RACER GIBSON IS THE ONLY GUY I TRUST to work on my bike.  Tyler didn’t even hesitate.

I’m in a bind.

600 miles from my local bike shop, and I got a problem I can’t fix:  outta true rear wheel, creaky BB, misadjusted derailleurs.  This is unpleasant at any time, and magnified with the whole point of being out of town being to race that darn bike.

I need someone I can trust, and Tyler is a local friend in the area.

Racer Gibson, that’s his real name – legally changed.  Look him up.

He’s easily found on the web.

I shoot him a text.  He promptly replies.  We set up a time.

He shows up.  Super nice.

I gotta know… Is Racer really your name?

Yep.  Worked at a bike shop with 3 Jareds and I was the only one that raced.  It’s legally changed now.

I gotta know this too… How’s the mobil business?

Great.  I owned a shop for 15 years and some developers bought the building.

Of course, you have to go with a guy named Racer, who races, and has owned a shop for 16+ years.

But, that’s not why I didn’t hesitate to call him.

It’s not his name, it’s the “name” he’s built by being awesome…

… let’s see you dot com that …

(he really test rides his work)

(If you’re ever in a bind in Provo, UT)