Wanna Be Starting Something

It’s 530AM.  The speedo says 85.  Michael’s cranked:..

Wanna be starting something, gotta be starting something

At 730AM I’m gonna be racing my first SoCal business park crit in 22 years.  4 turns.  Wide straights.  Thunderous announcing.  I recognize a few of the names from the Race Predictor… which has me predicted to finish last.

So, it’s come to this.

I’m back where it started, and ended.

Bar to bar.  Wheel to wheel.

Fake attacks.  Real attacks.

Breakaways.  Chases.

Teamwork vs. freelancing.

I’ve always preferred freelancing.  Just my nature.  It’s hard to beat an organized team, If you’re gonna freelance…

… You gotta be starting something…

Making you’re own breaks, faking your own attacks, watchin the wheels, listenin to the breathing, feelin the energy of the swarm.

Nothing like it.