What The FUNKR?

Making a game of sport is all the rage.  And look, racing a bicycle is hard… making a game of it can take some sting out of the efforts.  Isn’t that what Strava has done?  Well, check out what we’re doing over at HUNKR.

We created FUNKR, because…

Going for your personal record at HUNKR is fun, going for it with 5 or more friends is FUNKR!

Our top-secret software and supercomputer will take the five fastest times of your team and rank y’all against all the other FUNKR teams..  Then we’ll call up the fastest and shower you with gifts and trophies.  How FUNKR is that?

There are 3 categories:

All ladies?  You’ll be competing with other ladies.

All dudes?  Same.

Mixed?… ah, mixed.  Everybody’s thinking, “we could win mixed, all we need is a fast girl”.  Maybe, who knows?  Could be 4 fast ladies and some fast dude.  Ya see our technology is so savvy, it will scan for the fastest mixed group.  Just remember, you have to have at least 1 member of the opposite sex be in your top 5 fastest times.

Let the FUNKR begin.

Those cats crack me up… thinking so hard… “well, what about… you know that crazy fast kid that came on the ride that one time?”… HUNKR down boys and girls it’s FUNKR time.