This Old Truck

Ever been on a ride and noticed something old for the first time?  My town, well the part I live in, has tons of cool old trucks… so that was my goal today – takin’ pics of people’s treasured rides

My favorite is my friend Bart’s – “’63 GMC and over a million miles on it.”

Not just old, not barely old… trucks with stories to tell.

Some are rusty, others restored.

It got me thinking of my dad.  He’s old too, on the rusty side.

He’s facing a tough battle with Parkinson’s.  It’s really hard for him to talk – a brilliant legal mind trapped.  Last night we spent a fair amount of time learning how to text each other.  That was hard too, because his hands are unsteady.

He asked me not to give up hope.

I can restore a truck but can’t restore my dad.

‘Guess that’s what heaven is for.

Bart’s ’63 GMC

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