What Is Makes A Standout Ride?

STANDOUT RIDES: more memorable, more demanding, more re-living it over food, and someone – maybe you – shoots some stills, maybe video to prove it happened.

If you and I were riding together – I wish we were right now – and I asked you to name a standout ride… well, there’s no telling the length of your tale

I’d listen, and we’d revel.

When, where, how far, who… shining from you, lighting up my mind.

HUNKRs are like that:

For OC, we’ll be on the best country road in the county.  It’ll be beautiful.  Some of the course is only accessible with special permission, and will be all new to (most of) you.

You’ll be prepped and out there with other riders.  The energy will thrill you, and push you to cover 100 kilometers… you’ll be getting after your personal record.

When you finish we’ll have a delightful meal for you.  Refueling and re-telling your day with your friends – nothing better.

As you relax we’ll be color correcting and editing your photo(s), and in a day or two you’ll have the digital proof to post up on the interwebs.

We can’t wait to serve you.

PS I’ve been asked lately if HUNKR is for first timers… of course it is, because there’s always time for a Standout Ride!  Just pick your starting group based on your pace, and have a blast.