What I Want From My Bike Shop

I want my bike shop to know more than I know about the latest and greatest.

I want them to be able to understand my goals and help me achieve them.

I want them to suggest the very best product for me.

And, I want them to stand behind their product if/when it fails.

For example, last night I went to buy new tires.  They suggested I go with a new tire.

“It’s the best.  The fastest.  Made by the same guys that developed the tire you love, but now they work for a new company.  And, it’s cheaper.  Plus, I’ve been on it for 1300 miles and loved it.”

How could I resist?

I’m super loyal and it takes a lot to get me to switch brands, but they had me on this one.  So, I followed their suggestion even though my spider-sense was screaming “nooooooooo!”.

10 miles into my ride over to The TMWC I sliced the sidewall.

Now, when you prep the night before for 20 minutes making sure everything is ready to roll for your 5AM wake up call… you get up groggy and foggy… hustle to meet the fellas… and slowly amp up the energy for the weekly ride… and your new tire fails miserably…

… dawgawnit!…

It wasn’t the end of the world, it just sorta sucked in a most sucky way.

Fortunately, I roll prepared with a tube, air, AND a $1 bill… there’s nothing better than a $1 bill to boot a tire.  I hung my head and did the “walk of shame” ride back home.

The shop guys felt bad.  They agreed the sidewall was ridiculously thin and gave me full credit for both new tires towards my old, trusty tires (Continental GP 4000s ll’s).

Did they do me wrong by making the switch?  No.  I’d much prefer the shop to be on the lookout for newbetterfaster product.  And I’d much rather test it on a weekly group ride than on race day.

It’s all good.

A truly pathetic sidewall supported by a $1 bill.
A truly pathetic sidewall supported by a $1 bill.