TMWC – Varsity, JV, Frosh/Soph

I wasn’t feeling it today, so I did the JV loop.  Not the A (aka for this post Varsity).  Not the B (aka for this post Frosh/Soph).  The idea was to get Cronk to go JV with me – turning right at the school, but going straight instead of the Varsity route – then, make it over the wall.  But, he was feeling frisky and put himself on Varsity.

In his own words:

“I fumbled on 4th and Wall, doh!”

I cruised to meet the Frosh/Soph squad.

We were chatting and laughing when the first Varsity rider came screaming by.

He will go un-named.

I’m bringing it up – again – because…

… from the re-group to the bike trail is DMZ (de-militarized zone)!

Why?  Because it’s 50 mph decent, if you tuck it, and there are 6 stop lights… obviously the lead guys can probably make a light and the tail end won’t.  In light of last weekend’s Roger’s Cup, a tribute to a rider who was killed by running a red light on the end of a group, we need to take care of each other.

Am I clear?  Do you all get it?

DMZ is from the re-group to the bike trail, then every man for himself.

As for the Frosh/Soph, JV, Varsity designations… if you are easily making the re-group with the Frosh/Soph group, starting turning right and doing the JV loop.  Once you’ve got that, move on up to Varsity.

Until next week…

So much slower in the winter... Eddie J sighting!
So much slower in the winter… Eddie J sighting!