Welcome To My World


Hi there… I’m Todd, and I want to “officially” welcome you to our world.

About 5 years ago, I shifted my talents for promotional marketing from the corporate world to the cycling world.

I started helping my local bike shop get some great T-shirts vs the boxy el cheapos they’d used before.

Soon we were cranking with customers like you, riders who appreciate quality and fit vs my corporate customers that wanted a junky give away.

From T’s we offered our canopies… same thing, the corporate guys wanted the cheap steel frames, and the cyclists loved the all aluminum, super light option.

Delivering greatness to people with a shared passion is so much fun!

That’s what we do at PEDALindustries. We get the cycling world killer product, and make your brand look awesome.

Sometimes seeing is believing, that’s why I want you to see first hand one of our products – in this case our t-shirts.

If you’re like me and would pay a couple of bucks more to get a killer T vs crap, then we gotta get one in your hands for FREE…

… I want this relationship to start out right, so the PEDALindustries T is on me.


I am going to WOW you with SO much value you’ll feel obligated to buy everything from me in the future (just kidding… kinda).

It’s the same t-shirt we use for DHDwear and many other brands.

Sound good?

Cool… pop your email address in here.


Todd “Your New Custom Guy” Brown

PS You’re going to get an email in a few minutes verifying you’re not a robot… you aren’t right?

PSS  The next email’s subject is “Poof, Business Goes Up In Flames”