I FIND PEOPLE WANTING TO GIVE ME ADVICE ALL THE TIME.  Most of the time they have with zero experience in what I do.  Here's how I handle it.

The worst advice starts with Don't...

I say this for the very simple reason we can't see negatives.  Don't think of an elephant.  You see it right?  Ever heard this... Don't crash?

Did this have anything to do with the reporter who quizzed young Remco Evenepoel before his last race?

Don't you think the treacherous downhill will be a factor?

No, I do not think the treacherous course will be a factor.

Well... he came around a tight corner clipped his pedal on unmarked outcropping and fell off a bridge.  Pelvis broken.  Season over.

Yes!... I AM justsaying... ignore it, run from that wellmeaning fool.

Other bad advice begins with You should...

Now, if this is coming from your highly paid cycling coach regarding your cycling it's probably good.  If it's coming from your wellmeaning ________, do the opposite, especially if it's racing advice.

I had a wise old friend say you should just ride on feel. Go fast when you want, easy when you want.  Listen to your body. I was young and stupid so I listened.  Then I showed up to the next race and got shelled.

So there you have it.

Ignore the Don'ts  and Shoulds from those who shouldn't advise what they don't know.

Here's what I do know...

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