First off, nobody who calls themselves Robot is normal.  It’s no surprise that he prefers to race in the single speed category at a mountain bike race.  But… looking at his bars all twisted, the yard of dirt on his shoulder I could tell this was going to be special.

They ran me over.

What do you mean the ran you over?

They ran me over.


The guys behind me.  There was this little g-out and I flipped over the bars, then they ran me over.  Look at my back, pull up the jersey.

The skin is all rashed and bruised.

That’s where one guys pedal just dug into me.  Another guy ran right over my knee, see it’s all flippyfloppy now.  Look at my bars, some dude plowed across them too.

They ran me over.

What are you going to do?

I’m gonna get my bars fixed, get out there, and chase ’em down.

That’s just one of 500+ stories that will be told tonight after Over The Hump.

… what’s your story?