TMWC: A vs. B

TMWC:  A vs. B

WE'VE WORKED REALLY HARD TO BUILD THE BEST GROUP RIDE AROUND.  Part of building the ride is reminding riders new and old of the ground rules.  It's been a little more complicated since we split the group in two.

The B group leaves at our traditional 630am start time, from Las Flores Elementary School.

The A group leaves 5 minutes later.

The B group is a steady tempo ride with a regroup... the regroup is simple, we wait until we can't see anybody else coming.  If we see 'em, we wait.

The A group is blistering, waits for no one and has a little extra credit climb.

Classy B group riders who are feeling spunky can hit the A loop's extra credit, launching their acceleration after the Alicia intersection, and still wait at the regroup.  Launching earlier is... nasty... not waiting at regroup, not classy.

Classy B group riders keep it together until Cook's Corner, then proceed at their own pace.  Launching earlier is... nasty.

If you're feeling spunky and nasty, ride the A group.

If you're down for a nice tempo, the B's for you.


8.5 hrs 
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