The Plate

The Plate

If you join AAA you get their premium DMV service – nice office, no lines, pleasant workers… who seem to love what they do.  One day I went in to take care of some moto registration issues and asked, Hey can you check on a custom plate for me?

Sure.  What do you want?

PDL IND, I said.

What is that… some kind of alphabet soup?  C’mon what do you really want (it almost sounded like she whispered “in life”)?

Oh, it won’t be available.  Surely someone will have claimed what I want.

If you don’t tell me what it is, I can’t check (but it seemed like she was saying “give it to you”).

Uh, well… PEDAL.

Hang on… you’d be surprised how many people never ask for what they want.

P E D A L?

Yes, that’s it.