PREPARE TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of donuts and water alone.

We’ll be rolling out from my house at 630am on Saturday, September 30th.  Those in for the whole ride will be weighing in before we roll out… this is for science.

I can only predict the first stop, Surfin’ Donuts.   We’ll be there about 6:45.

Next stop, Rose Bakery in Corona Del Mar… should be there about 8:15.

From there to Sidecar Donuts in Costa Mesa… 9:15?.

Donut Star in Irvine… about 10:30ish

Royal Donuts in Mission Viejo is next.  11:30kinda.

Then, if we need a final hit of sugar and fat at Rose Cafe in San Clemente, wrapping it up with a weigh in.  Data will be taken, poured over, scrubbed, washed and posted… to protect the innocent no names will be revealed.

If you can’t do the whole thing… join us for some of it.

Rules to remember:

  1. We leave on time and stop for no one – usually.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Ride Safe.

—>  if you don’t know where I live, fill in the contact form and I’ll email you.

(crack open your piggy banks)