited to be working together.)