These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

These are my top 3 cycling blogs.  One I almost always disagree with, and come away a better person.  Another, is very personal and real and raw dealing with racing and life.  The last, inspires me to grow the cycling tribe.

I wouldn’t rate one above the other, and I tend to binge on one for a while and sample the others then switch it up.  Over time, these three stay in the rotation while others come and go.

They all have their own unique style and authenticity honed over many years.  None of them are newbs.  One of them has become truly rich and famous, one makes a few bucks which I think mostly go to sponsor local races (I could be wrong, again), and the other plugs long-time, loyal sponsors.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate is I think they would each blog for free.  It’s more of a calling, fulfilling a need for them and ultimately feeding the rest of us with entertainment and knowledge.

Big thanks to:



and Seth

You make my life richer.

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