HAD A CAT NOTICE MY WEIGHT'S BEEN GOING UP.   TBH, it kinda freaked me out that people actually look at that.  Made me think I should stop posting.  Made me wonder why folks actually believe I'm posting real stats.  Then... I hearkened back to the day I first posted my weight.

It was in high 170's.

Now, It's in the mid 160's.

And that's f'real weight... when I first wake up.

And it's every day.

Because the only way to tell how what I'm eatin' is affectin' what I'm weighin' is by weighin' every day'n.

How'd I do it?

  1. Weigh same time, every day.
  2. Record it on an app.
  3. Tell a friend, or 1000s like I do.

If you're serious:

  1. No bread or baked goods
  2. No packaged foods
  3. Lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts

Keep it real...

  1. Cheat once a week - I cheat on Sunday
  2. If anybody asks if you're on a diet... No, I'm an athlete.
  3. Have fun with it.

And to that cat who commented... yeah, I typically gain a few pounds after a big day like Saturday - 7 1/2 hours, 80 miles, 10,280' of vert.  And I cheated a lot on Sunday.  It'll be gone soon... and thanks for calling me out, that's why I post it.

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Tasty GQ6... I like 2 scoops in my big bottle.

Salt Stick chews... I keep them in a TicTac box.  The roll out one at a time and into my mouth to suck on while I ride.

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166.6 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
7.5 hours sleep