… we all wanna change the world

Matt Wenger is changing the world, AGAIN.

He did it before by creating the largest weekly mountain bike race in the world: Over The Hump.

Matt’s new creation is the Revolution Bike Fest, and it starts Friday.

He’s so pumped that asking him what it is all about is like getting hit with a fire hose.

Here’s the distilled version:

600+ bikes from 17 manufacturers for you to ride

New trails and a terrain park for you to punish said bikes on

Lots and lots and lots of fun activities for you and your family – especially the youngsters

This revolution is about expanding the joy of bikes to our families, and our friends.

Revolutions take dreams and make them reality.

Revolutions start with an invitation.

Here’s your invitation from Matt:

Couple of things: I got involved in the bike sport scene in 2007 to recover from a motorcycle accident, only to fall in love with the sport. What I didn’t realize is through the bike is that I’d found a cure for much of what ailed me (injury, anxiety and a pre-diabetes condition). Turns out even my work is now entrenched in this awesome community of amazing people that I get to ride with, spend time in the saddle, and grow in amazing friendships.  I’ve made amazing friends, discovered new places, and found an activity that I can do for years and enjoy the fun thrill of adrenaline and cardio fitness at the same time.

My top 3 reasons why you should stop in at Revolution for at least a day, this weekend:

  1. A Family Friendly bike event with something for everyone (Riders and innocent bystanders). Kid’s Fest activity center, with tons of fun geared for the 10 and under crowd, music and beer for the non-rider…..all that close to home; you don’t have to travel to Oregon for an epic ride weekend. It’s right here in SoCal.  And the whole family can enjoy the fun.
  • Road bike rides
  • Kid’s crafts
  • Mazda Corn Hole Tournament Saturday
  • Huge Exhibit area with brands, yummy food, and good beer.
  • Saturday all-day live concert, with 8 bands, including National Headliner “Dramarama”
  1. Your ticket allows you to ride over 600 bikes from 17 Bicycle Manufacturers all in one place (Most bike gurus have to make a pilgrim to the two international Bike Tradeshows to find this kind of stable.) Learn to embrace or reduce your carbon footprint: bike technology can cost more than a car, or as little as a pair of Tommy Hilfiger loafers. We’ll have it all here, but you don’t have to sell your car to have a great bike for you (unless you want to). Road bikes, gravel bikes, custom steel bikes, kid’s bikes, electric bikes, gravity gun bikes and all the awesome Orange County features to enjoy them.
  • Snow Summit closed last week, so we’ve built SoCal’s newest Bike Park right here at Irvine Lake, as a perfect test track for feeling out your demo rides.
  • What’s the big deal with Electric Bikes you ask? Try one and find out.  E-Bike demo course onsite. With 5 electric bike brands to rev up and go.
  • SRAM and Shimano bring out their newest component releases for onsite demos.
  1. We’ve sent out the beacon and they’re coming.  You should too.  Meet some of the most amazing people on the planet. You are awesome, and we want you to come join our 2 wheeled family.  The SoCal bike community is family is inclusive. I’ve learned more about life from friends on bikes or bike trips, gained new riding skills, following behind them, and developed life-long friendships that have traveled with me through the hardest times.

Revolution is kind of an anomaly, while most bike events throw a number on to bring out the competitive, this is less a test of testosterone and fitness, and more an outdoor life-lover’s fairy tail.

Big, small, girl, boy, local or traveling from out of state? Yep Revolution is for you.

We hope you’ll join us,

Revolution is bringing together all kinds of people, Life’s too short to be static, bored, or alone.  Bikes bring out the best in people- they connect us to our inner child, and early memories.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of bike, or where kids grow up, most of us remember riding to friends houses, heading to the 7-Eleven, or just doing circles on the cul de sac.  This is your chance travel back in time.

Discover your inner kid and bring your kids with you.

Tickets start at $25 for a day visit general entry ticket, $40 for the Live Music pass. Kids six and under are free. Weekend Full Experience Pass includes bus transportation to ride locations, 4 meals, 4 beers, all access pass, and entrance into all the great clinics, expo area, and more.

Revolution Bike Fest

Terrain park is taking shape.
Terrain park is taking shape.