I DON'T KNOW WHERE DAMION GOT THE IDEA to put a bunch of Storm Troopers on road bikes.

But it's really funny.

And, that's why he'll never be sued by George Lucas or Disney or whoever Darth Vader answers to these days.

It's parody law.

But we didn't know jack about that when we had our first t-shirt hit: Strava Made Me Dope.  So, when those nerds sent us a nasty letter we pooped our pants and nearly quit the business all together.

All we knew was we liked bike culture and that Damion could design and I could print.  

It makes me wonder how many businesses have been started on a bike ride?

For sure, the vast majority have nothing to do with riding bikes other than the founders enjoy bike riding.

That's the cool part, right?  Go for a ride, and you really get to know people.  It just happens naturally.

I asked Damion if we could get a deal... 'cause why not?  

So here's the deal... buy 2 shirts, get 3.  

Use promo code DHDwear


The code DHDwear actually saves you 33%, so you could use it on as many shirts as you want.

There are more designs here:


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