IT'S JUST DAWGAWN AMAZING HOW A SIMPLE RECON RIDE CAN TURN INTO A SLOG WITH A FEW ILL-TIMED FLATS.  Yes, I was that guy that pulled the rookie move and showed up on a gravel ride with tubes and no sealant (it's only my 3rd gravel ride). Then, I was that guy who's replacement tube exploded as soon as it was inflated... some said it was an ancient tube.  And then... yes... I was that guy who didn't find the wire that caused the first flat and needed to fix yet another flat and bum yet another tube and CO2. 

Guessing when we'll be back from a recon ride is hard enough.  If we knew the course we wouldn't be reconning.  With a few rookies, or old hands riding like rookies, the return is TBD.

Which begs the question... what to do when the ride is tubed be determined?

Do we wait for the rookies?
Forgive them?
Teach them?
Ditch them?

Fortunately for me, my pals are stoked to have me riding gravel and are willing and kind enough to help a rookie out.

Oh my rookiness!
No sealant.
Bad/old tube.
Not finding the cause, 2nd flat.
Not bringing enough spare tubes and CO2.
(how about that weird tube up above?...
... and trying to hang on early on?...
rookies have all the luck,
it's amazing they ever return,
but, if they do they're probably gonna be lifers)