I learned my core is useless. Video #3 kicked my butt but will be back for more. 

Jake's take:

Loran kicked my butt (again) this morning btw :) never used the rubberband before but wow that hurt so good :)

Chris' crushing:

Week one was with the "I've got this I'm a strong competitive cyclist" attitude.  After the 3rd day I could hardly walk.  Quads, abs, sides were so wrecked I had a hard time getting in and out of the car, walking up stairs, and getting up off the couch.

Week two was with the "okay I better take it a little easier" attitude.  I wasn't nearly as sore but I felt pathetically weak.  I had a hard time completing the intervals and had to do the shameful drop to my knees on some of the moves.  Nonetheless I powered through.
Week three (this week, two sessions in) I am feeling like I'm stronger.  I'm not expereincing significant soreness.  I'm, so far, able to complete the intervals (mostly off my knees).  And, I can tell my form is better.
Yes, dear PEDALposse... that's totally useless information unless you have a sneaking suspicion...
an honest inkling...
a flunking feeling you too might be a two-wheeled weakling...
... well do ya?
... are ya tired of looking like T-rex?
... in need of some motivation?
... unafraid of getting beat up by a girl?
As I wrapped up my ridonkulous week of 31,824' of climbing in 7 days I realized my lower back didn't hurt once.  I climbed for hours seated and outta the saddle.  My core is strong damn.
Sooooo... if you've ever wondering what could possible be so great about joining the PEDALposse... here's one heck of a reason:
Coach Loran's workout videos alone are worth the price of entry.  Trust her, she's a badass on a bike.