ON SATURDAY WE'LL BE DOING CREEK TO PEAK, riding from Salt Creek beach to the top of Saddleback.

Conceived by a man referred to as The Gentleman, you know it's anything but gentle, kind or polite.  It's so insanely hard, that only a handful have done all 5 editions.  And, I ain't one of 'em.

Here's why...

82 miles.
9300' of vert.
... and typically 100 degree heat

All for a free popsicle at the loneliest General Store in the county. 

No prizes
No raffle
No finisher medals

... and...

No waiting for slow pokes.

Like all cult events, this is building... and I expect this to be the largest yet... a buncha yahoos with a hankering for dust, sun and lots of sweat.

Which is why I am tapering, maybe not a full Leadville taper... that woulda started last week, and last night was a far cry from a coupla openers... but, a mini-taper nonetheless... 'cause I'llbedamned if I'm gonna get left fer dead.

Here's what I'm not gonna do:

  • Not ride
  • Not stop rolling
  • Not pause my Coach Loran core workouts

Those would be rookie mistakes, and I ain't a rookie.

What I'm gonna do will be discussed in next month's Camp Fire Stories which will be mailed to the PEDALposse.

How committed is The Gentleman?... check this text.

Now, I know you're probably not the type of person who wants to get stronger than everyone else.  You're probably who only rides.  And, you're likely not interested in sprinting or climbing better... because if you were, you would have already joined the PEDALposse.


164.8 lbs 
8 hours sleep

Here's the route for Saturday's ride... we leave at 6am... and you're invited... 550AM rider meeting at Salt Creek State Beach Park