VLOG Numer Uno

Soooooooo… Bryan says I gotta do video, to really make an impact…. and I’m all about growing cycling… here goes VLOG #1.

Little tour of the my office for ya.  There’s lots more outside my door.  Stop by some time, I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

The HUNKR poster in the background is part of the promotional collateral we’ve been working on.  Site is super close to launching – I’m behind, and I’m gonna need you’re help to pull this off.

A quick view of my big monitor shows the Pro Canopy Special.  I’ll be emailing it out this weekend.  It’s awesome… fully sublimated top, super light and strong aluminum frame, and a roller bag.  If you just need a top, we can do that too.

Can you tell I have a back molar that in need of a root canal next week?… check out that side breathing – weird.

Swami’s LONG tomorrow, so Brownie gotta go to bed ERly.

I love saying VLOG. Try it. VLOOOOG.
I love saying VLOG. Try it. VLOOOOG.