U23 is FREE?

Why can racers under 23 years old can race my races for free?  When I started PEDALindustries the hippityhiphip cool tagline was Growing Cycling By Design.  I looked at that phrase every single day, many times a day.  The logic made sense:  more riders, more sales – more riders, more friends – more riders, more healthy people… which lead to what kind of event would grow the sport, which lead to HUNKR.

What does U23 mean?  Traditionally, U23 is an elite racing age group of 19-22 year olds.  The races for this age group serve as sort of a farm league for pro cycling, kind of like college sports in the US.  In fact, if you start too late in cycling as my son did you can’t realistically get a shot at racing in Europe – that’s a story for another day.

What do we mean by U23?  We mean every racer under 23 years old can race a HUNKR for free.  There may come a day when we limit that to a percentage of total racers, and won’t that be an amazing day!

How can you help?  Get your kids or friends’ kids to register and take part in an amazing event.  They don’t need to have ever raced before, the just need to know how to ride a bike and have some good fitness.  If they all ready race, all the better… they can have a real shot of making some real money – why prize money is also a story for another day.

Get Registered: HUNKR