We Gave Up A Long Time Ago

We gave up a long time ago and things got a lot better.  It didn’t happen over night, it takes discipline to realize where you can win and stay focused there.

Racing is always fun, racing events that suit our talents are more fun.  We perform better.  We connect better to the other competitors.  We enjoy the process a lot more.  Whether or not we actually beat everybody is not as important because we perform to our best level and that’s what it’s really all about.

The same thing has happens in business.  The more we focus on cycling specific products, the more we develop our own products, the more fun we have, the better we connect to our customers, the better we get with our processes, and whether or not we win all the business we try and get we are getting better every day.

It’s much better to focus on delighting ourselves racing and delighting our customers with incredible products.

(Some people take their customers golfing, we go riding.)FullSizeRender