THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO IN OUR BIKE COMMUNITY, where we are… and hopefully where you are, too!

More clubs.

More group rides.

More Fondos and Centuries.

More bikes for more surfaces.

Mobile mechanics, mobile apps.

Excellent blogs and podcasts.

“TV” covering cycling around the world for pennies.

Up in the South Bay there’s even an annual awards ceremony.

Everyone’s invited.  I’m going for the first time this year, and expect it will be filled with hilarity and hi-jinx.  Check it out.

But, some traditions are dying out.

It’s kind of like the restaurant business.

As a kid, my family ate at Coco’s and Love’s Barbeque.  Both companies had many locations.  They are gone.  Nobody has stopped eating, nobody is starving.  We’re fatter than ever.  The old have been replaced by the new, catering to new demands of new generations.

If dynamic changes aren’t taking place in your cycling community, get started.  Create a Facebook group, or a Strava club.  It’s free, and it’s a blast to stay in touch with each other.  Start a group ride.  Write a race report.  Put on an event.  Bike riders are so much fun to be around, help your community connect.

If you love the old traditions, get involved.  They are struggling due to lack of love, nothing more.  They don’t need to fade away, they need to adapt.  They need your energy.

Change is apedal, and we are richer for it in every way.


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