I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE DOODOO, the day before some bigrediculousginormous “ride”.  Leadville does this to me.  Nationals does it, too.  If it’s big, my body goes into hibernation.  Lethargy sets in.  Usually a little fluish.

I have a headache.  Sitting in bed, with the AC cranked.


All the smoke the past few days?


I’m taking Coldeezz, but it’s not a cold.  It’s just The Old Diesel in the station, doing it’s thing.

Next up, Why did I commit to this? conversations.  What was I thinking?  It’s an impossible challenge.  Just sleep in tomorrow and go eat a giant Belgian Waffle with whipped cream and real maple syrup from Canada.

Dinner is soon.  I’ll have no appetite, and will have to force myself to eat.

Then, it’s time to hit the hay.

I’m going to sleep GREAT tonight.  I can feel a big slumber coming one.  Deep.

The alarm is set for 4am.  I’ll get up, eat my sardines and beans and lay in bed.  Sleep some more. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

At 530, I’m up again.

I’d take a bath to heat up my legs, but we have a shower.  I’ll take care of #1 and #2, pump up the tires, take care of #1 and #2, hit the chain with a final shot of lube, take care of #1 and #2, and so on…

… until about 6:00 …

… and I’ll feel great, rested, youthful and ready to ride with 2000 of my closest friends …

(my body, ready to deliver… I hope)