THE APPRECIATION AND LOVE WE FEEL FOR PETER SAGAN is a reflection of the man himself.  Immediately after today’s race he dismounts and starts walking.  Throngs press.  He’s cordial, but he strides on.  Quickly.

Where’s he going?

Who’s he searching for?

The press ask, what does it mean to be the first to win 3 World Championships in a row?

It doesn’t change anything.

How does it feel?

I feel for the family and friends of Michele Scarponi who would have celebrated his birthday tomorrow.

I feel bad for Alexander, to beat him in his home country.

Is this your best year ever?

I dedicated the victory to my wife, who is expecting our first baby.

We’ve learned it doesn’t matter what the press ask Peter… and frankly, what more could they ask… he’s going to take time to put things in perspective:  a competitor’s missed chance, a fallen friend, an expecting wife.

The post win walk through ancient streets and emotional fans illustrates why we love this champion.

(Peter finally found, hugged and giggled with Juraj Sagan… brother and teammate.)

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