DO YOU HAVE AN INSPIRATIONAL AVATAR?  You know, are you a Marvel super-hero:  Wonder Woman, Flash, Thor?  Are you Rocky screaming “Adrien!” bleeding and victorious?  Do you go to sleep dreaming of the RoadRunner – faster and smarter than a pack of coyotes?

It’s one thing to be yourself, it’s quite another to be more than yourself.

So, who are you?

I decided to splurge a little and create my own avatar.  I wanted something I could print up to remind me in times of weakness and despair.  For racing for sure, but also for the other times when things just aren’t spinning quite right.

There are two songs that surface when the racing really hurts:  Fly Like An Eagle and Hungry Like A Wolf.

My avatar had to be an animal.

Which one?

Wolf or Eagle.

Wolves are hunters, they hunt in packs… but I’m drawn to the lone wolf, all the senses on high alert, ready to prey.

Eagles soar, their eyes seeing where to swoop and attack.

What style?

I always liked the timelessness of the Ferrari logo, the prancing horse.  The flat, 2-dimensional look in a single color exuding pride, power and an untamable energy.

It took about a month, working with our design team to create what I was looking for.  An avatar that meant something to me: speed, soaring, fierceness, the lone hunter.

I’d love to know your avatar… you have one, right?