What A Crappy Way To Lose!

It’s racing right?  Your competitor has a mishap and you capitalize… all’s fair in love and war and racing… where is the line that gets crossed when the race is on?  The pros do all kinds of respectful waiting and gentlemanly things we’d never, ever see at a local race.  Maybe it’s the TV cameras that brings out the best in the pros?  Whatever… something was definitely coming out of Tom Dumoulin at just the wrong moment during Stage 16 of the Giro D’Italia today.

While he was dumping, the race leaders did some dumping of their own… leaving poor Tom behind to clean up his own mess.

He lost of 2 minutes of his overall lead, and just “clings” to the pink jersey.

Should the top guys have waited?

I dunno.

They certainly didn’t wait for Geraint Thomas when a moto took him and his teammate out during the first week.

I thought it was cool when Tom waited up for Quintana a few race days back.  I’ve always thought it was cool that the pros would want to win with honor.

Probably because I’ll take a win any way I can.

Don’t you?