THE STORY OF MY VERY BROKE FRIEND.  I say nearly broke, because he put his last $50 down on membership in the classiest country club in town.  His dream was to earn the respect of the community and own a spectacular home on the golf course.

I've returned to the private telling of that story to me many times during my ride through life...

... because he made it happen.

Rather than let his reality tailor his dreams, his dreams tailored his reality.

This isn't a time for an If it were easy everyone would do it conversation.  We already know that.  Nor is this any kind of a pep talk.  It's a simple question...

... who is the tailor of our future?

I suppose this is why I'm such a proponent of signing up for events as soon as possible.  Think of it as the price of membership in a very exclusive club.  A club where everything starts to align itself:  training, equipment, diet, etc... but, most importantly, the calendar.

Working backwards from RaceDay is magic. 

It's the dream, tailoring our reality.

Today, I plunked down my shekels for BWR CedarCity.  

It's going to be terrible.  Heinous.  Awful.  And I can't wait!

The next 35 days are going to be filled with a lot of gravel riding.  Upper body work.  All the things that will lead up to a wonderful day with 2000 of my closest friends.

It's a gravel ride/race, and I have a badass BMC gravel bike -

Of course, I'll be doing some mods on it.  Testing out tires and pressures.  Ya know... making it into a real rascal.

This is the best time of year to ride gravel.  If you're ready for an amazing rig, give us a shout.  Especially if you're in the PEDALposse.

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


162.4 lbs
PullUps and PushUps
8 hours sleep